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Batman: Arkham Origins achievements

Batman: Arkham Origins

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There are a maximum of 62 Batman: Arkham Origins achievements (50 without DLC) worth 3,786 (1,300)

63,262 tracked gamers have this game, 1,203 have completed it (1.90%)

Worst Nightmare in Batman: Arkham Origins

Worst Nightmare62 (15)

Master the Worst Nightmare Dark Knight track

  • Unlocked by 3,699 tracked gamers (6% - TA Ratio = 4.13) 63,303  
Deadpool 1194
62,126 (35,665)
Deadpool 1194
Achievement not yet won
TA Score for this game: 1,080
Posted on 03 November 13 at 12:52, Edited on 28 December 13 at 22:43
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*WARNING* There may be some slight spoilers due to the need to give locations. I'll try to keep them to a minimum and tag anything I feel is a significant spoiler.

First of all this is important. START THESE CHALLENGES ASAP!! There are a very limited number of predator rooms in the story and none once you have finished. The challenges do apparently carry over to new game plus but will be much harder to complete. I am writing this in such a way you should be able to finish all these challenges in your first playthrough.
Secondly, one of the challenges (rank 6) can - to the best of my knowledge - only be completed in one specific location. Make sure to get it done there or you'll have rank 6 onwards to do in NG+!
Finally, one of the maps in challenge mode requires the use of the sonic batarang - unlocked by reaching rank 10 in these in game challenges. You will have to reach rank 10 in the worst nightmare track as a bare minimum if you want to complete challenge mode.

DJ Drty Chapstk has pointed out that some of the challenges will not appear until after you hit the checkpoint for clearing the room. If you clear the room and don't get the challenge, restarting will not help as the room will still be cleared when you load in. To get around this, back up your save to the cloud or a usb device before finishing the encounter and load from that.

Rank 1: Perform an inverted takedown, a vent takedown and a wall takedown.

-This one is basically given to you. When you reach the first enigma tower you will enter a room with 3 goons stood in the perfect locations for these takedowns. Get the first with an inverted (RT to hang while on a gargoyle, Y for takedown), the second guy from the grate you crawl through to reach him and the third guy by taking him down through the wall. Make sure to do a wall takedown (Y when behind the wall) EXPLOSIVE GEL DOES NOT COUNT! After these three there will be one guy left waiting for a ledge takedown. If you didn't pop the challenge restart now as it will autosave your game after killing the last guy!

Rank 2: Perform 3 silent takedowns in a single predator encounter.

Very very simple and can be done almost anywhere, I did it on the main deck of Penguin's boat. If you don't get it here you will most certainly get it in the theatre.

Rank 3: Finish a predator encounter without being seen.

I did this in the theatre inside penguins ship. If you do this right you can also earn 2 achievements here. USE ONLY SILENT TAKEDOWNS IN THIS ROOM. As you enter move to your right and takedown the guy at the top of the stairs, as soon as he's dealt with turn left and glide of the railing to land behind the second target and take him down. Next head around the corner in the direction he was going, and move across in front of the fish tank, there will be a corridor to your right, another guard will come down this corridor, get behind him and take him down. After this move in the direction he came from and get behind the ladder. You will see two enemies guarding a hostage. Wait for the one on the left to move before sneaking around and taking down the guy who stayed, then follow the one that moved behind the fish tank and finish him. To complete the room grapple back to where you started and head down the stairs to reach the last guy.

Rank 4: Use a sonic batarang to lure an enemy into a takedown.

Some people have reported needing to do this up to three times to unlock the challenge, but I got it on my first try.
After you exit penguins boat you will be near the steel mill. There are several guards nearby and it counts as a predator encounter. Simply lure the guards with the sonic batarang (down on the d pad twice to equip) and then take them down. I would recommend luring them towards unique takedowns eg grates or under an invert takedown location, as I had issues with the challenge not registering after a lure then silent takedown.

Rank 5: Complete a predator room without using detective vision.

I did this on the roof of the GCPD building (you have to go here for a main story mission anyway). Grapple to the roof and then takedown the sniper, then drop onto the helipad and take out the guard patrolling there. One guard will walk down next to the helipad, so drop down and take him out too. There will be two guards left patrolling and two by the door. Watch the patterns of the guys patrolling and take them out however you please before grappling to the roof above the two remaining guards. Although they seem very close together you can in fact silently take down both if you start with the guy on the left (left side as you're looking at the door) as the AI in this game have literally no peripheral least not on normal difficulty anyway.
Really you can take out these guards in any way you please, just DON'T USE DETECTIVE VISION.

Rank 6: Perform 4 exotic takedowns in one encounter; vent takedown, hanging ledge takedown, corner takedown and explosive gel takedown.

