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Three Man Army

Survive 3 minutes on at least a 3 star Wanted Level with all three characters together off mission.

Three Man Army0
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02 Oct 2013 02 Oct 2013
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Short and Sweet way to do this.

1. Play as Franklin and ring Michael AND Trevor at the same time do not call them after pickup then try to call another.
2. Mod up your car and make it have full armor THIS WILL HELP ALOT! also go for some engine upgrades and anything that may help you but this is at your own choice.
3. Drive to the airport and head for the runways this guarantees a 3 star wanted level within moments.
4. Drive around the runways avoiding the police this should be easily done.

As you will note in the video I did this easily even with a flat tire proving how vital the armor really is for this, at least in my case.

Hope this helps some guys out!
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TORNADO0fSOULZ Great solution, not sure why people vote negative... just fully upgrade your car.. very easy way of getting achievement...thnx
Posted by TORNADO0fSOULZ on 20 Feb 14 at 06:58
SilentRich69 Thanx man I upgraded the car alot hence why it took so much damage. But yeah down votes happen no matter what you do.
Posted by SilentRich69 on 20 Feb 14 at 22:51
LeetAmerico I think the negative votes have something to do with not getting a wanted level if you own a hangar at the airport.
Posted by LeetAmerico on 23 Feb 15 at 20:59
SilentRich69 Had no idea that was even an issue lol I can always add it to the solution.
Posted by SilentRich69 on 23 Feb 15 at 21:00