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Collect all 18 Rorke files.

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Rorke files are the collectibles in the game, they look like laptops. You do not need to finish the level in order for it to count.

You can check which ones you have by going
Main Menu ---> Campaign ---> Rorke Files

This guide will have both Text and Video so you can use what ever suits you better!


VIDEO: Made by Maka91. Big thanks to him for letting me use this! Make sure you leave his video a like on Youtube if you found it helpful!


Ghost Stories
After you finish in Space and you become the person on the ground again hug the right hand side and the first building should have a car in the drive way. Jump over it and into the open door, the Rorke File is sat on the floor.

IMAGE - This is what you are looking for
External image

Brave New World
When talking to your dad at the end of the mission you will go up some stairs. It is on the table in the room. If you get to the balcony you have gone to far.

No Man's Land
Just after you finish being Riley you fight your way through a small construction site (Doesn't look like one though, but it does have diggers and things).
At the end of it you will come to a metal building. (Look to the left of the door, there are three portable toilets next to it.)
Walk in the building and it is sat on the table.

IMAGE - The building looks like this:
External image

Struck Down
After you breach the room (Not the sniper part! You will throw tear gas into the room before killing people) Look to the left and you will see some lockers, one of them doesn't have a shirt in it. Go to that one and pick up the Rorke Intel.

At the very start of the mission you enter a building. Instead of running up the stairs go to the left. You will find it on a table.

Legends Never Die
After you get out of the flood you walk across a walkway that starts breaking, when you get across it you ed up in a building. Two people will be in their and your team-mate will shoot at them. To the left of the door in that room is a desk with it on

IMAGE - This is what the room looks like. Left of that door on the desk.
External image

Federation Day
Once you get into the building go around the left hand side wall and enter the first door. It is in that room on one of the desks.

Birds of Prey
The second time you are on foot you will clear out a rooftop and breach into a door. When you do the intel is sat on a desk right infront of you.
You will want to be fast getting it though as the mission ends a few seconds after entering the room.
I have provided a picture of what the desk it is on looks like (the intel isn't on the pic as I have picked it up already) so you can get it before the mission ends easier.

External image

The Hunted
Just before you meet up with your team you will see a waterfall. It is on a rock right next to it

External image

When the power goes out you walk through the metal detectors and find a room with a lot of glass windows in it. Break the glass jump in and get it.

IMAGE - This is what the room it is in looks like. Just look around until you find it.
External image

Atlas Fall
You will enter a room and it will only have one person in it. Your team mate will grab him and do something with him. Look to the right and you will see a small room, the intel is sat on top of a filing cabinet.

Into the Deep
Once you blow up the ship and start swimming away from all the falling rubble you will encounter some enemies just as you reach the top of the falling ship. Just to the right of the top of the ship is the intel sat on a rock.

It is hard to give much guidance here as you are under water so everything looks the same so I have provided an image to help you more.

IMAGE - This is the top right of the ship, it is on that rock. I had already picked it up so it isn't visible on the actual image.

External image

End of the Line
Once you go through the metal door you will come into a missile room. Run down the stairs then immediately turn around. it will be on a box.

You know it is the right room because it will prompt you to press up on the D-PAD to use a camera.

Sin City
After you fight your way through the mall you will come to a closed metal door/gate thing. A member of your team will open it enough for you to crouch through. Go through it and immediately turn left, it will be on a table.

All or Nothing
At the very start of the mission turn around and look in all the beds, you will find it in one of them.

Severed Ties
After you launch the missile you will go down some stairs and go through a door. When you go through the door make a turn down the first corridor on the right and go into the room on he left. The Intel is in that room.

You try get into the space station but the pipes burst and you get shot somewhere else. When that happens go through the pipe bit in front of you and go up and left. The Intel will be floating around.
Look at the image for more detail.

IMAGE - The Intel will be somewhere around here. Look around because it is floating.

External image

The Ghost Killer
This is in the train carriage you spawn in so you can get it straight away. Don't even walk through the first door until you pick it up. Just look around until you find it, the room is a small square so it won't be hard.
Iceonfire89Great guide, thanks a lot. :-)
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Iceonfire89Great guide, thanks a lot. :-)
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Thrifty SiMONIt's a great guide, thank you for making it. Thumbs up :)
Just a little comment; you might want to stress very early in the guide though that it is not necessary to complete the remainder of the missions for the collected Rorke files to count. One might be led to believe this due to its necessity in Black Ops 2...
Posted by Thrifty SiMON on 12 Nov 13 at 23:10
Alcoholic SocksAdded it!

I managed to find them all on my first play through so I was finishing the mission anyway. Thanks for confirming!
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dlb xReDMaNgreat guide clip and pics perfekt
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SteveezyI loved the guide. It was great. Thumbs up. I would just suggest for number 11, Atlas Falls, that you be a little more descriptive. For example, "when you breach the room with the foreman right after the common room fight.", or something to that effect. I only say this because there is a part right before the common room breach where Hesh grabs that guy by himself with the shotgun, and that had me looking around for a minute. A very helpful guide, overall. Thanks for the hard work.
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AbsolTheDarkOneAwesome guide with screenshots and a video, really all you could ask for. No reason to downvote this, probably just the other people who wrote solutions :)
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