Okay this is the one that is a real pain in the ass. As far as I know this can only be done inside the gotham merchant bank. I would recommend doing it the first time you go there as the second time is way more difficult.
The corner takedown: needs no explanation although I would do this first as you are likely to get spotted trying once the guards are on alert.
Hanging ledge takedown: this is more difficult than it seems. Not just any ledge will work. On the lower half of the bank are 4 metal grates, stand on top of one then use the sonic batarang to lure a guard underneath, then take him down when prompted. These are to my knowledge the only ledges you can use this takedown on and the reason this challenge blows donkey d**k if you aren't prepared for it.
Explosive gel: This must be on a solid wall not the glass. There are two walls at the far side, only use one of them because the takedown will not count if the guard isn't fully KO'ed.
Vent takedown: to clarify, these are the vents in the walls NOT the grates on the floor. Use detective mode to find one and then lure and takedown.
PuckJunkie has pointed out that if you remove the vent covers you can no longer do a vent takedown. Vents in this area can be accessed through the floor grate at the back of the room.

If you are past this encounter, DJ Drty Chapstk has pointed out another location it can be done before entering NG+ however this is VERY late in the game. Please check the comments for his solution.

Rank 7: Complete a predator encounter without using takedowns.

I'm not entirely sure what counts against you for this, so just to be sure I ONLY used cape stun beatdowns. (B,x,x,x,x,x,x,x...)
I did this challenge in the sionis steel mill in the room where
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Simply grapple up to a gargoyle to spot isolated guards, and then drop and stun them with your cape before beating them down. This is not difficult but does take patience to wait for guards to become isolated.

Rank 8: Complete a predator encounter without using detective vision and without being seen.

*NOTE* DO NOT USE SMOKE GRENADES OR FIRE EXTINGUISHERS. Stepping into smoke will automatically activate detective vision and negate this challenge.

I did this in the main story mission in the lobby of the hotel. There will be three guards on the upper walkway and 5 on the ground floor.
As soon as you enter the room grapple up to the gargoyle on your left, then drop behind the guard patrolling there and take him down, then move into the direction he came from and take down the guy stood on the walkway and the next one (be quick as he will head down the stairs. If you miss the opportunity to get him he will spot the first guard you took down on his next pass making the room more difficult).
Once all three up top are done with (you may get an autosave here) take notes of the guys walking below. The guard holding the jammer will make his way to the far right of the room and walk behind a wall, this is the best time to take him down. After this the guy on the far left of the room will walk into an alcove next to the stairs and stare at the wall for a while, this is your best opportunity to take him. Now there is only one guard patrolling, study his pattern and take him when it's safe to do so.
This just leaves the two guys stood by the security room. It has been suggested to lure one of them away with the sonic batarang, but I had no issue gliding behind them and silently taking them both down.

Rank 9: Perform 4 loud takedowns in one encounter; grate takedown, inverted takedown, knock out smash takedown (X while performing a silent takedown) and ledge takedown.
Rank 10: Complete a predator encounter with at least a high threat level without being seen.

I have grouped these challenges as I did them in the same room. The pool area of the hotel.
I can't really give step by step instructions for this room as loud takedowns will cause guards to panic and move around randomly. I will however give a few warnings; firstly the ledge takedown must be the one where batman grabs them with the batclaw to pull them over, not the variety performed on someone stood right next to the ledge.

(To clear this up a bit, this is still the press Y ledge takedown, but should be performed when the enemy is too far from the ledge to simply grab. I did NOT mean manually use the batclaw to pull them over. Sorry for any confusion!)

Secondly get the inverted takedown done early, after you take out a few of the guards proximity mines will be armed on the gargoyles and this takedown becomes impossible. Make sure to use detective vision and BE PATIENT. If you do get seen restart from checpoint and try again. Remember to get those loud takedowns done early!

Rank 11: Take out an enemy with the sonic shock batarang.

I went back to the entrance of the steel mill to do this. Simply lure an enemy towards your batarang and then use its shock capability to KO him. Very easy in comparison to the last few!

According to SooFany this can be done on any enemy and doesn't need to be in a predator zone!

Rank 12: Complete a predator encounter with a high threat level or above, performing at least 5 different takedowns.

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
There are 6 enemies in this room. I used:
Floor grate takedown
Inverted takedown
Takedown through wall
Corner takedown
Vent takedown
Silent takedown
to get rid of all six, but feel free to play how you want just as long as you get 5 DIFFERENT takedowns.

*NOTE* While I did get my challenge here, I noticed the stats said it was a medium difficulty room, so this may have been a glitch. If this doesn't work for you bear with me, I'm looking for more rooms!

Rank 13: Eliminate 3 enemies in the duration of one smoke pellet.

This is - I think - impossible before you finish
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
which gives you increased smoke duration. After you have this go back to the steel mill and perform a loud takedown on the sniper, and if needed throw a sonic batarang there too. Once thee guards have gathered drop a smoke pellet and use knock out smash on all of them. Very easy!

Rank 14: Eliminate 3 enemies using a propane tank

I did this in the
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
The propane tank is on the middle level, throw a sonic batarang next to it and do a loud takedown on whoever comes to investigate. Everyone will hear this and gather around. Now here comes the hard part.
1 - wait for three enemies to gather, then pull out the remote claw.
2 - as soon as there are 3 enemies quickly lock on to one (rb) and fire at another, this will knock them both down
3 - Very quickly fire another shot at a third guard and the propane tank.

This challenge is an absolute pain in the d**k and took me at least 10 tries. Just keep restarting and you'll get it eventually.
Note- you may want to take down the guy with the jammer first. He spawns on the opposite side that you enter the room from.

