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Tenpenny Tower

Completed "Tenpenny Tower"

Tenpenny Tower0
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11 Feb 2010 12 Feb 2010
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If you would like to get this quickly and simply without even having to start the quest, go to the back of Tenpenny Tower and enter the Door to Metro Access & Generator down the stairs. Hack the terminal and Roy will appear on the other side of the grating telling you to meet him out front. Go speak to him and and the quest will be completed, but giving you bad karma.

It is possible that the Door to Metro Access & Generator may be locked. Gustavo and Herbert Dashwood both have a key.
JyejitsuBoth of them don't have the key....
Posted by Jyejitsu on 09 Jul 11 at 22:39
Skanker irlGot it in about 3 minutes this way, thanks. Also got the ghoul mask.
Posted by Skanker irl on 01 Sep 11 at 02:14