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All Rounder

Play on every game mode, and use every ability and ranged weapon once in Multiplayer.

All Rounder+0.1
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King fiShiZKing fiShiZ253,478
30 Oct 2013 30 Nov 2013
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To get this Achievement you need to play (and complete) eightdifferent Game modes, and use all 15 Ability's – you unlock two new Ability every six Levels - till Level 48. Also you need to use all five weapons.

The here is copy perk, that allows you to copy builds from other players, so you dont need to be Level 48 to get his Achievement, but there is also a "be Level 55 Achievement" so you have every Ability and ranged Weapons anyway.

You level up fast in Wolf pack (easier with friends), also its the most chilling way. You need to play ~ 50 good Rounds in Wolfpack, or as i did ~ 120 Rounds in VS Multiplayer, took me 19 Hours to complete Level 55. Also check the Challenges, they get you some nice XP Boots

- Wanted
- Manhunt
- Deathmatch
- Artifact Assault
- Assassinate
- Domination
- Wolfpack: Discovery
- Wolfpack: Unleashed

- Disguise (Level 0)
- Money Bomb (Level 0)
- Time Phase (level 6)
- Decoy (Level 6)
- Morph (Level 12)
- Firecracker (Level 12)
- Tripwire Bomb (Level 18)
- Bodyguard (Level 18)
- Booby Trap (Level 26)
- Glimmer (Level 26)
- Wipe (Level 34)
- Animus Shield (Level 34)
- Teleport (Level 42)
- Poison (Level 42)
- Smoke Bomb (48)

- Disruption (Level 0)
- Knives (level 12)
- Sabotage (Level 28)
- Pistol (Level 38)
- Poison Dart (Level 48)
ARCHER MIKEI suppose you could purchase the 2 mp packs for $24.99 each and unlock all of this but like you said, you still need to make it to level 55 for that achievement. I wonder how much time you would save if you did purchase these packs to get to level 55 instead of working your way up? I am playing sp first, so I do not have a clue.

the 2 packs from the market place are below:

the appearance pack ulocks all mp costumes, weapons, moves, emblems, and patron pictures from level 1-55.

the gameplay pack unlocks all mp abilities and sets, giving you a leg up on your competion. includes profile sets, abilities, perks, streaks, and bonuses.

this looks like another grind like brotherhood was :(
Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 30 Oct 13 at 22:42
TheCrookedManMDWhen it says "Play on every game mode," do you have to complete each mode from its inception or can you join midway through the round and still count it?
Posted by TheCrookedManMD on 31 Oct 13 at 01:10
MC0REBEYou can join midway. Also, it's not really a grind. I completed 40 rounds in Wolfpack when I reached 55 and it's rather fun with friends
Posted by MC0REBE on 01 Nov 13 at 15:12
ARCHER MIKENo grind, well thats good to hear.

thanks MCOREBE
Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 01 Nov 13 at 18:21
SmiththedudeI don't get this, I have popped every ability in the game TWICE and still no achievement. I have used all ranged weapons and done all modes as well. Is there something I am missing with these abilities?
Posted by Smiththedude on 06 Nov 13 at 03:56
StrickFXThere are 8 game mode in total, Wolfpack Discovery & Unleashed count as 2 separate modes.

