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Take down 4 animals from different species in a row in a Shooting Gallery Map

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19 Oct 2013 19 Oct 2013
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Basically you need to shoot four different animals consecutively. i.e. duck, deer, zebra, buffalo (The description is not clear if it has to only one, but that's the way I did it)

I did this on the First Blood gallery.

After the first gate progress until you've shot the first three hyena (it comes up quickly). From there you'll have a nice mix of alternating animals. Be sure to shot ONLY ONE of each type. (If some can confirm they shot multiple types and got the achievement I'll edit this)

In order they will be: (be sure to skip the duplicates)
*Hyena (shoot only one-let the other two bite you)
Buffalo (skip)
*Ducks (shoot only one-easiest to hit the last one, aim low)
Hyena (skip)
Buffalo (skip)
Ducks (skip)
Buffalo -standing around (skip)
*Zebra (achievement)

If you did it correctly the achievement will pop, if not you'll hit the gate and be bounced back to a checkpoint where you can try again.

I'm sure there are other places to do this, but this is how I did it. If you find an easier please let me know and I'll adjust this solution
NEO CRIMS0NEasier yet, you could start off with the ducks, that way if you mess up and shoot more than 1 duck it wont matter. Then shoot a buffalo, zebra and hyena.
Posted by NEO CRIMS0N on 21 Oct 13 at 14:09
capicawlNo this is a good solution and you can only do it on the 2nd part of first blood. +1
Posted by capicawl on 04 Jun 14 at 19:20
QuanticJusticeDoes seem to be only one kill each. I hit multiple ducks several times at it voided the achievement. When I did four different animals in four different kills it popped.
Posted by QuanticJustice on 03 Sep 14 at 00:00