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Look at You, Hacker

Kill 50 enemies using only hacked Security.

Look at You, Hacker0
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Leo AscendentLeo Ascendent488,221
14 Feb 2010 23 Feb 2010
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This is, "Look at You, Hacker"
Killed 50 enemies using only hacked Security.

You must get 50 kills with just hacked cameras, turrets and mini-turrets (thanks to ehcubed for verifying this).Not sure if Medical Stations will work, they can be hacked and can kill enemies, so they should.

I got this in the 3rd area in Rapture (forget the name, but where you meet the crazed Fisherman/Father Whales).

Some tips, when doing a Gather, always get two bots. You can do this by finding a machine to hack and stopping it in the red, quickly shutdown the security and hack the bots. This will give you great protection, they always seem to notice enemies before the player. If possible, stop it in the blue when hacking the bots, this'll make them even stronger.
ehcubedJust want to confirm that it works for mini-turrets. Stock up on your turrets, and deploy a couple of them for every Gather. They kill enemy splicers a lot faster than the bots do, and they don't even need to be hacked.
Posted by ehcubed on 23 Feb 10 at 10:45
Zombie Goonz GSwhat about the kills the hacked camera gets? do you have to have the bots hacked aswell for it to count?
Posted by Zombie Goonz GS on 22 Sep 11 at 20:19
Leo AscendentCameras should count, that's what I hacked the most, and since minis work and don't need to be hacked, cams work as well.
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 22 Sep 11 at 23:39
Zombie Goonz GSalright. cuz i hack every camera i see n try to kill as many as possible with it. Is this all in one playthrough or over many playthroughs?
Posted by Zombie Goonz GS on 24 Sep 11 at 01:14
Leo AscendentOne playthrough
Posted by Leo Ascendent on 24 Sep 11 at 23:17