Rank 15: Pull 2 enemies over different railings at the same time.

VERY easy compared to rank 14. In the next predator room
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
there will be two guys in front of you as you enter. Turn to your left and climb the railing, throw a sonic batarang next to the gap in the railings and quickly jump off the side. Now grapple back to where both guys were originally stood and wait for one to be lured by the batatrang. Once he climbs up, string the two guys together with the remote claw. Simple! Sometimes they may bounce off the railing and not fall. Restart and try again, it's a very short section.

Feel free to comment or message me if you see anything wrong with the solution, need more clarification or have more help to provide! Thanks!

Following this guide all challenges can be completed in NG. The same strategies apply in NG+ and IATN mode, with some alterations to compensate for armoured enemies etc. If you are in IATN mode you can kill yourself at any time, restarting the story but keeping your challenge progress. This guide was meant to help people achieve this within a playthrough, and I feel that adding everything else would clutter it too much. If you are on IATN mode or have totally finished the game but still need this; there are some EXCELLENT tips in the comments. Good luck everyone!
DiZzYLuKe x Pro just like to say if anyones like m,e and finished new game and new game plus everytime you get to the last mission on i am the night you can die and restart tohe whole game i know its harder but thats the only way i can think of getting more predetar encounters
Posted by DiZzYLuKe x Pro on 03 Nov 13 at 16:28
clueless npc Rank 6: You can use the room in
*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
. Walk straight ahead and wait by the first grate. A guard will pass down for that takedown. There are two explosive walls on this first floor as well. Get behind one of them by using the vent system on the first floor, plant your explosive, and wait for that takedown. Tons of places for corner takedowns. Then there are a number of walkways on the second level that lead into the small structure in the middle of the room. Perch on a railing over one of these walkways as an enemy walks underneath, resulting in your hanging ledge takedown.
Posted by clueless npc on 03 Nov 13 at 16:41
Archangel891 Dizzy, so if you die it doesn't reset challenge progress, just the mission progress? So essentially you could finish a room get a few challenges, progress a but til it saves. Purposely die and do the early rooms again?
Posted by Archangel891 on 03 Nov 13 at 17:53
BLACKandBIG I did #15 in the predator room before Firefly bossfight. I did it in my 3rd "I Am The Night" playthrough=)
Posted by BLACKandBIG on 03 Nov 13 at 20:32
Deadpool 1194 Thanks for the advice guys!
@Chapstk, I'll add that in! I haven't got that far in the game yet, and my idea was to help people get this in one playthrough so that seems a little late on, but I'm sure it will be helpful to players who have passed the bank!

I'll be blazing through this game now that I've finished multiplayer and cleared my schedule a little, so I'll have a play around with ways of doing these in NG+ and beyond.
Can anyone clarify if resetting works? I've had a few encounters that I reset and it loaded with the room cleared but the challenge incomplete...
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 03 Nov 13 at 21:25
BainneK10 Thanks for the guide its well explained and im sure it will help me get the last few ranks...but just while im here and since der is no guide for 'Legend of the Dark Knight', can anyone clarify if this is only done by having all ranks finished in one file, or is it once u get de last challenge track chivo? ..Thanks if any1 can answer dis
Posted by BainneK10 on 04 Nov 13 at 15:06
Deadpool 1194 Yep, I just got that and this one when I finished worst nightmare rank 15. Pretty sure all tracks have to be done on the same file too!
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 04 Nov 13 at 16:47
BainneK10 Aww least u only need de chivo once so i can do it in my newest file nd continue wit NG+ in my first 1...thanks for dat Showbiz
Posted by BainneK10 on 04 Nov 13 at 19:30
SooFany Just wanted to add that you can use sonic shock batarang in any place to get this done. Just shoot anyone on the street and detonate it and thats it :)
Posted by SooFany on 04 Nov 13 at 21:34
Mr Rodster This stupid achievement is so glitchy. I've gotten the "unseen" bonus but not credit for not being seen. This game is programmed so badly.
Posted by Mr Rodster on 05 Nov 13 at 06:51
Ursiform WARNING: at least one of the challenge maps requires the sonic shock batarang, which means you will be unable to progress in challenge mode until at least unlocking rank 10 in this track. This is likely why you see so few people clearing the challenge modes yet.

