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Trauma's End

Solo Campaign: Play whole game on Trauma difficulty level

Trauma's End0
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FFX BrotherhoodFFX Brotherhood1,202,001
11 Oct 2013 11 Oct 2013
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Do this via level select, rather than signing a new pact.

Trauma difficulty is unlocked after you have beat the game on "Nightmare" difficulty and for the most part, is no different. The main things to remember are...

1) Souls no longer give you health, so you are going to have to rely on the yellow souls to give you life back. The green souls still charge you towards "Demon mode" which makes you invincible and incredibly deadly for a short period of time.

2) Collect all the ammo you can. Enemies still die easy, but you don't want to get caught out with a bad weapon for the wrong enemy. For instance, the rocket launcher is great for taking out Big guys and groups of enemies. The stake-gun is great for taking out enemies that are further away.

3) Acquire all the tarot cards. These give you achievements and make the "Trauma" difficulty so much easier. The best set up is ...
GOLD: 4x Damage, Cards last 20 seconds longer, Iron Will (No damage)
Silver: Divine intervention, Mercy

This set up basically makes you a titanic super-god who can't die while the tarot is active. Use it only when you are getting swarmed such as in The Colosseum level at the end. The mercy card allows you to use the cards 3 times each level, which is a huge help, drastically making the game easier.

Other than that there isn't much more advice to give you. Be on the lookout for secret areas as well as these generally give you more ammo and health/armour which is always a nice bonus. Always keep moving, preferably bunny hop as most enemies cannot keep up with you. Use explosive barrels to take out groups of clustered enemies.

Good luck, Pm me if you have any concerns or worries.
DriZzT1987i do not know if you have played the original PC version but can you maybe compare the difficuilty? i have not used any tarot cards on the PC but i remember how hard it was. bunny hopping all the time...but this is probably easier with mouse and keyboard.
Posted by DriZzT1987 on 13 May 14 at 00:24
FFX BrotherhoodI haven't played the original on PC. I generally find games easier with Gamepads, but that's just me. The Tarot cards are what make this a lot easier.
Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 13 May 14 at 04:34
BLOOD BERSEKERDo you have to re-buy every tarot card at the start of each level? I have completed the game and only have 5000 gold whereas the mercy-tarot card only, cost 2000 coins to equip!
Posted by BLOOD BERSEKER on 19 Jul 14 at 20:47
BLOOD BERSEKERSo you don't have to rebuy the card every level.

A small tip is to constantly load your soulcatcher with souls. If you get swarmed by enemies, possess a few of them. Most enemies will attack them instead of you. So you get away and the possessed monsters can instakill most types of enemies.
Posted by BLOOD BERSEKER on 25 Jul 14 at 11:24
Silver SalvoFunny how this is worth 666 TA shock
Posted by Silver Salvo on 30 Jul 14 at 17:23
FFX BrotherhoodIt's a sign. shock
Posted by FFX Brotherhood on 30 Jul 14 at 20:41
EarthboundXFrom playing the game, it seems the Divine intervention card is 100% useless, you don't actually spend Gold when you use the Gold Cards. You just need a certain amount to equip them.

So if you have 1300 gold, and a card takes 200, you'll go down to 1100 gold, but if you take that card off, you go back to 1300.

I have no idea why the card is in the game, it seems to be only for if you somehow don't have enough gold to equip certain cards. But once you go through the game once, you'll have more then enough to equip the best cards.

So I'd switch out that card with something else.
Posted by EarthboundX on 17 Feb 15 at 01:28
TrombonafideI swapped out Divine Intervention for the 666 Ammo card made available via the DLC. Haven’t run out of ammo for anything other than chain gun, and that was just once.
Posted by Trombonafide on 15 May 20 at 17:35