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Blind Bomber

In a round get 5 kills with air vehicles in Gulf of Oman

Blind Bomber0
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04 Dec 2013 03 Feb 2014
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Looks like this achievement is obtainable now after the latest patch!

Easiest way to get this is to get three friends in an empty server and land an attack helicopter somewhere. Have the other team put down a spawn beacon and keep killing till you get the cheevo. Once both people on your team have it, hop out of the helicopter and put down a spawn beacon. Then let the other team shoot you and everyone gets it.

This achievement is glitched currently. I even tested on an empty server with 3 friends and set it up to confirm (4 people starts a match). Tried it with gunner seat and pilot seat on Gulf of Oman with attack chopper, no achievement.
SpecOp3Having the same problem, though I got a helpful hint from someone over on Battlelog that may do the trick. The achievement is described as Blind Bomber, so you may need to score those 5 kills while the sandstorm is in full effect. I'm still trying to test this theory, can't quite get the kills when I can't see anything (blind).
Posted by SpecOp3 on 05 Dec 13 at 16:27
mimiweedyi have done the 7 kills in a row with a friend on big conquest with the sandstorm and nada...

just wait for a patch toast
Posted by mimiweedy on 05 Dec 13 at 16:33
MEAT STEW4UThese achievements don't unlock in unpopulated servers though, do they?
Posted by MEAT STEW4U on 14 Dec 13 at 18:26
UnlikeKaijuHey guys me and a friend are looking for help to do these DLC Achievements on the Xbox One. Both China Rising and Second Assault DLCs. We both got a refund on Premium so any time soon will no longer have the DLCs... Just need 2 more players and we can all take in turns getting each one. Easy enough. There are never any servers to find if we wanted to try legit either. Message me if interested thanks! My Gamertag is "NoizeJunky362"
Posted by UnlikeKaiju on 19 Dec 13 at 01:00
RobiGamingTVafter today's update(15-01-2014), has anyone tried if it works??
Posted by RobiGamingTV on 15 Jan 14 at 22:34
AtomicInternetNo tracked gamers have this Achievement seems to indicate this is till bugged
Posted by AtomicInternet on 16 Jan 14 at 16:36
AG Bucky Barnes@ BoB RooRsmoker - Whilst going for the CR assignments we got 15 kills each in jets and nothing came up for this achievement.
Posted by AG Bucky Barnes on 20 Jan 14 at 23:58
WoRlD ANiMaTeDAnyone know if this is now fixed after todays update? (30/1/14)
Posted by WoRlD ANiMaTeD on 30 Jan 14 at 14:31
NesseuhUnglitched too !
Posted by Nesseuh on 30 Jan 14 at 19:23
ChrisChrimboi can also confirm that it is unglitched!
Posted by ChrisChrimbo on 30 Jan 14 at 19:35
AtomicInternetDid the cheevo pop immediately (already did the 5 kills) or did you have to get the 5 kills again first?
Posted by AtomicInternet on 30 Jan 14 at 21:38
SpecOp3Yea, do I have to go complete it for the 7th time to get it? Or is DICE/EA owning up to it and retro-actively rewarding it.

And if you have to reacquire it, do you have to get the kills during the Sandstorm?
Posted by SpecOp3 on 31 Jan 14 at 16:57
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Posted by Kamen101 on 02 Feb 14 at 16:17
AtomicInternetGot both lastnight, no such luck with immediate pop you have to complete the tasks again for each one. Just grab 3 friends and find an empty server.
Posted by AtomicInternet on 03 Feb 14 at 16:20
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Posted by Mr Indominus on 04 Feb 14 at 16:45
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OhFrigEasiest way that I used was to just hop into the AC-130 in a full conquest and let it rain on the objectives
Posted by OhFrig on 07 Mar 14 at 16:56
S1ONJust completed this, thinking it's unglitched now, simply killed 5 people in the havoc, this even included gunner kills.
Posted by S1ON on 01 Apr 14 at 12:24
Milki TeaHope your correct S1ON. I only need this and the celing collapse cheevos, and using gunner on havok makes this alot easier.
Posted by Milki Tea on 03 Apr 14 at 14:52
LavindatharConfirming HAVOC gunner kills count. I got one kill in a jet and four as a gunner next life and the achievement popped.
Posted by Lavindathar on 12 Feb 15 at 11:23
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AradorSeems to be still glitched as we tried it but half the kills didn't count
Posted by Arador on 03 Dec 15 at 21:29
AradorUse the Helicopter that only seats 2 people
Posted by Arador on 26 Feb 16 at 02:02
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CLARION 85the AH-1Z Viper works
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IR i IDTransport helicopter minigun kills did not work for me.
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