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Numero Uno

GTA Online: Obtain first place in all competitive game types.

Numero Uno+2.6
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Ok, here's the list of what you need to do to win this achievement (Tested myself, this is what unlocked it). You need to complete everything on this list. Either by winning, or getting the highest score where applicable. You MUST finish, you cannot DNF any of these or they won't count as completed, obviously.

- Land Race (2 players)
- Air Race (2 players)
- Sea Race (2 players)
- GTA Race (2 players)
- Rally Race (4 players)
- Deathmatch (2 players)
- Team Deathmatch (4 players)
- Complete all 10 Waves of Survival (Solo, but 2 players at least... Use the Sandy Shores method)
- Gang Attack (Solo)
- Golf (1 Hole, 2 players)
- Tennis (1 Set, 2 players)
- Darts (2 players)
- Arm Wrestling (2 players)
- Parachuting (2 players)
- Any Shooting Range Challenge (2 players)

EDIT: Despite contrary belief, Vehicle Deathmatch is NOT a requirement of this achievement. I and several others who boosted this unlocked the achievement without ever playing a single match of VDM.

- For Rally Race, 1 lap Criminal Record and just invite everyone, you're guaranteed to get a bunch of suckers who don't know any better and most of them will try to "GTA Race" each other, if you get what I mean, when the match starts. So you'll easily get this win there.
- For TDM, similar deal, set it up as 10 kills over 5 minutes, turn team balance off and watch how fast one side stacks against everyone else.
- Parachuting, you MUST finish, landing off target gets you a DNF as if you hadn't done the mission at all.
- For 10 waves of survival, see the
Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360)Unnatural SelectionThe Unnatural Selection achievement in Grand Theft Auto V (Xbox 360) worth 33 pointsGTA Online: Complete all 10 waves of a Survival.
guide for best locations. I did this with one other guy on Sandy Shores using the trash bin location for shooting. My co op buddy did nothing but die spectacularly, so that's the only reason I don't say I did it solo.
Mattynicklin I've done all of them and still haven't got the achievement, I've done the survial and got the award online, but there is no tick in, does that mean I need to do it again?
Posted by Mattynicklin on 14 Oct 13 at 13:33
count023 It means you've not actually finished something, you must have DNFed something on the list, or you did an event solo that was supposed to have more then one player.
Posted by count023 on 14 Oct 13 at 20:02
xX forEV3R Xx Is there any difference in Sea and Water race? I´ve done water race but I don´t have a single victory for Sea Race in awards, that freaking sucks.
Posted by xX forEV3R Xx on 15 Oct 13 at 16:40
xX forEV3R Xx Is there any difference in Sea and Water race? I´ve done water race but I don´t have a single victory for Sea Race in awards, that freaking sucks.
Posted by xX forEV3R Xx on 15 Oct 13 at 17:36
count023 Not that I know of. As far as I know they're the same thing...
Posted by count023 on 15 Oct 13 at 20:07
Devil Dogg O311 Yes its the same
Posted by Devil Dogg O311 on 16 Oct 13 at 10:43
Iceonfire89 So much better than the other solution which is currently top, thanks.
Posted by Iceonfire89 on 18 Oct 13 at 01:16
Reabo How do I start a gang war? Nothing on my map for it? Do they activate over time. I'm lvl 28
Posted by Reabo on 18 Oct 13 at 07:59
count023 there are random red circles on the map, you need to run to them and just start shooting anyone with a gun that you see nearby. This'll trigger the gang war for you. Easiest one to locate is at the TP Industries airfield in the desert, run to the hangar and you'll see the gang war circle.
Posted by count023 on 18 Oct 13 at 11:05
Beanpotter MOD EDIT. Removed all comments arguing about which solutions best. That's what your votes are for. Thanks.
Posted by Beanpotter on 21 Oct 13 at 11:22
Alf Ganikiller guys it is correct the only problem is he forgot to add vehicle deathmatch, i will add it to the list. i have done it today so i promise it is correct :)
Posted by Alf Ganikiller on 25 Oct 13 at 12:23
count023 Vehicle deathmatch is not required, that's why it's not mentioned. VDM is only a variant of DM and TDM which means you need to complete DM and TDM either on foot or via a vehicle and it counts :)
Posted by count023 on 25 Oct 13 at 23:44
count023 Just to add, I've NEVER played a VDM on GTA in the 89 hours it took me to 100% the game. Yet I have numero uno, so i'd say that's pretty good confirmation of that statement above right there :)
Posted by count023 on 25 Oct 13 at 23:45
pg88 Delete commentpg88 According to Rockstar Social Club I have done all of these, but still no achievment. It says I've won a game of Tennis after my opponent quit the game. Maybe I have to win regularly?

Sort of the same with Parachuting. I was first and the other two players "didn't complete" ...
Posted by pg88 on 24 Nov 13 at 00:59
Crater Bob I have ccompleted everything, RSC says I've won what I need to, but still no Numero Uno. Do you just need one win, or do you need to win the bronze level award for each of the activities involved for this achievement?
Posted by Crater Bob on 06 Apr 14 at 21:02
ELL150N Upvoted. I unlocked this after doing a gun range challenge against another player. Had won solo previously.
Posted by ELL150N on 26 Aug 14 at 12:56
FuzzyFridayz Upvoted. this guide is perfect. Can further confirm Vehicle Deathmatch is not needed, I'v never done one and have achievement unlocked. Top guide thanks a lot!
Posted by FuzzyFridayz on 28 Dec 14 at 23:36
Gary Varga Anyone wants assistance then just find me online for some mutual help!!!
Posted by Gary Varga on 30 Jan 15 at 20:22