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Play Wordament in more than one language

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13 Oct 2013 10 Aug 2015
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This can be done quite quickly. You need to finish a game in two different languages. If you do one game, then the app/your device crashes, you'll need to play that first game again.
As for the actual achievement just play one game in your main language, then switch languages in the options screen (slide to the right twice from the home screen). After switching you need to complete another game, this time in your new language. It doesn't matter how well you do, just that you finish.
You can do this with any two languages. I did English and Spanish.
Just play your two games and it will unlock.

Thanks to Billy Horrible for confirming that you don't need to play a full game and that it will still unlock if you only join half way. says that it does not have to be done in one sitting.

If it refuses to unlock for you, Jonas512 advises that you should try playing in 2 new languages that you have never played a wordament game before in, on any platform.
You're wrong - you don't even need to finish a full game, and it probably doesn't need to be a single sitting either since your account keeps track of which games you've played in which languages.

I know for certain you don't need to finish a full game because I dropped in on an english game which had already started, and I still got the achievement by the end.
Posted on 14 Oct 13 at 05:34
pezza888I know that it needs to be in one sitting because when I did it I played a couple of games in English, then after that my Tablet crashed and needed restarting. After restarting I changed my language to Spanish, played 2 games but it didn't unlock. I then changed it back to English, played a single game and it unlocked.
Thanks for your point on full games, I will update the solution accordingly.
Posted by pezza888 on 14 Oct 13 at 17:10
DracgnarActually it doesn't need to be in one sitting, the problem with your game was that it crashed and almost every time that it crashes, it doesn't track properly your previous progress
Posted by Dracgnar on 16 Oct 13 at 15:09
pezza888Alright then Draco, I'll change that.
Posted by pezza888 on 16 Oct 13 at 17:52
benh57Hm, this won't pop for me. Played a spanish game, then english.
Posted by benh57 on 12 Jan 14 at 06:24
Jonas512If you have played Wordament on a different platform you need to pick two languages which you have not played before. I played Swedish and English on iOS and tried the same on Android, but it didn't unlock the achievement. Then I tried Spanish and Norwegian and it unlocked.
Posted by Jonas512 on 06 Aug 15 at 18:54
pezza888Surely that can't be right Jonas, in all the platforms I've played this on I've only ever played in English, Spanish or Arabic, but I have completed the game on ios, android and web.
Posted by pezza888 on 07 Aug 15 at 19:52
Jonas512Maybe it was just some glitch for me then. But yeah, I needed to do that to get it to unlock. It is at least noted if someone runs into the same problem.
Posted by Jonas512 on 09 Aug 15 at 13:55
pezza888Okay, well I'll add a small footnote :)
Posted by pezza888 on 10 Aug 15 at 16:22
tsmpriusI've played on at least 5 languages and still hasn't popped. Still glitched for anyone?
Posted by tsmprius on 22 Apr 17 at 05:13
pezza888Hmm maybe try Jonas' tip above? Try two languages you've never played in before, in the same session, and play a couple of games with them to make sure it's counted. Other than that I'm not sure what to suggest
Posted by pezza888 on 28 Apr 17 at 15:35
jj6yplayed 3 different languages and none worked
Posted by jj6y on 20 Jul at 13:56
pezza888Hi jj6y, just checked your profile and it looks like you've unlocked it now. Any advice for other people who can't get this to unlock?
Posted by pezza888 on 21 Jul at 15:43