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Have 10 campfires on the map.

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12 Nov 2013
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The campfire is a decorative item bought from the store - just buy and place 10 of them on the world map to unlock this achievement.
coipJust wanted to add that Campfires cost 200 coins. You start the game with one, so you need to buy 9 more (1800 coins). After the achievement pops you can then sell back the campires for a dismal 10 coins each (Tools > Move > Select Campire). I cannot see any benefit to keeping the campfires as they're just taking up space, so I guess it's worth selling them back. If anyone knows a reason to keep them, though, do tell.
Posted by coip on 13 Nov 13 at 06:57
I don't see a campfire in the decorations part of the store. Do you have to reach a certain point in the game?
Posted on 18 Nov 13 at 17:34
KindlyMeat@Chrono Rhapsody they're between the "No Entry Sign" and the "Tall Wall" in Decorations
Posted by KindlyMeat on 19 Nov 13 at 20:59
SkoobasaurusThis not unlock for anyone else? The in game achievement list shows it as unlocked but not on my gamer score. Anyone know how to fix it?
Posted by Skoobasaurus on 01 Jan 14 at 11:48
coipOn the Windows Phone hub, have you tried going to Achievements and then hitting 'refresh'?
Posted by coip on 02 Jan 14 at 02:43
AUT SirToniI've the same problem as Skoobasaurus. Refreshing on the hub doesn't work. Anyone know another idea?
Posted by AUT SirToni on 12 Jan 14 at 15:30
DragonlingSame issue as well. Achievement is unlocked on the Win8 version, shows unlocked in-game on the phone but never actually triggered the unlock on my gamercard. Seems people are still unlocking it though based on the recent winners list so it may just be an uninstall/reinstall & redo at some point to unlock it again.
Posted by Dragonling on 30 May 14 at 04:53