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Shoot the grapple guys off the side of the train.

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10 Nov 2013
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Mission 18: The Ghost Killer

During the mission, you will come to a part where you shoot down a helicopter causing it to crash into the train. As soon as this happens, sprint up the left-hand side of the train and keep sprinting until you see some enemies coming up the sides of the train using grapples. Shoot them fast enough to cause their bodies to fall off the side of the train. If you fail, just restart the checkpoint and try it again. You have to be really quick. As soon as you kill 2 of them, you will gain the achievement.
JPG30thanks, some of these achievements are so close call at times to get.
Posted by JPG30 on 15 Nov 13 at 12:55
StalfosedThanks as always Maka, your guides are the best! Whenever I'm on this site and I'm looking for achievement solutions I always check to see if you've covered the game first. I'm disappointed when you haven't covered the game. I realize of course you can't cover every single game, thanks again!
Posted by Stalfosed on 18 Aug 17 at 00:46