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Earn 30,000 credits from the community using your tune setups.

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Since there is no storefront to offer tunes, there is a bit of confusion about how to earn money from them, and ultimately win the tuning achievements. For me, it was part luck, a small part skill (quite small, really), and a larger part how it's presented. Here's a few tips:

1) Make tunes, but don't mass produce. Ok, obvious, but more tunes means more ability for others to find them. Find a car that has access to multiple classes, and tune them to the top of those classes. Don't just save multiple random tunes and hope for the best, because bad tunes will not receive likes, and you as a tuner will be rated lower overall and show up less often in others' design recommendations.

2) Don't ever sacrifice quality. Mass production has a tendency to try to save as much time as possible in favor of pumping out lots of numbers. Don't fall into this trap, but instead try to tune your components to run optimally for a specific condition. For example, shorten the gearing and turn up the downforce on short tracks with lots of corners. You don't need high top end speed for a track that doesn't have a long straightaway. Likewise, do the opposite for longer tracks. Then, label your tunes in the descriptions and the keywords so that users know what they're getting.

3) Description is key. People are more likely to download and ultimately like a tune that meets a description, and also more likely not to like a tune that doesn't perform a function well, or doesn't do what the description states. The beauty of Forza is that a function specific setup will vastly outpace a car that is intended to perform well as an all 'rounder. An all-around tune is likely to perform poorly for all conditions by comparison, despite the intent to make it do well for everything. The most important words belong in the front of the description. Be clear about what the tune accomplishes in the first sentence because most people's attention span will only last a few words. You have a very short amount of time to get your message across. Protip: Set up SmartGlass
for Xbox One and use your PC to type out descriptions through the remote function.

An accumulation of likes will get your rating higher, which will help to get you noticed. The payments you receive, however, are based on usage in the past 24 hours. The more others use your tunes, the more you'll be paid. An accumulation of more than 30k credits will pop the achievement.

As far as my own tunes, they are on cars like the Ferrari 458 Italia -- It's a car that is relatively affordable early in the game, but can max out A, S, and R classes. That's three of the most popular racing classes, on a popular car where people are likely to seek better setups. Find those cars, spend time on their setup, benchmark them, test them, and then share the heck out of them!

Leave feedback for me in comments to help improve this solution if you think there's something that needs to be changed.
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Trav1s Any idea how many downloads/likes/uses you had on your tune setups when you earned the credits?
Posted by Trav1s on 01 Dec 13 at 14:45
OliverSudden01 This achievement and others related are bullshit i wish we knew how many use etc were needed!
Posted by OliverSudden01 on 01 Dec 13 at 19:38
Pt I would like to get secondary confirmation of this, but it appears to be an accumulation of credits, not a one-shot earning of 30k. I have moderate numbers of likes on my tunes, certainly not stratospherically high numbers, and some days I earn more than others, some days I earn none, and I don't believe I've yet earned 30k or more on any one day.

It seems to be more about uses for a given day, instead of total uses or likes. I'll watch this more closely and see if I can get a better feel for the numbers.
Posted by Pt on 01 Dec 13 at 20:29
TrueKilla360 Thanks for the info! +1 like, Gonna dust off my 26 account GRAW ladder and race 5 races each for my 3 designs and 2 tunes and see where that gets me tonight!
Posted by TrueKilla360 on 03 Dec 13 at 14:22
griffey95 Twice now I have had 30k+ days. First time I checked I was just over 100 uses. Today I logged on at 87 downloads, 16 likes, 278 uses. Unsure how many I had yesterday to compare though.
Posted by griffey95 on 04 Dec 13 at 00:11
Croaker111 It really doesn't seem to make much sense. I got paid 11k credits yesterday and nothing today even though I had more uses.
Posted by Croaker111 on 04 Dec 13 at 00:36
Pt Griffey, it could be a problem with the achievement popping for your game for some reason. Was it tuning credits you earned, or was it credits from another reward?

If there is a problem with my solution, please let me know how to make it better.
Posted by Pt on 04 Dec 13 at 00:45
FPSDeath How do you claim your credits? Do they automatically get transferred to your account or do you have to go elsewhere to do it?
Posted by FPSDeath on 04 Dec 13 at 16:26
TrueKilla360 U get a msg from turn10
Posted by TrueKilla360 on 04 Dec 13 at 16:27
FPSDeath So after that message the money automatically transfers over?
Posted by FPSDeath on 04 Dec 13 at 16:33
griffey95 Oh no, it was no issue Ptar, just a statement as I was 12th to unlock the achievement. Just trying to provide a couple more bits of information.
Posted by griffey95 on 04 Dec 13 at 22:29
Centurion 47th @griffey95: a quick question, your 16 likes are linked to one your tune or all your tunes in different cars? because probably this number make popping cheevo.
Posted by Centurion 47th on 05 Dec 13 at 14:47
SPACE ODDITY Its about usage, does not matter if you have 1 download and 1 like or a 1000 download and a 1000 likes, makes no difference.

I made 3 new accounts on my one yesterday, and raced my design and tune up 153 times on 1 lap races on the short top gear track.

After each race, after the xp screen select restart race instead of continue for faster loading times.

I was getting around 50 races a hour this way

At midnight that day I earned 21,000 for my designs and 16,000 for my tune ups

You don't need people to help you with this, just make a couple of accounts, they don't cost anything, and just bang 150 races a day. A couple of days and the achievements are yours.
Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 06 Dec 13 at 01:09
AAC Brutale Hi guys

If you want and if you play a lot online or championship, download some of my tunes.... I'm always in the top 500 in leaderboards!!!

Search for AAC Brutale as author... Downloading my tunes can also get you really easy win in the championship with Pro Drivatar

Thank you in advance
Posted by AAC Brutale on 08 Dec 13 at 10:00
Pt Payload -- Thank you, I've clarified my solution a bit to reflect your input a bit better.

Likes do matter, however, even if you're not paid for the number of likes you receive. Accumulation of likes gets your star rating higher, which follows in line with my advice in point three to help get you noticed. If you're not being noticed, or you are rated poorly, your tunes will show up less often in the recommendations, thus lowing the probability that your tunes will be used by the community.

FPS Death -- Yes, you get the credits immediately upon opening the message.
Posted by Pt on 09 Dec 13 at 19:56
I Ebon Hawk I This is a good solution if you want to get the achievement legit. If you just want to get it as fast as possible though, boosting using a second account is clearly superior.
Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 25 Dec 13 at 13:14
Ruffnekk010 If you're really in a hurry, you can even restart each race as soon as the 3 second countdown is done.
Posted by Ruffnekk010 on 13 Mar 14 at 06:00