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26 Nov 2013 10 May 2016
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You DO NOT need to rate 5 different titles. You can just rate the same one over and over again to build it up. Rate the title 3 stars then 4 stars repeat. This applies to all of the Rate X amount of titles achievements.
Notarztfaster way is to pick one title rate 3 stars ----> tap right / rate 4 stars ----> tap left rate 3 stars and so on.....
Posted by Notarzt on 16 Sep 14 at 09:58
AvengerrI don't think this works anymore.
Posted by Avengerr on 29 Oct 15 at 21:08
DMG688Yeah, Avengerr, ratings are bugged for some people at the minute. We have been talking on the 'The Ultimate Opinion' achievement for rating 250 titles about it
Posted by DMG688 on 02 Nov 15 at 07:12
JTerk438Still bugged. I have rated at least 100 titles, and no progress towards any of the rating achievements. Wish they would fix this... Not that it helps my gamer score... Just like to complete any and every game/app that I can that has achievements... Bragging rights against my friends. lol
Posted by JTerk438 on 20 Dec 15 at 04:46
GH6991I know your pain. Been trying to get them to fix this since it glitched on Oct 28.
Posted by GH6991 on 21 Dec 15 at 04:05
xBrushedRedxOh.. I was wondering what was up. That sucks
Posted by xBrushedRedx on 12 Jan 16 at 06:06
GUERREOStill bugged :/
Posted by GUERREO on 09 Feb 16 at 21:29
johncenajr16Still bugged
Posted by johncenajr16 on 04 Aug 16 at 01:40
I x ShockWaveZNot bugged the achievements are unobtainable..
Posted by I x ShockWaveZ on 16 Aug 16 at 11:07
boldfoxrdI've just tried this and it doesn't work. I guess it's still unobtainable
Posted by boldfoxrd on 16 Aug 18 at 11:01
AlteraLateralusI work at Netflix, and they got rid of the star rating system like a year ago. All of these are completely unobtainable unless pressing the thumbs up/down buttons count.
Posted by AlteraLateralus on 19 Aug 18 at 00:27
boldfoxrdI assumed the thumbs up or down system replaced the rating system so that's what doesn't work too.
Posted by boldfoxrd on 21 Aug 18 at 15:14
Yeah thanks to that fat liberal pig Amy Schumer, they changed the rating system, essentially breaking these achievements. It HAD to be trolls, right Amy? Couldn’t possibly be because you’re terribly unfunny that people trashed your garbage comedy special?
Posted on 19 Oct 18 at 18:23
tH1Rt3EN jLi...? O_o
Talk about whining over everything...
Posted by tH1Rt3EN jLi on 20 Jul 20 at 20:07
SheepyJamesI was wondering why i wasent
getting achivements
Posted by SheepyJames on 02 Aug 20 at 17:14