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Never Give Up, Never Surrender

Defeat Commodus

Never Give Up, Never Surrender0
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Mr VelezbianMr Velezbian334,740
26 Nov 2013
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This is story related. After fighting your way through the arena telling the "true" story of Commodus' victories on the battlefield, you will finally get to face the self acclaimed god. This fight is broken into three segments. First it will play out as a standard fight. Dodge his unblock-able moves and attack or heavy shield bash till his health is roughly at 20% and a cut scene plays. There will now be several impostors that you will have to kill before continuing your fight with Commodus and breaking down his health away. He seems to be slightly more aggressive on this fight so be more defensive and evasive rather than forcing your attacks on him. Another cutscene will play, resulting in Marius being poisoned. You must counter two attackers (their deaths will be automatic) before fighting Commodus for the last time. Follow your previous steps and let him breathe his last breath.
Park DieselThe only way to damage Commodus on Legendary difficulty during the first and third parts is to perform a perfect block. A perfect block is pressing the "A" button just before the enemy attack lands. You can then land a charged attack on him followed by two or three quick attacks. If you don't perform a perfect block on him you cannot hurt him on Legendary difficulty.
Posted by Park Diesel on 06 Dec 13 at 10:21
Mr VelezbianThanks @Park Diesel for the update! Havent got a chance to play through on Legendary yet!
Posted by Mr Velezbian on 07 Dec 13 at 00:00
wraithbenHas anyone had any issues with this one? I defeated Commodus last night, continued playing (now on the siege of Rome) and no unlock?
Posted by wraithben on 01 May 14 at 05:45
J4YSEPHINEI beat him as well Wraithben and the achievement wouldn't unlock of me either...
Posted by J4YSEPHINE on 07 May 14 at 09:58
Posted by HE3AKOHHO on 24 Oct 17 at 13:33