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Quick Prestige

Prestige a squad member in the first month.

27 Nov 2013 until 28 Dec 2013

Quick Prestige
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Vr EnglishVr English711,002
06 Dec 2013
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This is unlocked by reaching level 60 with one of your soldiers. It has to be explicitly the same soldier. You'll know you've reached when the soldier has a special prestige icon next to him.

I've heard Cranked is great for xp, I personally played Kill confirmed.

I had reached prestige sometime ago, for those were annoyed about it not unlocking it should now unlock with the latest patch 5th December 2013.
NVKogaFettJust a heads up to others. I prestiged today and this challenge did not pop. The update is installed for me and I tried reloading the game and playing single and still nothing. Anyone figure out a solution?
Posted by NVKogaFett on 07 Dec 13 at 22:07
Vr EnglishDepends on how your xbox shuts down I think as well, I fully closed mine off rather than having the beta thing on too.
Posted by Vr English on 08 Dec 13 at 16:14
SeuncHow many time for this?Thanks for the answer ^^
Posted by Seunc on 09 Dec 13 at 01:12
Vr EnglishTook me about a day in playtime :)
Posted by Vr English on 09 Dec 13 at 12:39
EggChrisTIf you have gotten one of your squad members leveled up and the challenge still has not unlocked, try playing a game of squads. This made it pop for me. I had prestiged a character only playing multiplayer and hadn't unlocked until I entered a squad game. Hope this helps.
Posted by EggChrisT on 09 Dec 13 at 19:49
NVKogaFettJust played a squad match and it unlocked. Thanks EggChrisT
Posted by NVKogaFett on 09 Dec 13 at 22:35
SoH AnarchyThanks EggChrisT, it unlocked while loading up a game! I would suggest you making that a solution since some ppl like myself came here looking for that exact advice!
Posted by SoH Anarchy on 10 Dec 13 at 02:03
EggChrisTDone and done. Hopefully others will find my guide useful. Thanks SoH Anarchy for the advice.
Posted by EggChrisT on 10 Dec 13 at 02:53
OneChicago51I don't have the game yet hopefully before Christmas. Any way of doing this in the co op mode and not competitive multiplayer at all?
Posted by OneChicago51 on 11 Dec 13 at 06:15
Vr EnglishYou could Andy but it would take a long time!
Posted by Vr English on 11 Dec 13 at 14:59
LesPaulClassicsDoes it matter if you started on Xbox 360? I started all my soldiers on the 360, but last week I prestiged one of them on the Xbox One and the challenge did not unlock, although I haven't tried the Squads suggestion yet.
Posted by LesPaulClassics on 11 Dec 13 at 16:03
LesPaulClassicsI just tried a squad match and the challenge unlocked. So it doesn't matter if you started on the Xbox 360.
Posted by LesPaulClassics on 12 Dec 13 at 02:34