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Run Like The Wind

GTA Online: Survive for a day with a Bounty on your head.

Run Like The Wind0
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05 Oct 2013 06 Oct 2013
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Easy Achievement to unlock solo, just go into a solo / friends / crew only game and keep jacking cars until you get a text and onscreen message from an anonymous NPC saying something along the lines of "you're a dead man" or "You're going to end up on a slab", If you are in a solo game you have nothing to worry about. If in a friends or crew game just ask your friends / crew mates to not kill you or if you don't want to keep jacking cars just ask one of them above lvl 10 to put a bounty on your head.

** I didn't go into Los Santos Customs during my time on the run as I was doing missions for Soloman, and the achievement took just over 30 in game hours to unlock
(Text message and Bounty prompt on screen at 02:06am, achievement unlocked following day at 08:27am)..

** This was after the 2nd Title update on the 5th Oct.
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perceptron3000 Good solution! It's notable however, that the time you spend on mission does not count towards the day you have to survive the bounty. You have to spend this time in free roam mode (or in your apartment if you have one, I think there you would not get kicked for being idle). If you do missions the timer will pause and resume when you enter free roam again, so you don't lose any progress you have made so far, but you also don't get any additional in the mean time.
Posted by perceptron3000 on 01 Nov 13 at 10:01
VenomSlash8771 Do you have a ballpark figure for the amount of car you need to jack? Ive stolen 40+ parked cars, Ive stolen 20-25 cars that people are driving on the streets, still no text message. (all in one sitting)
Posted by VenomSlash8771 on 08 Nov 13 at 16:19
BIG P3TE @VenomSlash771 - I just jacked a couple and then got an irate driver chase me, then 30 seconds or so later I got a txt saying i had a bounty on my head.. Most of the bounties I've had placed on me have been from jacking cars outside my apartment..
Good luck & I hope you get it soon..
Posted by BIG P3TE on 13 Nov 13 at 11:15
tajbender Worked fine with the first car I jacked. Just took some seconds for the SMS to arrive.
Posted by tajbender on 13 Nov 14 at 17:36
bl4ck blooc Can anyone confirm if this solution still works with the recent updates disabling bounties?
Posted by bl4ck blooc on 27 Dec 17 at 23:05