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Gold! More Gold!

Obtain 50,000 coins.

Gold! More Gold!0
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30 Oct 2013 31 Oct 2013
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You can easily earn around 50k per hour grinding the Race at Los Arcos. The final round pays 840 gold and takes less than a minute. I was able to win using the English Bloodhorse. If the English Bloodhorse is out of your price range you can get to the final round of the Socorro race with a Spanish Mustang. The final round pays 750 and the race is a bit longer. The Eagle Eye mission can potentially offer better returns if you are really good at it. The final round pays 750 and can be finished in a mere 15 seconds. Also this achievement does not unlock when you have cumulatively earned 50k, but rather you must actually have that amount in inventory.
PsyburnsGreat guide. Better than mine haha wink I lost my cloud save and I don't feel like redoing all the farming by my method.
Posted by Psyburns on 12 Nov 13 at 15:43
UnsungGhostVery well written. I noticed after playing for a few more hours that the higher levels do give much more gold, and horse racing is the only event that doesn't cost money to do multiple times. I just wish they would expand the game already!
Posted by UnsungGhost on 26 Nov 13 at 17:56