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Earn 30,000 credits from the community using your tune setups.

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03 Dec 2013 06 Dec 2013
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I am pretty sure that you have to have at least 200+ uses in one day. I did this with 2 boost accounts, and used the BMW 1 Series M Coupe you get this car for free if you pick it at the start of the Career. I did about 150 on one of my dummy accounts, and then 50-60 give or take with my other dummy account. I did all of this after I received the messages from Forza about more uses can earn you money. I stayed up until 7am I got about 200+ uses for my tune and design but I didn't want all that work to go to waste so I asked a few friends to use my design and tune when they had the time,1 guy used them 21 time the other 20+.I did this because I receive my messages from turn 10 at 8pm and I started boosting my uses a little before 12am and I did not know if that would have an effect on my achievements because I started before 12am I didn't know if X amount of kills before or after would be added for my day grand total, so I put the original 200 up to 250+.All this put me at a grand total of 255+ tune and design uses, and 4-5 downloads total. The next day when it was message time I did not receive anything but the same old messages about more uses will gain you more money.I was very mad and didn't want to boost it anymore so that day I didn't do anything with my tunes or designs and no one else used them. The next day came (12/02/2013) a friend told me to check my turn 10 messages and I received the following:
Professional status: In the last 24 hours, you earned 51,289 CR for your shared tuning.
Professional status: In the last 24 hours, you earned 35,545 CR for your shared

Now I did have a Audi that had 200+ uses for tune and designs also but that was done a long time before this.
So I'll I can say is I think you need 200-250 uses in one day maybe 100 uses but I tried 250 and it worked for me.

So If you want to do this by yourself here is what you do:

Make 1 or 2 extra accounts they become gold once you get them on your Xbox one, if you already have a gold account on you system.

buy a car on you main account that you can get for free on you dummy accounts at the start of career.
Keep it simple use the BMW 1 series M coupe.After you buy this car make a design, and tune just change the tyre pressure keep it all free :) because your dummy accounts will not have any money. Make sure to give your design and tune a simple description to make it easy to find.

Now start the game with 1 of you dummy accounts and do the race in the P1 after this is done choose the BMW 1 series M coupe as your free car or whatever car you happened to pick. Now after you get your free car you can pick you paint job hit the back button to search for you design, once you have it continue. The game will put you in a new race, once it starts pause the game and quit out to the main menu.

Go to tune/upgrade and hit X now hit back for setup manager, select load setup, hit back again for search, find you tune and save and install it. Back out to the main menu and select Free play, select your car with your design and tune on it. set the game up like this:

Tack: Top Gear, West Circuit

Game options:
Circuit race
AI: 7 or whatever you like
Laps: 1
Collision Mode: Always off

Now start game do your one lap, make sure you select restart after you finish each race this will save you lots of time trust me lol.

