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Play as a GM in 24/7 Mode and obtain the GM of the Year Award.

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09 Dec 2008
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Im not getting any credits for this, credit goes to Little Lee and Adam Miller of x360a

* Click 24/7 Mode
* New
* Play as WWE General Manager
* Pick Raw (Cause they get first pick) Well sometimes.
* Draft new rosters
* Pick Shawn Michaels & Rey Mysterio.

* Once you have both stars hit continue
* (Are you sure you want to leave the draft?) pick YES
* Clean/Dirty Turn - Shawn Michales change to Dirty
* Set Champions - one as wwe Champion, and one as intercontinental
* Accept! Yes proceed!

Next step

* Click Laptop
* Click Options
* Difficulty = legend
* Click Play options
* Play Options = scroll through to re-run
* Injuries = OFF
* Save - just incase

Okay that bits done. Next step

* Click Calender
* Click the first day (1st April) RAW
* Match 1 = Table Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue
* Match 2 = Ladder match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue
* Match 3 = Hardcore Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue
* Match 4 = Intercontinental Title = TLC Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue
* Main Event = WWE Championship = Steel Cage Match (Both stars will come up automatically)
* Continue

* Promo 1 = Interview Space = HBK
* Promo 2 = Interview Space = Rey Mysterio

So that is the card set up.

* Hit Confirm
* (You are about to advance to the show. All Decisions Will be Locked. Proceed?) YES
* At the bottom you now see Y Simulate All - Press your Y button.
* "Simulate results for all matches" YES

So the whole card has been simmed. Wanna see whos won. To be honest, the longer you sit around seeing who won the cage or ladder match the longer this achevement will take. So lets continue on.

* Hit confirm at the bottom of the finished card
* This will take you back to the desk.
* Click calender
* As you see the day is the day after Raw (in this case the 2nd of April)
* Click on that date
* Skill Improvement
* Scroll right 3 to Fan Favorite Training
* Click A
* Now you see you have plenty of choice. Pick Rey Mysterio
* This will calculate. As you can see its a success.
* Click A
* This will take you back to the desk
* Click Calender again
* Today is Wednesday the 3rd. Click A
* Skill Improvemnent
* Scroll right 4 to Fan Heat Training
* Click A
* Now surprisingly plenty of choice again. Pick Shawn Michaels.
* Again this will result in success. Click A to go back to the desk.

Now I am not going to repeat myself here. But you can clearly see the pattern.

Monday = Raw
Tuesday = Fan Favourite Training
Wednesday = Fan Heat Training
Thursday = Fan Favourite Training
Friday = Fan Heat Training

Simple really. So this takes us to Saturday. Scroll through to the following Monday (This case it is the 8th)

* Click Raw Monday 8th
* "Are you sure you want to simulate the days up to this date" YES

So as you can see in the corner it reads 2% This bar does go up gradually to start with. And if your curious is based on the facts in the "progress report" of the laptop. This lists loads and loads of things which if you check will go up. Due to the fact you card is generating 4 star matches you will easily hit 10 million cash. But don't be worried that it is going up slow. Like I said I got this ahceivement by Week 2 January. So let me run you through this Raw and I will give you another tip I didn't realise that might help you get it quicker than I did.

* Click Today (Raw 8th)
* As you can see your matchups are already set up from last week. It is a complete re-run! (apart from the promos which you can add in if you want)
* So click confirm at the bottom
* "You are about to advance to the show. All decisions will be locked. Proceed?" YES
* Again hit the simulate Y button
* "simulate results for all matches?" YES
* Matches are simmed. Confim at the bottom to finish the Raw Event
* Back to the GM desk.

Now here we repeat the Skill Improvement steps again. Its that Simple. So continue this all the way through and you will get the achievement easily in no time!
Big Phyllthanks for that i got it by November 24
Posted by Big Phyll on 18 Aug 09 at 01:28
Shemp HowardThis was the method I used to get the achievement back in the day when I was still playing this game. This was a very fun game IMO. I liked the whole create your own belt and defend it online. That was pretty cool. I only defended against my friends though so I could win my belt back!
Posted by Shemp Howard on 09 Dec 09 at 16:02
KewlBrettCgot mine 2 weeks before Wrestlemania
Posted by KewlBrettC on 06 Jan 10 at 03:42
xJamie92i've been doin it for 4 years and still aint got it!!! :(
Posted by xJamie92 on 25 Jan 10 at 06:44
KILL KR4ZYGot mine around November/December (in-game) time without a hitch using this method. Worked a dream ;-)
Posted by KILL KR4ZY on 17 Mar 10 at 12:04
Que Lo Que xDi did this and became GM of the year but never got the achievement WTF
Posted by Que Lo Que xD on 27 Mar 10 at 02:03
KY PRO 2008what do u put when ppv events come up
Posted by KY PRO 2008 on 22 Apr 10 at 03:38
NevrSurrenderI was going back through some old games and mopping up achievements. This hint is imcomplete, there's a couple of things missing...
Hire a writer with a 5 star storyline (Legend Killer, Undisputed Champion and Loser Leaves Brand are really good for this), and keep the rivalry going. You also want to make sure that you check on your rivalries to make sure the fans like it. Not sure if the checking part is a requirement, but it makes Vince happy and seems to get the achievement quicker.

