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Take out 3 out of 3 helicopters with the remote missile.

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06 Nov 2013
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Mission 16 - Severed Ties

Il be honest here. I really do not understand this achievement description BUT the achievement unlocks.

At the beginning of the mission you will be in a tank. And after proceeding on you will encounter a large array of satellite dishes and have to deal with 6 or so tanks.

Your team-mate will call out to tell you helicopters are in-coming. You can see the red dot at the top of your screen. And I believe they are in groups of 3, hence the 3/3 kills needed for the achievement. Change weapon by pressing Y. To fire use RT and guide the missile, You can detonate at any time by pressing RT again.

In the video I take out the first group of 3, but it doesn't unlock until i take out 1 from the second group of 3? But just keep destroying the Helicopters until the achievement pops.

I apologise for not being able to write this better, Please if you understand this achievement let me know :)
lildevilbmxerwhen your told choppers are inbound youll see 3 choppers coming in they dont stop those are the ones that popped the achievement for me... I can see how you can get confused ... but all in all good job
Posted by lildevilbmxer on 09 Nov 13 at 05:11
SSCPThanks for the comment, I don't usually get stumped by things like this but it just didnt seem to make sense haha.
Posted by SSCP on 09 Nov 13 at 05:31
crunchb3rryChances are one of your allies killed the chopper a split second faster and stole the kill. They will take them down on their own, you can sometimes see them get blasted out of the sky while you're guiding the missile up to it. It's just a matter of being quick and hoping your hit scored the kill.
Posted by crunchb3rry on 17 Nov 13 at 06:37
Mobius EvalonI think what the achievement is getting at is shooting down 3 choppers without missing. I killed 2 of the 3 in the first attack group immediately at the beginning of the mission, then the third one was killed by a friendly but my rocket had enough fuel to hit a fourth chopper behind it to unlock the achievement.

That's also a point worth mentioning -- the guided rockets have limited range.
Posted by Mobius Evalon on 20 Jul 15 at 23:41