Also, if you don't get Rank 6 on your first opportunity (the bank?), you will fall hopelessly behind on your first playthrough. The next opportunity is the last predator encounter near the end of the game. The second bank encounter doesn't seem to count. Rank 7 must be done in a storyline encounter, not a map encounter, meaning like me you are done with normal mode progression in this track if you didnt get rank 6 in the bank. Overall, this is a terrible PITA.
Posted by Ursiform on 05 Nov 13 at 22:36
clueless npc Rank 8: Don't use smoke grenade! Stepping into it will auto initiate detective vision.
Posted by clueless npc on 06 Nov 13 at 05:06
Krayzie OutKast Question: I'm on rank 6, and already passed the bank. If I use the Blackgate Prison encounter towards the end of the game, can I get the four takedowns, resulting in the challenge completion, then immediately restart checkpoint, and work on rank 7 without losing 6? The less I have to do in NG+, the better.
Posted by Krayzie OutKast on 06 Nov 13 at 16:26
Deadpool 1194 No. I tried this, if you reset to last checkpoint then the room will still be cleared but you will lose your last challenge. Basically the exact opposite of what you want. Sorry :/
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 06 Nov 13 at 16:55
Krayzie OutKast Damn, thanks for the confirmation though.
Posted by Krayzie OutKast on 06 Nov 13 at 21:18
Ursiform That sucks.
Posted by Ursiform on 07 Nov 13 at 00:11
clueless npc I routinely get frustrated that many of the challenges won't pop until after you get a checkpoint for clearing the room. As a result you won't know if you got the challenge to unlock until you've already been forced to move on. I am currently working around this by making a backup of my save game file (to the cloud) and reverting back to that if I run into trouble (specifically for challenge 8 right now).
Posted by clueless npc on 07 Nov 13 at 00:16
Crayon Taster I'm currently trying to do challenge 8 "Complete a predator encounter without using detective vision and without being seen." How do you take down the armored guards without being seen? Maybe it's because I'm on NG+ since no guides were available until after I had beaten the game. Any tips?
Posted by Crayon Taster on 07 Nov 13 at 00:32
Crayon Taster Nevermind, I got it by being patient and popping out of the floor grates.
Posted by Crayon Taster on 07 Nov 13 at 01:04
Deathstroke I I'm stuck on rank 10 on I am the night mode. Where is the earliest place to get the challenge done? Is penguins theatre a possibility?
Posted by Deathstroke I on 07 Nov 13 at 11:51
Crayon Taster Wonderful tip to combine ranks 9&10!

Though I did misunderstand the ledge takedown, I took the guide too literally and used the batclaw to manually yank the henchman off the edge. That didn't work out. I did a normal ledge takedown on my next attempt and ended up getting both challenges fairly easily. Now I can finish up those challenge rooms with my new sonic shock batarang!
Posted by Crayon Taster on 07 Nov 13 at 16:52
Epik Shinrei Rank 6 is just a joke ! I performed the 4 different takedown and the challenge doesn't complete ... and with this @#*$ autosave, impossible to try it again ...
Posted by Epik Shinrei on 07 Nov 13 at 17:17
Deadpool 1194 HAHA! Sorry crayon, updated the solution a little bit, at the time I wrote this I didn't even remember you could manually use the batclaw, I can see how it would be confusing!

@Deathstroke These 4 takedowns are definitely possible in this room, but it has to be a HARD difficulty. I can't quite remember from my new game + playthrough, but I just started I am the night mode so I'll let you know. So far the rooms and enemies seem the same as NG+
Having said that some challenges that specify hard difficulty rooms appear to be unlocking in medium rooms so give it a shot! As I said, all 4 takedowns are definitely possible in there. Just make sure not to get seen!
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 07 Nov 13 at 18:49
Deadpool 1194 @ Epik, I understand your pain, these challenges are glitched out the ass. Are you sure you performed the right ledge takedown? It's a very specific one and the game doesn't do a great job of explaining it. Search hanging ledge takedown on youtube just to make sure. Rank 6 is where the game screwed me and I just started over, but there are opportunities later and you can use NG+ to finish it off. Just depends how hard you want to make it on yourself!
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 07 Nov 13 at 18:52
Crayon Taster Just finished up Rank 15. I wasn't going to get them all but this guide made it really easy. Even on NG+. Thumbs up Showbiz!

Also, I'll repeat the advice of DJ Drty Chapstk. Every time I'd enter a room where I was planning on performing a predator event I would wait for the game to auto-save and then I would exit all the way to the dashboard and copy my save from a USB stick to the hard drive. As DJ mentioned the cloud save is another save option. That way, should tragedy strike and the game auto-saves you can simply replace that save with the backup and try it again. Just make sure you keep track of which save is which!
Posted by Crayon Taster on 07 Nov 13 at 20:00
Deadpool 1194 Thanks man! Glad to have my work appreciated. clap
Just need to make sure people see it before they start the game! A fairly easy achievement if you plan ahead!
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 07 Nov 13 at 21:04
Epik Shinrei I do that right but doesn't count ... I'm already in NG+ so I hope there is another place than Bank to do the 6th challenge :(
Posted by Epik Shinrei on 07 Nov 13 at 22:12
Deadpool 1194 You sure that's the one that wasn't counting?
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 07 Nov 13 at 23:08
PuckJunkie Worth noting that if you remove the vent covers, you can no longer do a vent takedown. I found this out the hard way and now have no way to do challenge six inside the bank. Good times!
Posted by PuckJunkie on 07 Nov 13 at 23:27
Deadpool 1194 Did not know that. I'll add it in, thanks!
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 08 Nov 13 at 16:27
A Batwoman This video is helping so far and this soultion I know alot of the challenges have to be done in the story preadtor rooms the ones that will unlock the campaign challenges maps:

