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Rack 'em Up

Equip a full set of gear to earn the set bonus.

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03 Dec 2013
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Each piece of equipment has a name. "Justice Ball." "Desperado Putter," etc. All you need to do is purchase packs from the store then equip the same named equipment. I did this buying pro packs (which will take longer but you get slightly better equipment) and the set was equipment that started with "Justice." They were all blue in color except the driver which was purple colored. So my set looked like this:

Woods: Justice Woods
Irons: Justice Irons
Wedge: Justice Wedge
Putter: Justice Putter
Ball: Justice Ball

The game will notify you when the set is complete, all you need to do is edit your golfer and equip the equipment with all the same name. To track your progress there are little circles beneath each equipment card. If an individual circle is filled with a color then you own this in a certain level:

Green= Amateur
Blue= Pro
Purple= Elite
Orange= Extreme

Fastest way would be to purchase all Green packs as they are $3,000 each. When my character had decent stats I just played the city park tournaments to get first place money because you don't have to score terribly well to win. Achievement pops when last piece of matching equipment is selected. Hope this is helpful!
KinectKid333You'd think I'd have this achievement 127 levels later and after earning every other achievement in the game, (except for the 3 medal related ones, but those are preloaded for GTASC). I have 4/5 on so many sets its stupid!
Posted by KinectKid333 on 06 Sep 15 at 16:44
Unky KyI'm surprised this TA ratio is so low.. I have almost all the achievements and I'm not close to any sets. Although, I have bought elite and extreme packs exclusively.
Posted by Unky Ky on 01 Jan 17 at 04:12
xPut Name HerexI weirdly popped this after I set my last custom piece on my 6th golfer, so that none of the golfers (initially available or unlocked) had a Greenheart anything. Maybe that might also meet the requirements? That last golfer is using Cursed Woods, Android Irons, Velociraptor Wedges, Harmonic Putter, and Luna Ball, and each one of those is a different in-game "company", so I really doubt I got any sort of set bonus. I don't own a complete set of anything even.
Posted by xPut Name Herex on 25 Jan 17 at 02:38
kabobles^the same thing just happened to me! Just removed greenheart gear from everyone, and pop. I was only trying to move my crap items to the locker
Posted by kabobles on 10 Nov 17 at 19:22
NaberiosWhat seems to pop this, when not equipping a matched set, is to equip all item that don't have a set bonus. Once I got all of one set I decided to experiment to see if I could get it to pop without equipping the set clubs & ball. I did. You need to have an item, of any rarity color (minus the Greenhearts, obviously) and any manufacturer, that has no set bonus listed (easy to spot because they don't have any circles on the bottom of the card) equipped in each of the slots (woods, irons, wedges, putter, and ball). I hope that helps anyone coming back to this game after seven years like me.
Posted by Naberios on 26 Oct at 21:00