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Quick Prestige

Prestige a squad member in the first month.

27 Nov 2013 until 28 Dec 2013

Quick Prestige
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10 Dec 2013 27 Dec 2013
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To do this you need to get a squad member's XP maxed out on level 60.

If you have a character that is prestiged and the challenge has not unlocked, maybe this will work for you. I had this happen to me and figured this solution might help out some of you.

Simply load up a squad assault game with the prestiged squad member and The challenge should pop as soon as the game loads or starts. You may have to play the whole match. I cannot confirm this at this time but it seems from other people's comments below that it will pop as soon as the match loads up. Good luck and please feel free to add any additional information in the comments below and I will change the guide accordingly.
Zero or Die453EXCELLENT GUIDE WORKED FOR ME AND DIDN'T GET THE ACHIEVEMENT WHEN I PRESTIGED AT FIRST. All you have to do is go into squad assault or something, start it and in the loading screen you will get it. Need to play on your level 60 thou :/ but aww well thank you again!
Posted by Zero or Die453 on 11 Dec 13 at 02:23
XGlacialBlackXAwesome guide worked for me once i started up a squad game!
Posted by XGlacialBlackX on 11 Dec 13 at 20:52
GingerTracyThanks for this - worked perfectly able to get achievement to unlock no problem toast
Posted by GingerTracy on 13 Dec 13 at 10:35
EggChrisTThanks guys for the info. I have updated the guide so that others can earn the challenge with more clarity. I really appreciate the feedback. smile
Posted by EggChrisT on 13 Dec 13 at 18:42
GodfatherNr1I can confirm too... Thanks a lot...
Posted by GodfatherNr1 on 21 Dec 13 at 17:32
JulbonisThank you so much! clap
Posted by Julbonis on 23 Dec 13 at 21:33
Car56Worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip!
Posted by Car56 on 24 Dec 13 at 19:12
ThorsBaldEagleSquad assault worked for me. Played 4 games of squad vs squad and some MP and didn't pop, popped while in the loading screen of squad assault.
Posted by ThorsBaldEagle on 25 Dec 13 at 21:26
GMNYup another thumbsup for squad assault here was wondering why it wouldn't pop was even considering uninstalling and redownloading the game again :0
Posted by GMN on 27 Dec 13 at 16:55
Kev MurfWill this ever be unlocked so if you missed it you could get it again??
Posted by Kev Murf on 19 Jan 14 at 19:26
EggChrisTI think once a challenge is done, it will never reopen. I am not 100% on that. I would assume they would open a new challenge, even thought it may be the same prerequisite in order to earn that challenge. If anyone can confirm that then I would love to know.
Posted by EggChrisT on 19 Jan 14 at 23:24