Also alot of people said you can get the challenges in I am the Night mode (IATN) it saves your challenges even if you die.
Posted by A Batwoman on 09 Nov 13 at 00:15
RatNamedSplintr Okay so I finished the game on easy which means I cannot go to NG+ and I am stuck on rank 6 of this. Does that mean I have to start an entire new game file?
Posted by RatNamedSplintr on 09 Nov 13 at 01:08
WLC93 These can't be done in challenge mode?
Posted by WLC93 on 09 Nov 13 at 07:34
Page Daemon FYI, for Rank 13 I was trying smoke takedowns on random groups of thugs around the city (NG+) but none would count. It seems like you can only satisfy the smoke takedown requirement if you can actually do a Silent Takedown/Knockout Smash in the smoke; Beatdowns, Ground Takedowns, and Batclaw slams just wouldn't do it.
Posted by Page Daemon on 10 Nov 13 at 04:14
BainneK10 Any advice for doin 14 nd den 15 in early NG+ rooms? coz dat first firefly bomb room is set out terribly for 14 :(
Posted by BainneK10 on 11 Nov 13 at 22:12
BainneK10 Never mind just noticed other guide :P
Posted by BainneK10 on 11 Nov 13 at 22:34
Page Daemon I actually did Rank 14 in the opening room of the Sionis Steel Mill. There are 5-6 enemies and two propane tanks. It's pretty easy to do the double grapple right there.

For Rank #15, I managed to get two guards on the walkway around the giant chemical tank in the Sionis Steel Mill predator room, off the corner railings near the office door. It was a pain though, you can do it easier in other rooms.
Posted by Page Daemon on 12 Nov 13 at 00:37
BertieHoth Just as a side note: you can also do challenge 6 in the Deadshot battle, but you have to complete the whole encounter (ie do the final takedown on him) for it to count.
Posted by BertieHoth on 12 Nov 13 at 22:04
BainneK10 For any1 reading this who like me got stuck on 14 (propane tank 3 guys) on 1st playthrough nd u want to finish de track before NG+, i got 14 in de fight outside blackgate nd 15 (pull 2 over ledges) in de final predator room...luckily it has alot of guys to try it on if u cant time it right and it only KOs 1 guy.....p.s so glad i got this nd den legend of knight :P
Posted by BainneK10 on 12 Nov 13 at 23:41
BainneK10 Also a credit to Showbiz for de guide in general, i jus cudnt get 14 in de firefly room he suggested nd found it a diff way
Posted by BainneK10 on 12 Nov 13 at 23:45
Blargby On Rank 6, you should note that the last guy left standing automatically surrenders. If someone goes to take out excess mooks first to make it easy on themselves (like me), they run the risk of not having enough to do the takedowns. So always factor in that last guy.
Posted by Blargby on 13 Nov 13 at 05:12
Samphaa Why is my sonic batarang not attracting any guards?
Posted by Samphaa on 13 Nov 13 at 17:05
Deadpool 1194 I'll add some of this into the guide cheers guys! Keep the comments and votes coming, really appreciate all your input. This achievement is very stupid. Not exactly difficult but requires planning; the more people who know about it when starting the game the more people we can help!

@Splintr, you'll have to start a new save file anyway if you want to do ng+ and IATN mode sorry.
@Samphaa, if you throw it into a floor grate or something it disappears and doesn't activate. If you throw it too far away from guards they won't notice it, and some enemies in certain areas just don't give a shit and ignore it. Out of interest are you trying to use it in a predator room or just out in the open?
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 13 Nov 13 at 19:05
sonicfreak1986 I think this achievement should be considered missable. Because if you don't get all of them between Story, New Game Plus, and I Am The Night, you have to open a new file and start from scratch! If I'm wrong, then somebody please tell me!
Posted by sonicfreak1986 on 14 Nov 13 at 07:50
Deadpool 1194 If you don't have them all at the end of IATN mode kill yourself. It starts the game over and you keep your challenges!
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 14 Nov 13 at 12:31
Samphaa Ok thanks dude, I was trying to use it out in the open on random thugs but got it done on the GCPD rooftop, did the next one without using detective vision at the same time, great guide by the way, following it closely :)
Posted by Samphaa on 14 Nov 13 at 22:40
Fuzzy Vengeance Just did rank 14 on the map described by 'ShowbizRope7'. I was unable to do the thing with remote claw fired very quickly twice so I did something else:) did everything like the guide sais but instead of using the remote claw I used batarangs:) when there were 4-5 enemies by the tank I jumped out of the floor vent and kept on quickly pressing LT and once few enemies were knocked out I used the remote claw to kill them all:) I killed 4 enemies this way. Hope it helps. Sorry for my English
Posted by Fuzzy Vengeance on 14 Nov 13 at 23:17
Samphaa Do all of your challenges carry over to new game+? Im struggling to get crimes in progress to spawn for rank 15 on the gotham protector track, but ive done shadow vigilante and am pretty far through worst nightmare, i dont wanna lose it all, thanks
Posted by Samphaa on 16 Nov 13 at 22:48
Deadpool 1194 Yes all challenge progress carries over to NG+ and IATN mode. :) Good luck!
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 17 Nov 13 at 01:10
Lolennox I am not getting number 06 because I upgraded the explosive gel and everytime that a guard comes close, it explodes automatically and doenst k.o the guard, it just stuns anyone in the same?
the problem is that I've already finished the game, I will start ng+ as soon as I collect all the riddlers in normal game mode, so finding the room is not the problem, but be able to k.o the guard it is!
any tips?
Posted by Lolennox on 18 Nov 13 at 13:13
Blargby @Lolennox: Yeah, that upgrade is a pain. I always tried to take it as late as possible in Asylum, and I was happy when they took it out of City. Anyways, keep in mind that the explosive needs to be on the opposite side of the wall from the mook you're trying to get. If it's the bank you're trying to get it in, what I did was to put gel on both the explodable walls before going in to stop the robbery, and (this is the important part) I put the gel on a different side of each wall. That way you have a better chance of someone being on the right side of the wall when it explodes.

