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Dialling Digits

GTA Online: Call for gang backup for the first time.

Dialling Digits0
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07 Oct 2013 09 Oct 2013
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This is NOT confirmed information. A lot of people saying you need to be level 20, However I was level 25 when it unlocked. So i'm guessing level 20 is the earliest it unlocks but it can unlock after that.

You'll get a notification telling you its unlocked, then you can phone Merryweather and pay $5000 to get a chopper. If you've unlocked it but it says unavailable, try shooting another player in your game.

Edit: Confirmed, this does not have a particular level it unlocks, all we know is level 20 is the earliest and it can unlock any level after that.
BasanakinMaybe it works when you have a bounty on your head. I bought one when I had one, and it popped. I was level 23.
Posted by Basanakin on 07 Oct 13 at 18:15
Unseen 5hadowI do know that if you level up mid mission and keep doing other missions you don't get the unlock until you are back in free roam. That may be why it was a delayed unlock for ya. Either way it is freaking awesome to call mercs on griefers I will tell you that.:)
Posted by Unseen 5hadow on 07 Oct 13 at 20:22