Using abilities in wolfpack DOES count
Posted by StrickFX on 07 Nov 13 at 11:10
count023do the abilities actually have to work or do they just have to trigger a cooldown? I mean I fi poison someone, is it only enough that I did, or does it have to kill them, etc.. ?
Posted by count023 on 10 Nov 13 at 01:30
King fiShiZyou don't need go get points/kills, just use them
Posted by King fiShiZ on 10 Nov 13 at 07:49
Rowdawg88Can you do all modes in private? I can't seem to get matchmade into some game modes like artifact assault.
Posted by Rowdawg88 on 10 Nov 13 at 22:52
Sharlak Intulak@Rowdawg88
what you do then, is that you load up one of the gametypes that has AA with it, i believe its manhunt, artifact assault and dominance that are grouped together. and if you dont get one in your first attempt, wait for the match to be over, and before the next starts, you have a choice, and you should be able to find some more than you, wanting to play artifact assault.. as for private, i have to say fish, dunno..
Posted by Sharlak Intulak on 11 Nov 13 at 01:31
ludo10109did every mode and used every ability and distance weapon and no achievement... don't understand what I missed.
Posted by ludo10109 on 11 Nov 13 at 10:47
dr kubDo you need to complete all maps on all difficulties on Wolfpack Unleashed mode?
Posted by dr kub on 11 Nov 13 at 16:37
dr kubDo you need to complete all maps on all difficulties on Wolfpack Unleashed mode?
Posted by dr kub on 11 Nov 13 at 16:47
King fiShiZno, only map one Wolfpack Unleashed is needed
Posted by King fiShiZ on 11 Nov 13 at 17:19
Swinny CostelloYou can do this by yourself in Wolfpack, right?
Posted by Swinny Costello on 14 Nov 13 at 09:50
King fiShiZyes
Posted by King fiShiZ on 14 Nov 13 at 10:52
Rakkman ForeverAre you able to play the different modes in private matches with friends or does it have to be ranked matches for it to count?
Posted by Rakkman Forever on 20 Nov 13 at 09:15
King fiShiZprivate matches count too
Posted by King fiShiZ on 20 Nov 13 at 09:36
Rakkman ForeverExellent

Posted by Rakkman Forever on 20 Nov 13 at 12:59
Feend ReturnsSo you can use all the abilities in wolf pack private solo?
Posted by Feend Returns on 24 Nov 13 at 11:22
King fiShiZyes
Posted by King fiShiZ on 24 Nov 13 at 12:11
BipeFlyerHow can you use body guard (I think) as it is to be used against a persuer and it keeps telling me I don't have a persuer.
Posted by BipeFlyer on 25 Nov 13 at 22:39
ARCHER MIKEbodyguard is the only ability people have problems with in wolf pack. i think i ran around the guys where the sickness is and you have to grab A,B,C weapon to kill them. if you are playing solo there are 3 to kill. as soon as i got them to pursue me and right before i got stunned, i used bodyguard.

an easier way is to play the other modes. as soon as it shows you have a pursuer on you, you can use bodyguard and it will count towards the achievement.
Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 26 Nov 13 at 01:09
x Malefactor xWell, this is bullshit. I have played the 8 game modes, unlocked and used all abilities and ranged powers, in Wolfpack THEN in multiplayer when it did not unlock. THEN I replayed in multiplayer in case I hadn't "completed" a game for some reason, and I'm completely dumbfounded as to WHY this moronic achievement is not unlocking.
Posted by x Malefactor x on 26 Nov 13 at 01:11

i forgot to mention if you have a friend you can get the bodyguard ability done in a minute. my friend couldnt figure out what he was missing to get the achievement done and i asked if he was sure he used the bodyguard ability and he said yes but lets try it out to make sure so he set up a private match on assassinate(i think) and we met in the middle of the map, he asked me to lock on to him and i did. he said it now shows a pursuer on him so he hit the bodyguard ability and a bodyguard appeared and came over and stunned me. his achievement popped and we quit out of the game since we both had all achievements completed.

if you do not have a friend that it playing AC4, jump into a public match and as soon as it shows a pursuer is on you, use the bodyguard ability. it should count as using the ability in a match.
Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 26 Nov 13 at 01:25
x Malefactor xWell, I decided as a last resort to go in Wolfpack and use Teleport, even though I had used it more than once in Artifact Assault. The achievement unlocked. Glitchy.
Posted by x Malefactor x on 26 Nov 13 at 01:30

the guide worked great. i played all the gamemodes except for wolfpack by jumping into public games. 80% of wolfpack i played solo.

here are 2 options that cut several hours off of this achievement.

work on the challenges weather you play solo or not. i was able to get a lot of the challenges done playing solo. you level up quicker saving you many hours. i had all the challenges done in wolfpack and almost all of them in the ability's and style. most games those bonuses would double and sometimes triple my xp.

the other thing that helps leveling up faster is purchasing a xp-bonus pass at the store for a few dollars. this will save you at least 5 hours and your purchases are on sale at 50% off. a 3 day pass goes for $5 and you get 25% more xp for yourself plus you get 10% of anybody else playing.

