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Globe Trotter

Awarded for finishing a race in all the stadiums in career mode.

Globe Trotter0
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08 Oct 2013 08 Oct 2013
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There are 6 stadiums total:

Speedo Stadium
Apex Penthouse
Skyline View
Tatra Arena
Sakura Pool
Perth Pyramid

The first four can be found in Season 1. Sakura pool becomes available in Season 2. Perth Pyramid is in Season 3 and not missable.

You can distinguish the different arenas based on the icon displayed on each event tile. For example, Sakura Pool is marked with a flower, and Perth Pyramid kind of looks like a pyramid.

Be sure to visit all six. You do not necessarily need to win the match. Just finish the race. Achievement pops at the end of the race.
jordaUwUWish this achievement was marked missable because I now have to start a new play through because I missed it.
Posted by jordaUwU on 23 Oct 15 at 06:15