Specifically, if you're standing by the vault door facing the exit, I put gel on the side closest to me on the left wall, and the side furthest from on the right wall. Dunno if it's programming or luck, but I always get a couple of KOs with that layout.
Posted by Blargby on 18 Nov 13 at 21:18
Don Dunckel If you do Rank 6 during the Deadshot encounter, it might even make it easier, because fulfilling the challenge replenishes your health.
Posted by Don Dunckel on 18 Nov 13 at 23:28
Deadpool 1194 @Lolennox, the problem isn't because of the auto-detonation. It's because when the guards come down the stairs at the back the gel explodes on the wrong side of the wall to KO them. I would recommend that if you have this upgrade you do the explosive gel on the wall first before the guards come down the rear stairs. Also Blargby's solution of putting gel on opposite sides on the two walls may prove helpful. Good luck!
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 19 Nov 13 at 00:52
Lolennox @Blargby @ShowbizRope7 thanks guys....i will try using the tips you provide me. I started NG+ today.
Posted by Lolennox on 20 Nov 13 at 20:29
Tan110688 only 2 to go and im on i am the night, i really dont wanna be dying just to go back and take care of these last 2
Posted by Tan110688 on 30 Nov 13 at 20:57
Deadpool 1194 @Tan110688 The last 2 are done towards the end of the game following this guide anyway. Good luck! smile
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 30 Nov 13 at 23:29
Metamania2313 For Rank 14; GCPD Bullpen. When you get there, there's going to be an armored guy walking nearby the propane tank. Hop onto the gargoyle above him, do an inverted takedown on the poor sap. His fellow cops will come to investigate, two of them at first. Make sure they are still there as the third one is running towards them. Then link the first two with Deathstroke's tool, both of them should crash into each other. Then quickly mark the third guy with the propane and it should hit all three, nailing you the challenge.
Posted by Metamania2313 on 03 Dec 13 at 09:24
Paul Zap Here's a useful tip for rank 5:

I got it during the predator encounter on the bridge (in the area with the train car where you have to lower it to defuse the bomb, but before you do so you have to clear out about 4 guards). You automatically snap to cover and go into detective vision. I completed the room without touching LB and it worked for Rank 5. Basically, it's like free detective vision but it doesn't actually count as detective vision because you didn't actually activate it yourself, it was a scripted game event. Hope this is helpful! Did this rank during my New Game + playthrough.

Also, for rank 14 and 15, I managed to get both of them in the same predator encounter, which was in the GCPD (pretty much the first predator encounter after obtaining the remote grapple). Mind you I did this on my I Am The Night playthrough.
Posted by Paul Zap on 09 Dec 13 at 14:58
Paul Zap I just realised that my tip for rank 5 could also work for rank 8.
Posted by Paul Zap on 09 Dec 13 at 14:59
pompeyladbfp For people like me who had completed it but are at level 10-12 (started late) a good tip is to unlock the unseen takedown on new game plus penguins ship predator room, then get to deathstoke save and exit, load up normal game and use ya sonic bat on a normal guy, then go back into ng+ and play to Gotham pd prod room and get 5 takedowns, then save exit out. Back to normal game and head to sionis area with sniper and 4 gun guys do a loud takedown on sniper, hide nearby and use smoke pellet (mine was fully upgraded) and do the silent takedown/smash move on all 3 guys... then reload area and then use the heavy reel gun to attach sniper guy and normal guy on higher platform.... boom achievement unlocked
Posted by pompeyladbfp on 28 Dec 13 at 19:52
pompeyladbfp Forgot to say reload the gcpd before last one, and when you are escaping and use diffuser there is a room with 7 guys and a propane, take out heavy armour guy using heavy takedown, and another few guys leaving 3 normal guys (i used diffuser on gun guys too). The jump around a bit and get them near propane then use RB to target two guys knocking them down and then RB again to target last guy and tank making sure they are near each other to get that! This will take a few restarts
Posted by pompeyladbfp on 28 Dec 13 at 19:57
Metamania2313 For Rank 12, if you haven't done the Black Mask mission up to the point of that predator room in the church, then wait until the first predator room during Firefly's mission. Despite not being able to see anything (due to the jammer guy), I was able to use five different takedowns and complete the predator room with the challenge completed as well. For Rank 13, I went to the next room with the hostages in the train. I did a grate takedown on the guy that was planting the explosives, then escaped while the last three investigated the guy. I got out of the grate, used the smoke pellet, then took all three down with knock-out takedowns and I completed that predator room with the challenge completed as well.
Posted by Metamania2313 on 29 Dec 13 at 02:27
Metamania2313 I finally got the achievement.