Was hoping to bankrupt ECW, they had about 400,000 fans when I got the achievement in November. You will, by adding the storylines see immediate results in fan support.
Posted by NevrSurrender on 01 May 10 at 14:09
NevrSurrender@KY Pro - For the PPV, I played through (simulated them with Shawn and Rey). In some cases, you won't have enough for the main event (like a 6 man), which will hurt a little, but you'll make up for it with 5 star PPV matches.
Posted by NevrSurrender on 01 May 10 at 14:11
DanielCornflakei had to turn ai difficulty to legend in options from the main menu to get this because it didn't unlock 1st time round when ai was set to easy
Posted by DanielCornflake on 13 May 10 at 19:06
SinSTeRS DEVILcan sum1 help me on dis achievement iv won gm and won gm be4 both raw and ecw but no achievement and now carrying on 2nd year and my harddrive was reset so my game restarted so all the superstars was lost so i av 2 unlock them again but on 2nd year im not useing the vids from you tube iv got all the top stars / undertaker kane randy orton batista hhh cm punk and others sum1 tell me wat im doin wrong or do i carry on playing
Posted by SinSTeRS DEVIL on 22 Jul 10 at 14:19
TechnogoatJust went through a whole year, and only had 75%. Got given the award from Vince, apparently, but the achievement did not pop. Could swear I followed this guide to the letter. Any ideas?
Posted by Technogoat on 09 May 11 at 12:44
DanielCornflake@ Technogoat, you have to keep going until the bar is 100% complete for it to unlock
Posted by DanielCornflake on 16 May 11 at 19:33
TheCraigsuperb guide dude, worked a treat.
Posted by TheCraig on 03 Jun 11 at 22:06
HeadedCobra666I did it on easy got the achievement in August
Posted by HeadedCobra666 on 12 Jun 11 at 14:00
BgB373i have %100 percent, have simmed a couple years, and am still simming, and the acheevo hasn't popped. wtf?
Posted by BgB373 on 11 Nov 11 at 00:07
BgB373i have %100 percent, have simmed a couple years, and am still simming, and the acheevo hasn't popped. wtf?
Posted by BgB373 on 11 Nov 11 at 00:07
mallen2010Instead of doing the fan favourite training do the charity evens instead and be sure to check the matches in the PPVS and make the ppv main event hell in a cell. I did this and got the chievo in 45 minutes
Posted by mallen2010 on 07 Mar 12 at 22:30
jimmyshillingThanks mate!
Posted by jimmyshilling on 11 Mar 12 at 01:04
MarkLaing07Worked for me as of 17th March 2012
Posted by MarkLaing07 on 17 Mar 12 at 02:54
THEpaynexkillerI thought it had to be 50% meaning that the other two brands would have 25% but... Oh well.
Posted by THEpaynexkiller on 24 Jul 12 at 16:12
AkirakornTip: In case you're the last person on LIVE to get this: keep an eye on your star's popularity. Fan/Heat training helps, but spending a few days to boost your two stars' popularity to 100 first. That will guarantee you 4 1/2 to 5 star matches every time.
Posted by Akirakorn on 20 Oct 12 at 20:31
StunNutsI ended the first year with only 45% ... Normal ? I have to continue like this ?
Posted by StunNuts on 31 Oct 12 at 18:54
StunNutsI continued like this : I substitute fan/heat training by charity events, add interviews every weeks and get it by 3 months in the second year ... Thanks to mallen2010 and Object0PS !
Posted by StunNuts on 31 Oct 12 at 19:39
BlackMage FelixI have been trying to get this "Legitly" for quite sometime now. (I'm apparently not good at managing) and this guide I got it in a little less then an hour. I hit 100% right after New Years Revolution. Great guide
Posted by BlackMage Felix on 31 Mar 13 at 17:11
Flydog92hit 100% and no achieve. not sure what the hell im supposed to do. followed this guide and nothing
Posted by Flydog92 on 13 Mar 14 at 18:56
LavindatharGot it before Summerslam! No idea how it took some so long.

And for those getting 100% and nothing, is it on legendary difficulty?
Posted by Lavindathar on 04 May 14 at 15:04
AradorQuick and easy, thanks for the solution
Posted by Arador on 24 Feb 16 at 07:41
jcupmaineVery quick solution, Method worked
Posted by jcupmaine on 27 Feb 16 at 01:21