Now I hope this helps you guys and gals out, If anyone wants to try to do only 100 uses in one day and let me know what happens that would be great.
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II SkyLander II Nice solution, and very detailed. Thanks for advices. Will try it to boost. Otherwise with those "wonderful "turn 01 searching system it looks impossible to get. Vote UP.
Posted by II SkyLander II on 07 Dec 13 at 01:28
Nameless Saint Why negative votes?
Posted by Nameless Saint on 07 Dec 13 at 06:23
II SkyLander II Because unfortunately some people are so ungrateful. :( You tried to help them with very good solution, but usually no one will tell you thanks for this. But Thanks from me.
Posted by II SkyLander II on 07 Dec 13 at 07:11
SPACE ODDITY Sorry Saint, I must of hit the neg late last night when I was trying to give the thumbs up laugh I changed it, great guide betweenclap
Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 07 Dec 13 at 09:15
pompeyladbfp good work, on one of my days off this month will probably try boosting this, do a 100 uses of car and see what happens
Posted by pompeyladbfp on 07 Dec 13 at 10:25
TrueKilla360 you dont need 200 in 1 day.. i did about 50 a day and got 2 payouts of 16000cr once my usage reached close to 200
Posted by TrueKilla360 on 07 Dec 13 at 21:19
HD Addict I did 270 races today with a dummy account and received 92373 CR for Tunings and 26392 CR for Designs. Still short for Designs. =(
Posted by HD Addict on 08 Dec 13 at 00:08
SPACE ODDITY Do you mean 19,000 not 92,000 lol
Posted by SPACE ODDITY on 08 Dec 13 at 00:46
HD Addict No, I meant 92373 CR. Very lopsided distribution of CR.
Posted by HD Addict on 08 Dec 13 at 06:15
pompeyladbfp did 50 of each last night, so when i log i nafter work see if it did anything...
Posted by pompeyladbfp on 08 Dec 13 at 10:10
pompeyladbfp I already had the two community messages from about4-9 uses, after 50 yesterday (50 paint and tune) I received 19393 credits, I also got my first community message for designs. I have done another hour today so about 30-35uses of a new design but same tune... update tomorrow
Posted by pompeyladbfp on 08 Dec 13 at 17:07
peacemak3r So I did 20 runs on one day and just did 30 runs today and the times updated and I still only got the freelance message with no credits. So now I'm just thinking I guess it does have to be all on one day unless 100 is the bare minimum. Going to see if I can do 50 before the next update to see what's up.
Posted by peacemak3r on 09 Dec 13 at 00:21
pompeyladbfp i already had freelance status from previous two messages, maybe you need taht first, as i only had 50-60 uses that day and about 3-4 downloads
Posted by pompeyladbfp on 09 Dec 13 at 08:56
Dexter XBA I did 158 races yesterday (with one dummy account) and received 19k tuning CR.
Posted by Dexter XBA on 09 Dec 13 at 10:30
pompeyladbfp i can confirm the 30 races did nothing.. just freelance, so the best option is 2 seperate days of 51 races. this should give you two lots of 19k, however the design use seems to have a higher amount to count so maybe on both days it would be better to do 2 lots of 100... even if that is a bit suicidal :(
Posted by pompeyladbfp on 10 Dec 13 at 16:10
peacemak3r 50 should be bare minimum in a day for at least the tuner uses. This is my 6th day running as much as I could with my schedule. Currently from day 1 until now I have these statistics (20, 30, 30, 20, 50, 50) On the 5th and 6th day, I was paid roughly 12-13k on tunes only. So right now I have 200 uses and only was paid 25k on tunes. I still have 0 from designs.
Posted by peacemak3r on 13 Dec 13 at 00:52
Arch Lord As user erod550 pointed out in another Guide, you don't even need to finish a lap for it to count. Simply Quit the match after the 3 second countdown and Restart it. Works like a charm.
Posted by Arch Lord on 21 Dec 13 at 12:15
VIII OLFIO 81 Hi guys I have 25500 credits, how many races I have to do in 1 drag mile (10 heats) today to reach 30000 and finish?
Posted by VIII OLFIO 81 on 13 Feb 14 at 02:08
Hockey Ed Has anyone tested whether the amount of credits the dummy account receives in one day with the tuning and designs add up for the design and tune payouts?
Posted by Hockey Ed on 05 Apr 14 at 16:43
AideyH I have just about had it with these stupid achievements, completed over 150 races yesterday and 250 today each time getting the freelance status message instead of any payout, i checked the amount of uses on my tune and design have increased the right amount but the game is screwing me over and i am really getting frustrated
Posted by AideyH on 20 Jun 14 at 00:18
UP Johnny Did this two days now. 126 and 131 uses that definitely counted - still getting the freelance message. Either someone can tell us how long it takes to get Elite or Turn 10 messed up AGAIN.
Posted by UP Johnny on 21 Jun 14 at 03:24
El Puzo I still getting the freelance message too so I don't know what's going on :S
Posted by El Puzo on 25 Jun 14 at 12:27
Conf3ti dumb question but im assuming you cant get the car packs ? Its only credits you receive from the '' community '' downloading your paint/tune setup. sorry to sound like an idiot
Posted by Conf3ti on 26 Nov 14 at 07:06
graziu90 Hi. For me this seems like unobtainable anymore. It relates to tune setups and design achievements. I tried boosting with other profiles last 9 days. Sometimes over 100 races in one day, sometimes 100+, rather less. Still can’t get it. Even left game with tapped RT for 3 nights and yet nothing. Not a single cr, only freelance status. Vote for marking as unobtainable.
Posted by graziu90 on 30 Mar 19 at 12:37