I mentioned rank 14 for another part of the game earlier, but a great place to earn it is at the end of the game, outside of Blackgate Prison. A bunch of criminals will be talking trash to the cops, oblivious to your presence for the time being. There's a propane tank off to the right of three guys. Using the remote claw, quickly hit the two guys on the lower-right and they should fall, then connect the propane tank with the thug before the first two and it should nail all three. Keep in mind that you have to complete the combat scenario before it can be unlocked. That's what happened to me. I completed the fight after getting it done and it counted. Not lying about that and I even double checked to make sure it did and I was right!

For rank 15, I went back into Story mode (not NG+), went back to the Final Offer, got the thugs alerted on the ship. Then I waited until two of them were near the railings, on each side of the ship, before I connected the remote claw to both guys and they fell to the bottom of the floor of the ship. It did count as it happened, but to make sure I got it, I completed the predator situation on the Final Offer and checked the Worst Nightmare guide for it. So this rank doesn't necessarily have to be in a story predator room at all, it can also be done in free roam. The Final Offer, in my opinion, is the best place to get it.
Posted by Metamania2313 on 30 Dec 13 at 02:06
morphable freak for rank 4 you said you got it on the first try that is not true if you pause the game it even tells you you need 0/3, so i find it highly unlikely you * got it on you're first try*
Posted by morphable freak on 05 Jan 14 at 21:38
Deadpool 1194 You misread. I got it on my first try taking down three guards. I was saying that some people have taken down all three guards multiple times and still not had it register.
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 05 Jan 14 at 22:29
morphable freak o ok sry for the misunderstanding, and thanks metalmania for the tips on rank 12, i did not want to do any side missions again just to get one certain predator room to load up
Posted by morphable freak on 07 Jan 14 at 17:33
Slithe I am on rank 7 and have completed the game on normal. Are there any available predator encounters on free play? wanted to maybe get a few more done before i start ng+.
I found one on penguin's ship, and did the whole encounter with just beatdowns but the challenge did not complete. Any advice would be helpful
Posted by Slithe on 08 Jan 14 at 14:10
morphable freak most of the challenges have to be done in story mode predator free roam does't count save for 1 that i remember complete a predator encounter without being seen.i did that one outside the GCPD,i would just start new + it isn't that bad i got most of the harder ones on that mode just follow this guide
Posted by morphable freak on 09 Jan 14 at 17:58
TheBruce11 Number 9 can also be completed on the second time you visit the bank on the Deadshot most wanted. That is where I got it.
Posted by TheBruce11 on 25 Jan 14 at 06:01
TheBruce11 Also about the issue of the explosive gel not K.O. The guy in the bank. If you have the gel upgrade or not you can always use the sonic batrang to make them come to the side you want him to. Is also very helpful to get them where you want for other takedowns.
Posted by TheBruce11 on 25 Jan 14 at 07:54
Marketman316 I'm on my NG+ Playthrough and have just done the Hotel pool area, got my rank 9 but 10 didn't pop and it's saved now-any tips where I should try it next?? Thanks
Posted by Marketman316 on 04 Feb 14 at 18:27
Marketman316 I'm on my NG+ Playthrough and have just done the Hotel pool area, got my rank 9 but 10 didn't pop and it's saved now-any tips where I should try it next?? Thanks
Posted by Marketman316 on 04 Feb 14 at 18:51
Lord Darkwatch Weirdest thing I just got #5 in free roam, (I already completed the game on easy) I was on penguins ship at Amusement Mile getting #4 (getting the 3 take downs after being lured by the sonic batarang) & once I got it I went to the batcave, talked to Alfred then fast traveled back to Amusment Mile. I did not use detective vision at all & there were only 3 guys there, 1 in the crows nest & 1 on each side of the ship, I silently took out the guy in the crows nest then silently took out each guy on either side of the ship, once I did that I got the challenge complete..
Posted by Lord Darkwatch on 24 Feb 14 at 00:20
RSDAY Just completed Rank 14 in GCPD on New Game Plus and outside an actual predator encounter. I did it in the area just after the interrogation room, where you grapple up over the door frame and have to fight a group of enemies. Standing on the door frame you should see 3 enemies and a propane tank in a perfect cross shape, right in the center of the group. Very easy to implement the given strategy.
Posted by RSDAY on 10 Mar 14 at 20:01
TrueBlade94 For Rank 6 I'd previously missed the opportunity in the Gotham Merchant Bank the first time round so I was expecting to have to do it later in the game at Blackgate. That was until I started the Deadshot mission who then hides inside the Gotham Merchant Bank where I tried out doing the challenge and to my surprise it counted after doing all 4 takedowns inside the bank on Deadshot and his goons...