about 20 hours is what it takes to get this achievement playing solo.
<15 hrs if you buy the pass.
<11 hrs if you buy the pass and work on challenges.
Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 26 Nov 13 at 03:11
STOUTNDRUNKwhere do you buy the xp boost pack for it. I am playing on the one by the way.
Posted by STOUTNDRUNK on 26 Nov 13 at 06:04

hopefully you found where to purchase the bonus pass. you cannot be in a game, you must back out to the menu and use one of the bumpers to go right or left until you are at the abstergo(i do not know how to spell it) store. pick out how many days you want the pass for and it will ask if you want to use M$ points.
Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 26 Nov 13 at 07:08

I was trying with infected but timing always bad I guess. Will keep trying or jump into public. thanks.
Posted by BipeFlyer on 26 Nov 13 at 14:24
IllustriousYetiCan the gamemodes be completed for the achievement in private?
Posted by IllustriousYeti on 26 Nov 13 at 23:05
King fiShiZyes
Posted by King fiShiZ on 27 Nov 13 at 08:26
dfutyut2I have a question. Does using Copycat and getting someone else's abilities and weapon you do not have unlocked yet count towards the achievement?
Posted by dfutyut2 on 30 Nov 13 at 02:47
King fiShiZ^ cant you read? ^^
"The here is copy perk, that allows you to copy builds from other plays, so you dont need to be Level 48 to get his Achievement, but there is also a "be Level 55 Achievement" so you have every Ability and ranged Weapons anyway."
Posted by King fiShiZ on 30 Nov 13 at 08:46
MattyJWestI must have gone over all of these three times and still nothing pops. Anyone else finding this glitchy? Is there some way to check the stats, see what has and hasn't registered?
Posted by MattyJWest on 30 Nov 13 at 10:02
dfutyut2@King fiShiZ I did read that but I wanted reassurance since I used Copycat and used and played everything and still do not have the achievement
Posted by dfutyut2 on 30 Nov 13 at 20:35
dfutyut2@MattyJWest I just went through everything multiple times like you did and still nothing. No clue what is up with this achievement.
Posted by dfutyut2 on 30 Nov 13 at 21:41
MattyJWestOK, just popped this morning when I played my fifth game of Assassinate. Not sure what's up here, might just have incredibly dodgy tracking.
Posted by MattyJWest on 30 Nov 13 at 22:54
dfutyut2Going back through everything in a better order right now. If it does not pop, then I do not know what else to do but keep playing and hope it pops eventually.
Posted by dfutyut2 on 30 Nov 13 at 22:57
Vulker707Does anyone know if abilities and weapons used in Game Lab count?
Posted by Vulker707 on 01 Dec 13 at 22:05
SnrmWhat is the best way to get abstergo credits for the upgrades. With this double xp I have a bad feeling i'll hit level before having enough to buy everything
Posted by Snrm on 23 Dec 13 at 00:19
KiloOscarZuluYes, what is the quickest way to get credits for upgrades? Wolfpack solo gives me 140 each completion of the map, which takes about 15~20mins. It looks like you get 100 when you play online Public matches, and they are slightly quicker than Wolfpack solo.
Posted by KiloOscarZulu on 23 Dec 13 at 15:15
THEpaynexkillerBoosting sessions ASAP.
Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 27 Dec 13 at 19:16
StevesTurnIf anyone is worried about having enough Abstergo credits to buy everything by the time they're level 55, the reward for liberating 500 slaves in the Freedom Cry DLC is about 3000 Abstergo credits. For me, doing mostly solo Wolfpack exclusively during double XP time, I found that I was just a little bit short of having enough credits to buy everything. Now, I think I'm good.
Posted by StevesTurn on 28 Dec 13 at 03:57
GMx MadnezZI am level 50 and need 3 more abbilities to buy but i think im not gonna have enough cash. I need 3 more abbilities of 990 = 2970 fuds. I have been playing wolfpack none stop so is there a game mode where you can get enough of coins and level verry slowly?
Posted by GMx MadnezZ on 03 Jan 14 at 02:20
z 4assed monkeyThe word is Abilities.
Posted by z 4assed monkey on 07 Jan 14 at 03:49
greenbaymackeyDo I lose the ability to buy the later abilities and weapons after I prestige? I'm not sure how I'm going to have enough Abstergo credits to buy the last couple I need. I liberated 500 slaves in Freedom Cry, but when I started multiplayer I foolishly bought the Abstergo+ pack. That wasted tons of in-game cash. A quick response would be super appreciated.
Posted by greenbaymackey on 23 Jan 14 at 22:39
OdadjianActualI'm in the same boat greenbaymackey. I am completely FUCKED out of this achievement now. I wasted 5000 credits on that USELESS Abstergo pack and I'm level 40 right. I'm going to reach level 55 and I will be nowhere near rich enough to buy even 50% of the abilities and weapons. UGH.
Posted by OdadjianActual on 26 Jan 14 at 01:53
I Argonaut II just did this in a session with 4 guys during the double XP weekend... Just to answer a few questions:
We did not have enough credits after boosting to level 55 to get all abilities. We all bought different abilities and used the copycat perk. (We all saved our credits until we were level 55, expect for the kill streak perk to level faster)
We traded abilities and used them in private matches and popped the achievement.
We did prestige automatically after gaining one level higher then 55, but we kept all our purchased abilities and weapons.
Using the copycat perk is a bit of a head-ache, but if you have some buddies who have the other abilities, it can be done.
Posted by I Argonaut I on 27 Jan 14 at 19:06
I Argonaut IAnother FYI: Boosting from Level 1-55 during double XP by using a stun boost method took us about 5 hours. The trading of the abilities took us about another hour.
Posted by I Argonaut I on 27 Jan 14 at 19:19
EscapeTheRoachDid everything but no achievement :(
Posted by EscapeTheRoach on 10 Feb 14 at 16:53
- Disruption (Level 0) - is level 4 btw.
Posted by Onsidic on 13 Feb 14 at 00:47
VarazosI've done everything but the achievement has not popped its definitely glitched
Posted by Varazos on 16 Feb 14 at 16:48
VarazosOk I've got it if you dashboard the game it will randomly pop but not appear on your screen
Posted by Varazos on 16 Feb 14 at 17:29
EddyB43Achievement behaved for me thankfully. As I played 99% Wolfpack Unleashed solo, I found I only needed to use Bodyguard and perhaps Booby Trap on another player in adversarial. I'd done Booby Trap in a random match for that achievement, and I used Sabotage on the brutes in Discovery 6 for the Orchid achievement, every other ability I used in Unleashed solo.

