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They look like ants

Destroy all enemy ground targets and kill no allies with the rods.

They look like ants0
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iNTiMiDaTe xXiNTiMiDaTe xX433,816
05 Nov 2013
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At the end of the Loki mission you will be controlling the rods from the space shuttle, you need to kill every orange target and not kill a single blue target. The bigger orange targets are the primary targets, make sure that you have destroyed all of the smaller targets before destroying every large target as you will not be able to fire more missiles afterwards.
Its HollowManDude your tip about the bigger targets, taking out smaller ones first was great! Finally got this, thanks!
Posted by Its HollowMan on 14 Nov 13 at 21:03
DaveKineticThis should be the top solution. Taking your time and destroying the smaller targets before going for each of the larger targets makes this a doddle.
Posted by DaveKinetic on 06 May 14 at 21:51
SamWich1986this should be the top solution. tried about 20 times before finding this solution. tried this solution and pop first time
Posted by SamWich1986 on 13 May 14 at 10:50
OnzaGreat tip about small targets. Up-voted.
Posted by Onza on 09 Nov 14 at 18:56
Fred and IzzyGot it frst try after watching this.
Posted by Fred and Izzy on 19 Apr 16 at 00:13