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Lab Technician

Play and complete a game session of Game Lab in the Multiplayer Public playlist.

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Mr KaasMr Kaas244,248
09 Nov 2013
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This is a rather simple achievement.

- Enter the second disc to access the multiplayer part of the game
- Pick 'custom match' on the main screen (the first screen you see)
- Choose the session type 'Game Lab' and leave the Matchmaking on 'public'
- Now 'search session'

You'll automatically be paired with more players. Simply complete the session to get the achievement. You don't need to win; I got second place and it still unlocked.

Game Lab is actually a pretty cool mode, by the way, so you might wanna try it out a few times. Beware: there's less XP, and no accolades and challenges to be won.
SneakyStabbalotHell, I came in 8th on my first play, and still got the achievement!!

Posted by SneakyStabbalot on 14 Nov 13 at 16:36
SooFanyI came 1st-3rd so many times on this lab but still didn't get the trophy :(
Posted by SooFany on 22 Dec 13 at 20:16
TheBeast0997Lol, i joined a game and litarely a second later the game was over, i got the achievement though.
Posted by TheBeast0997 on 03 Jan 14 at 15:26
REDZERO UKI came 5th and got it so it sounds like you just need to finish it rather than finish in any specific place.
Posted by REDZERO UK on 18 Jan 14 at 18:27
Paul Wesley 91This game hasn't been out very long, yet it seems no one plays this mode anymore :(
Posted by Paul Wesley 91 on 29 Jan 14 at 06:46
xBTCx CorruptedJust got it. Thanks for the solution. +1
Posted by xBTCx Corrupted on 07 Feb 14 at 02:15
Daniel GGWPmatchmaking is a serious pain in the ass here. trying to find 3 randoms online is really hard for this game mode. and it gives you like 30 seconds before it decides to switch to another map, even if you have other players waiting with you.
Posted by Daniel GGWP on 06 Mar 14 at 05:51
AKfoy0faceYea i cant even find enough players to get this achievement. send me a message if you need an extra
Posted by AKfoy0face on 20 Mar 14 at 21:58
The GlobalizerGot a lobby randomly today - FYI, partial sessions are OK, just finish the match.
Posted by The Globalizer on 08 May 14 at 01:08
xAmongTheFencexAfter waiting an hour to finally get into a match, I played it from start to finish, but it didn't pop for me. :(
Posted by xAmongTheFencex on 08 May 14 at 03:29
xAmongTheFencexI played a second time and my team won this time, the achievement popped. Maybe it's a little glitchy.
Posted by xAmongTheFencex on 08 May 14 at 04:40
Spilner3 public matches, two won, one lost and nothing -.-q
Posted by Spilner on 21 Jun 14 at 21:13
AradorJust an update, pretty much no one plays this game mode, probably will have to set up/join session for it
Posted by Arador on 23 Aug 14 at 04:10
SiRFaPaLoT420I would give this mode 1 or 2 tries everytime I get on the xbox, and I found a group playing this. Maybe I got super lucky (probably by the sounds of it) but there are people (few) who will get together and play this.
Posted by SiRFaPaLoT420 on 03 Sep 14 at 01:59
ll BENNO llonly took me about an hour to find a lobby, was expecting this to be unpopable :)
Posted by ll BENNO ll on 01 May 15 at 16:11
Onyx GrimoireEntered a lobby with 35 seconds remaining and I got it. Not complaining at all.
Posted by Onyx Grimoire on 27 Jul 15 at 03:36
TangerineGamerTook me about an hour yesterday to get a lobby with 3 other people.
The system is stupid though, get two other people and then move to another map where a new guy enters ... where the hell was he 12 seconds ago?!
Posted by TangerineGamer on 25 Sep 15 at 10:58
Lazy with Style^ this. We were 3 people in the lobby quite often but then map changes or other gamers are kicked... how stupid is that? Have I seen right that you can invite people from the friends list? Does it still count then?
Posted by Lazy with Style on 17 Oct 15 at 00:12
Galarzaa90The matchmaking for this is really stupid.... "Wow, just one more player!" *Looking for game sessions* "What? Where are the other two?"
Posted by Galarzaa90 on 26 Oct 15 at 04:30
Stealth DavidNot unlocking
Posted by Stealth David on 17 Dec 15 at 14:33
TonicarboristPlease someone add me and help with this achievement it's driving me crazy
Posted by Tonicarborist on 06 Jan 16 at 00:05
MydadisaplumberAnyone want to do this together? GT is Mydadisaplumber
Posted by Mydadisaplumber on 06 Dec 16 at 05:40
A Dreadful ShotDo you need 4 or 8 people to start a match? Being that the multiplayer is dead, the only way you’ll be getting this achievement now is via boosting.
Posted by A Dreadful Shot on 04 Nov 17 at 22:44