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And Don't Come Back!

Perfect the Goliath boss fight

And Don't Come Back!0
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10 Oct 2013 10 Dec 2019
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Hi All
First things First , do not attempt the perfect boss runs until you have maxxed the Photon Launcher. Also if you get hit by the boss , simply die and continue and try again. The checkpoints are just before each boss in the game

Method for the Boss Fight
Easiest Boss of the game. Start off By shooting all the little turrets and avoiding their shots. Now stand directly in the middle of the boss and shoot upwards. Once the boss dissapears move off to the left as the middle gets hit. Just keep firing and the Boss should be dead before he can hit you with any other moves.
If you wanted, you could get this right from the start without any upgrades. I just did.
Posted on 27 Nov 13 at 00:44
I gave ya a +1.
Posted on 27 Nov 13 at 00:45