I spent an hour doing random matches in each mode - I joined Wanted midmatch and Assassinate in the last few seconds. Since Bodyguard refused to work on the brutes in Discovery 6 (it claimed no pursuer when I got them to attack as when working on Sabotage) the achievement popped right when I used Bodyguard on a random player in a Deathmatch.
Posted by EddyB43 on 25 Feb 14 at 13:23
A BatwomanNot sure if I needed Assassinate gamemode but Teleport is probably glitched. If you used it in Wolfpack try playing the awful multiplayer and use Teleport.
Posted by A Batwoman on 14 Apr 14 at 20:21
Aeon CommandoAs x Malefactor x stated, casting Teleport in both Public matches and Private Wolfpack seems to be the crux of unlocking this achievement. Silly programmers... programming things all glitchy like the Animus. dance
Posted by Aeon Commando on 09 Jun 14 at 04:42
D3LTAI calculated that it should take 10620 credits to purchase all abilities and weapons.
Posted by D3LTA on 23 Jul 14 at 03:43
AradorWow no one plays this anymore it seems
Posted by Arador on 29 Aug 14 at 01:35
havfunspwningReally? You guys are complaining about 20 hours tops for multiplayer? Really? Come back to me when you've spent 120 hours for seriously 1.0 in Gears of War!
Posted by havfunspwning on 19 Oct 14 at 22:35
ZatouroffskiMine unlocked when finished WANTED match.
Posted by Zatouroffski on 23 Nov 14 at 12:30
xx HollywoodIf anyone is still doing this/needs this...hit me up. It's tough to find anyone playing AA or domination these days.
Posted by xx Hollywood on 15 Jan 15 at 00:59
Crimson DrifterPopped fine for me. If you're still trying to get this I suggest jumping on in the middle of the day/ weekend. I was able to get into public games on every game type last Saturday, there are still a few people playing this out there
Posted by Crimson Drifter on 02 Feb 15 at 14:31
MuppeT May CryIf someone's not getting it this may work for you (it did for me).

