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Go Ugly Early

A-10 strafe 50 enemies.

Go Ugly Early0
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05 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
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Mission 5 : Homecoming

Early into the mission you are given the A-10 laptop. To access it press UP on the D-Pad,when prompted.

I am not sure if you are able to miss this achievement as it would be difficult not to kill 50 enemies here.

You will 5 attempts to get your 50 kills within the first few minutes of the game when defending the beach onwards. My achievement unlocked on the 3rd strafe run
Paully05Great guide, epic section of the Campaign. Got it on my second run. +1
Posted by Paully05 on 09 Nov 13 at 16:34
BLOOdREDkN7GHTVery missable if you are just focusing on the tanks and copters, I did not look at the achievement list before my initial veteran run and didn't get it
Posted by BLOOdREDkN7GHT on 11 May 19 at 19:17