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Unlock 15% of the Pro Accomplishments in Pro Clubs

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02 Dec 2013
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For this achievement you need around 43 accomplishments. What I have found is playing as a CAM is the best position because you get most of the play in midfield. This allows you to get a lot of passing movement to help with passing accomplishments such as through balls, short passes etc. Also in this position it's easy to get back defending helping you get the tackle accomplishments. Don't be scared of shooting either as you will get shots on target and goals, assists etc.

Other easy accomplishments to get playing as a CAM is the skill accomplishments as you can get 4 or 5 of these by going past about 10 players. Finally this position allows you to more than likely take set pieces (although not guaranteed) and will also put you in a good place in the box for a corner as I scored loads of headers with my pro as a CAM and around 5ft 11.

Another point for this achievement is to try and play in pro clubs with a friend because drop-in games are riddled with ball greedy show offs who WONT pass the ball no matter what! Playing with people who pass and can be communicated with is always going to help.
S P 4 C E YThere are 303 accomplishments available - 15% of this is 45.3. However I unlocked this mid-game and won an additional 2 accomplishments at the final whistle, and at this time of writing (immediately following the game) only have 42 accomplishments. The Traits & Celebrations sections claims I am only on 13 achievements but the Overall Progress bar has me on 17%.

I therefore believe this achievement can be won with only 40 accomplishments.

EDIT: Mike United 007 has found it to unlock at 38 accomplishments - so it may differ slightly.

I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you buy as many Online Pro additional pro player boosts as you can from the catalogue. These all +1 for shooting/passing/physical and give your pro boosts across all his areas of play making him more competitive in games.

I've listed the below accomplishments which in my opinion are the easiest to achieve - and most likely gained by playing in a 'normal' manner. I.e. playing pro clubs games without an additional focus rather than simply trying to win. Many you'll manage without doing anything than turning up - 8 accomplishments can be achieved by simply playing 10 games (only games completed count). 2 accomplishments are gained by playing in the rain and an additional 4 accomplishments are gained on the way to 12% completed.

If possible I also recommend playing with a friend in a Pro Club and NOT drop in sessions. Drop in sessions are notorious for people who don't want to pass and with 5 or more usually being in each team, it's also unlikely you'll get to play in as an attacking role as you might otherwise wish to be.

Each section lists accomplishments with the one you're closest to completing at the top and the least close at the bottom. At the present time, in my Physical Section it shows Matches completed 10/12, Matches completed 10/15, Matches completed 10/17...

Below are the easiest accomplishments from each section. I recommend playing as a Centre Attacking midfielder and as a Playmaker, around 5'10" tall, with weight at 180lbs. This makes you strong enough to hold your own and make tackles. Being a playmaker also means your passing skills are better than most and makes you the likely corner taker for your team giving you additional abilities to gain accomplishment through crosses, corners and assists.

Physical: Completing games (2/3/5/6/8/9/12/15)
Physical: 15 standing tackles
Physical: Beating players by dribble (16/18/20/24/25)
Physical: Playing in the rain
Physical: No offside in a match (10)
Physical: Headers won (36)

Total: 17

Shooting: Goals (1/4)
Shooting: Headers won (12)
Shooting: Shots on Target: (6/12/50)
Shooting: Completing 9 Physical accomplishments

Total: 7

Mental: Interceptions (6)
Mental: Assists from crosses (1/3)
Mental: Complete crosses (8)
Mental: Assists from through balls (6)

Total: 5

Defence: Matches Completed (4)
Defence: Standing tackles (20)
Defence: Slide tackles (5)
Defence: Matches complete (as a midfielder or defender) (4)
Defence: Standing tackles (20)

Total: 5

Passing: Assists from through balls (1)
Passing: Short passes (10/80)
Passing: Long passes (6)
Passing: Assists (2/8/13)
Passing: Assists from corners (1)
Passing: Through balls (40)

Total: 9


The easiest way to get goalkeeping accomplishments is to play as ANY as your position in Pro Clubs while making your pro a goalkeeper - therefore you get the accomplishment that the AI goalkeeper makes during your games.

Goalkeeper: Diving saves (10/15/24/36)
Goalkeeper: Catches (12/24)
Goalkeeper: Punches (4)
Goalkeeper: Saves from corners (8)

Total: 8

Traits & Celebrations

These are all achieved by completed accomplishments from each individual section.

The easiest ones are:
Physical (6/12)
Passing (2/5)
Shooting (5)
Mental (3)
Ball Skills (3)
Defence (2)
Total % (8/12)

Total: 10

Kit & Appearance

Kit & Appearance: Matches completed (1)
Kit & Appearance: Play in the rain (1)
Kit & Appearance: Total unlock % (6)
Kit & Appearance: Total unlock % (12)
Kit & Appearance: Drawing fouls (2)

Total: 5

Ball Skills

Ball Skills: Matches completed (11)
Ball Skills: Completed crosses (8)
Ball Skills: Beating players with skill (2/8/10/12/15)
Ball Skills: Beating players by dribble (8/15)

Total: 9

Grand Total: 75 (40 needed, 303 possible)
Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 03 Dec 13 at 10:46
S P 4 C E YReally? I thought my pro had reset? I dropped into a game but didn't complete it - I'll give it a shot and see what happens! :-)
Posted by S P 4 C E Y on 09 Dec 13 at 09:27
GowardoFeel free to add me if you need this cheevo and we'll go through a couple of matches togeher. It's much faster if you are in a pro club with a buddy rather than drop in. Drop in will take you ages! GT: Gowardo
Posted by Gowardo on 01 Jan 14 at 13:38
NMANOZI got the achievement with just 35 completed (shows as 15%).
Posted by NMANOZ on 21 Jan 14 at 06:21
stavrosmctAnyone want to add me to do this co-up feel free to add me on xbox 0ne - GT is Stavrosmct.
Tried a couple of drop in matches & it was like listening to little girls crying about peoples passing etc. I need to pop this for 100% so am up for spending time doing it.
Let me know
Posted by stavrosmct on 04 Feb 14 at 12:06
Conky UKMight be worth adding that you can't get accomplishments in pro friendlies!
Posted by Conky UK on 19 Mar 14 at 15:28
AP E JCDid anyone lose all accomplishment progress? Mine is gone, although player history is all there
Posted by AP E JC on 07 Jun 14 at 01:47
WaddabooI unlocked this at 40 accomplishments. However, my "overall CAM progress" shows as 16% in the accomplishments page. I believe that this figure needs to be 15% and not the 15% of 303 (46). So sticking with one position should get you this achievement the quickest.
Posted by Waddaboo on 13 Jun 14 at 13:24
FullMoonBeaverI am up for some boosting on this. In the UK, and usually online in the evenings from 7.30pm. I'm 35, so no little kid gonna do your head in.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 05 Jul 14 at 15:30
HelplessFruitThanks for the tips, playing the CAM position worked like a treat smile. I did play drop in and it was fine, people did pass and worked as a team most games smile
Posted by HelplessFruit on 16 Jul 14 at 13:27
Clutch RinoI did the 360 version and I played two games on my X1 and had 3 accomplishments completed and the achievement still hasn't popped. Really don't want to do this all over again :/
Posted by Clutch Rino on 25 Aug 14 at 22:23
NabaDwAOn 16% but not unlocking for me warning
Posted by NabaDwA on 31 Aug 14 at 21:56
BOZA BEASTI'd push to 18% but I've had a couple of achievements recently on the one not unlocking when I've done what's required but then a few days later it says they have been obtained.
Posted by BOZA BEAST on 31 Aug 14 at 22:03