KooZac (WP) Review by Rusty Nail zh

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28 Oct 2013 04 Nov 2013
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The mathematic puzzler of Square Enix that will give you little to no gameplay.

Square Enix realeased a puzzle game on XBLA called "Yosumin LIVE", which I really liked. So I downloaded "KooZac" at launch (for free) and played it a couple of months later.

KooZac is a simple to learn mathematics game in which you have to add the numbers/blocks to a total shown on the top left corner. For example the number 1 block falls down slowly and on the top left corner it shows you the number 5. So you have to add the number 1 block to a number 4 block. If you do so, the 2 blocks will disappear and you will be awarded with points. Simple.

The gameplay is summed up pretty quickly. You have a "Puzzle Mode" in which you have to clear all the grey blocks, which offers no challenge at all. As soon as you clear all blocks, you will get 3 Stars. The Puzzle Mode constists of 4 levels, each with 15 stages. If you stick to it, you will be done with Puzzle Mode in 1 hour (or less).
The next mode is the "Blitz" mode, which let's you compare the highscores with your friends and the world leaderboard. You will have 30 seconds to get as many points as possible. Nothing more, nothing less.
The last mode you can choose is "Endless", which (as the name already states) is an endless stacking of blocks, that is not very challenging, because the highest result you have to calculate is 8. And it will always be 8, no matter how many points you gathered.
In all of the modes. you can choose 3 of 5 different "boosts", which will help you calculating or clearing the blocks. They are useful, but they make the game even easier and you won't have a challenge whatsoever.

For Achievement Hunters

You will get 18 out of the 20 achievements pretty quickly, which is the good news. But if you hate grinding achievements, this game is definately not for you. As you have to collect 100'000 coins! Just for your information, 100 in-game points will give you 1 coin. And by completing the "Puzzle Mode" you more or less get 5000 coins. So you will have to amass 95'000 coins -> 9'500'000 Mio points! For this you have to invest 15-20 hours of your time to reach this massive amount of points. If you didn't like the gameplay at first, you will absolutely hate it by the time you reach the 100'000 coins! I personally liked the gameplay, but the never-ending block stacking with the highest amount being 8 really ruined the game for me.