I had used every skill in game and every gamemode played (you can check wich one's you have played in the leaderboards). After that somehow it didn't popped for me, but then I decided to play M1 from the discovery wolfpack mode again (even though I got the acheivement for finishing the wolfpack mode). Ended M1 and the achievement popped.

Hope this helps someone.
Posted by MuppeT May Cry on 03 Mar 15 at 22:33
^ That did help me. i was looking everywhere to figure out if i was missing a mode. I believe im only missing bodyguard. (And teleport in MP. according to some comments.)
Posted on 15 Mar 15 at 06:21
ForcefulOliver2Does this achievement work in private match? I havent started the game yet but will soon, just looking at the guide to see what to do, private would save lot of time instead of doing everything public.
Posted by ForcefulOliver2 on 23 Mar 15 at 07:13
King fiShiZyes it does
Posted by King fiShiZ on 23 Mar 15 at 07:16
MugenKairoI can't get the tripwire bomb to kill, does that matter? I wish I had not wasted all my credits after finishing Freedom Cry, have reached LV55 and still need 2 more abilities.
Posted by MugenKairo on 27 Jun 15 at 02:21
You need to put that wanted and deathmatch need at least 3 players to start.
Posted on 08 Aug 15 at 06:14
LarkiasI can confirm that you do NOT lose the option to buy any previously unlocked abilities after you prestige. I didn't have enough to buy everything, and when I prestiged, the higher level abilities were still unlocked and available to buy.
Posted by Larkias on 04 Sep 15 at 23:55
Lazy with StyleStill one ability (Smoke Bomb) and 2 gamemodes: Wanted and Deathmatch. Will play random public games tonight to get these gamemodes finished and I hope that there are still people out there playing this.
Posted by Lazy with Style on 06 Nov 15 at 12:06
SpeleoFoolDefinitely a bit buggy. I played all the MP game types ages ago so I wouldn't have to worry about them when I unlocked the abilities. Checked the leaderboards and 4 of them show no sessions played! So, I play all 4, come back the next morning (leaderboards updates every 6 hours) and Assassinate shows 0 sessions played! Maddening! But one game of Assassinate, joined in progress, and it finally popped. Good riddance!
Posted by SpeleoFool on 15 Jan 16 at 13:54
HolyHalfDead"The here is copy perk, they get you some nice XP Boots."
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 17 Mar 16 at 01:51
RCPD Zombie*abilities
Posted by RCPD Zombie on 17 Aug 17 at 06:21
netstrykerVery good.
Posted by netstryker on 08 Feb 18 at 05:28
vegansoundThanks for the listing. But is there any way in the game menus to check what has been done and what's left to do? Does the game track it? I don't know what I missed to get it. Thanks.
Posted by vegansound on 18 Jul 18 at 20:10
TSGTDRAGON@vegansound.... I was wondering the same thing but I did not see anything for seeing what game modes have been played. As for the abilities, if you check the abilities tab and then challenges (I think) it will show you what ones you have used ad how many times. I hope this helps!?
Posted by TSGTDRAGON on 31 Aug 19 at 07:26
senderfnDo I understand correctly that this has to be boosted and can't be completed solo in private matches?
Posted by senderfn on 15 Oct 19 at 08:47
TSGTDRAGON@senderfn...You can do most of it solo but it seems like teleport and bodyguard may need to be done with other players in order for the achievement to pop. I am doing a session tonight trying to knock this one out so we will see how it goes.
Posted by TSGTDRAGON on 22 Oct 19 at 01:24
senderfnHow did it go?
Apparently for me some gamemodes didn't register (0 points on the leaderboard). Gonna find some people to do these again
Posted by senderfn on 23 Oct 19 at 10:21
TSGTDRAGON@sederfn... Sorry I just saw this. The session went great. There was only 3 of us but managed to get it knocked out. Need to knock out the DLC next. If you set up a session for this one and need help, message me. :0)
Posted by TSGTDRAGON on 30 Nov 19 at 19:18