So there's another opportunity if you miss the Gotham Bank the first time round to complete #6!
Posted by TrueBlade94 on 20 Mar 14 at 11:56
HolyMollster Can you get any of these on the Cold Cold Heart DLC?
Posted by HolyMollster on 23 Apr 14 at 08:42
Deadpool 1194 I have yet to play either the Cold Cold Heart or Initiation DLC due to a busy schedule and the bullshit glitchy nature of achievements in this game that the developers refuse to fix. I'll let you know when I start it but hopefully someone who already has will be able to give a little insight.
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 23 Apr 14 at 09:52
HolyHalfDead Cold Cold Heart is a completely seperate game, so no, you cannot earn progress towards main game achievements.

Rank 4: Use a sonic batarang to lure an enemy into a takedown.
During the game, press Back to bring up the menu. Press RB to select the Dark Knight System menu. Select Worst Nightmare. Next to your currently active challenge you will see the number of times you need to perform each action. Usually it is 0/1, but for Bait and Switch it is 0/3, so I'm not sure how you got this first time. Switch to Detective Vision and find a building with orange Hostiles. Hide behind something and throw a Sonic Batarang at the ground. Wait for a Hostile to investigate then perform a Silent Takedown. Probably the reason people think Silent Takedowns don't work is because they didn't realise they needed to do it 3 times.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 25 Apr 14 at 08:10
HolyHalfDead Rank 6: Perform 4 exotic takedowns in one encounter
Personally I think the Corner Takedown does need an explanation, since I had never done one before. You need to press RT to crouch near a corner and then press A to snap to cover then when prompted press Y to perform a Corner Takedown. Here is a good video at Gotham Merchants Bank that shows all 4 takedowns required for this challenge: Worst Nightmare Rank 6 Guide by Unkoerl
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 25 Apr 14 at 23:40
EstocoImo Is it even possible to finish rank 6 on New game plus? It seems like the enemies won't do with explosive charge attached to the windows on N+
Posted by EstocoImo on 11 Jun 14 at 19:24
Deadpool 1194 Honestly I'm not sure I did it all on NG. In fairness I can't see why it wouldn't work. Unless you're trying to do it on the heavy enemies?
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 11 Jun 14 at 22:14
Warboy925 Rank 7: Complete a predator encounter without using takedowns..........I got this during/after the "Coventry Fire" case "by accident", I didn't even know that the area where the suspect was at was considered a "predator zone"
Posted by Warboy925 on 04 Jul 14 at 19:59
Bonus Eruptus Warboy925: I came here to post the same thing. The Final Offer counts as a Predator zone, so the combat challenge in taking down the assassin on the back deck pops Rank 7.
Posted by Bonus Eruptus on 23 Jul 14 at 16:25
iBishBashBosh x Rank 14 (Eliminate 3 enemies using a propane tank)

I've completed the main story and most of the Most Wanted side missions, is there any way to do this challenge outside of a mission, i.e. whilst patrolling Gotham?
Posted by iBishBashBosh x on 10 Sep 14 at 08:37
Deadpool 1194 iBishBashBosh x: Unfortunately none of these can be completed in free roam, they only count in "predator rooms" which you can only find in missions. Luckily you can continue into new game + and your challenge progress will carry over!
Posted by Deadpool 1194 on 10 Sep 14 at 17:33
Solario32 Great solution. All I can say is fuck rank 14!
Posted by Solario32 on 14 Jan 15 at 14:35
Warboy925 For rank 7, it was weird, when I was playing on easy, I posted above that I got it I got this during/after the "Coventry Fire" case, but on "normal", I guess I got one of the World's Greatest Detective instead....

But.....I did a challenge in itself....

Rank 8: Complete a predator encounter without using detective vision and without being seen.

On "normal", I actually got this in the bank with the fight against Deadshot!!!
Posted by Warboy925 on 28 Jul 15 at 07:07
Drei Lowen I'm following this guide in NG and it's been perfect. Up to rank 11, just after the first Bane fight.
Posted by Drei Lowen on 13 Jan 16 at 12:22
Drei Lowen Rank 14 - easiest place to do this was at the entrance to Blackgate. If you mess up, you can just restart the checkpoint.

Rank 15 - Got it in free roam on Penguins ship. Even though it is FR, the boat is considered a predator encounter.
Posted by Drei Lowen on 20 Jan 16 at 09:33
random man I have just entered the GCPD Place and it says Locate Black Mask. Have I passed up the first opportunity to do the Rank 6 challenge?
Posted by random man on 01 Aug 16 at 21:17
NYKensington Hey, thanks for the great tip about doing Level 14 at the entrance to Blackgate. It took me a few times to get it right, but it's a solid option!

The only adjustment I'd note is that you don't have to finish the full challenge to find out if it worked. Just run back into the parking lot for a few moments, and the game will prematurely end the encounter without saving. If it doesn't unlock at that point, just restart and try again!
Posted by NYKensington on 27 Sep 16 at 05:43
Rurik Krychek Alternate option for Rank 14: In the GCPD building you'll come across a room with about four armored guys and three non-armored guys kicking the crap out of two Anarky followers. If you perch on the wall above them and use the remote claw to repeatedly knock the enemies into each other you can wear down their health enough that you can use the propane tank to kill three of them at once. It might take a few tries to get that sweet spot, but I literally just did it.
Posted by Rurik Krychek on 11 Feb 17 at 21:05