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Find a theme word in a round

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13 Oct 2013
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Theme words only appear every few rounds in what is called a theme round. You only need to find one theme word to get the achievement.
Theme words are all similar, and are centered around a common theme which will be displayed at the top of the screen.
You'll probably get this by chance as some of the theme words can be easy to find, for example 'bed' if the theme was home.
PirS92won't unlock angry
Posted by PirS92 on 01 Jun 18 at 01:46
pezza888Hmm that's annoying, not sure what to tell you, maybe try uninstalling and reinstalling the app?
Posted by pezza888 on 03 Jun 18 at 12:30
PirS92i just downloaded it and played once since i bought a new android phone , to try doesn' t cost anything , i will , thanks for the suggestion
Posted by PirS92 on 04 Jun 18 at 07:57
PirS92it didn' t work .....
Posted by PirS92 on 04 Jun 18 at 08:30