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Earn a player's loyalty in FUT by playing 10 or more games with him

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24 Nov 2013 07 Dec 2013
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Firstly any player you get from a pack is automatically loyal so for this achievement you will need to buy a player from the transfer market.

The fastest way to do this would be to start a new season and forfeit the first 9 matches. The achievement will pop when you start the 10th match.

- you can tie this to the win a FUT title achievement by forfeiting the first 6 matches and winning the final 4.
- make sure the player has enough games on his contract.
- if you don't want to waste players contracts use players you don't need for the rest of the team.
- you can forfeit as soon as the match starts.
PackGBIs that confirmed to work? I had to play the 10 games again with a new player!
Posted by PackGB on 07 Dec 13 at 00:44
broxy beari played one game of FUT on xbox one and this achievements popped for me , i had already done this on xbox 360
Posted by broxy bear on 25 Dec 13 at 22:53
Nightmare xXDoes this work if your playing offline FUT against CPU? Or does this have to be done against other users??
Posted by Nightmare xX on 10 Jun 14 at 21:47