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I figured I would give some pointers on how I went about knocking this one out (pun intended). It's important to remember that, when it comes to Peggle, there's more than one way to skin a cat, so I'm sure there will be lots of useful strategies that won't be listed here. Feel free to let me know in the comments, so I can add them to the solution! Remember, Peggle is 20% skill, 20% luck, and 60% teeth-grinding persistence (but I'm sure you already know that). Anyway, here are a few strategies that I found useful...

Gnorman is your best friend. I found that Gnorman was, by far, the most useful Peggle master. I used him to complete a vast majority of the objectives. There are a few cases where the other masters are more useful (generally in the levels associated with them during the "story"), but I highly suggest using Gnorman as much as possible. Believe it or not, I found many of the "Ace" objectives to be far more taxing than the "Clear All Pegs" objectives (your mileage may vary). That being said, I was able to achieve nearly every "Ace" objective with Gnorman.

Don't be afraid to repeatedly restart a level before jumping in. Every time you restart a level, the location of the orange and green pegs change randomly. Sometimes I would spend a solid minute hitting restart over and over until I got the green/orange peg setup that I considered most optimal for a given level. Maybe you need a green peg near the top, maybe you need it near the bottom, or maybe you need the orange pegs a little more condensed. In any case, don't hesitate to keep restarting until you get the setup you're looking for.

Don't waste time on a mediocre run. If you're 3-4 shots into a level, you've already used a green peg or two, and you feel that the run is decent at best, just restart it. This is especially true when dealing with the "Clear All Pegs" objectives. By the time you have used both green pegs, you should feel like you are doing EXCEPTIONALLY well. If you don't feel fantastic at that point, you're probably better off restarting. Just remember, more time is wasted on bad runs that you play out than runs that you restart early.

Leave a single orange peg as high as you can to hit last. This pointer is only for to the "Clear All Pegs" objective. Sometimes when you're clearing all the pegs, you accidentally hit the last orange peg, effectively ending the level. This is enraging. I can't tell you how many times I have had PLENTY of balls left, only a few pegs left to go, and accidentally bumped the last orange peg to end the level. If you leave yourself an orange peg near the top of the screen, you eliminate the chance of accidentally bumping it while clearing.

Practice your "Free Ball Skillz." The "Free Ball Skillz" skill shot is when you bounce the ball directly off one peg straight into the bucket. I honestly cannot say enough about this. I saved it for last, because it is seriously the single most important aspect of the "Clear All Pegs" objectives. I would routinely have runs where I had 2-3 balls left and 10-20 pegs remaining. I would just hit each peg, one at a time, bouncing the ball straight into the bucket. I have a few additional pointers for this.

Firstly, always try to take care of the lower and middle (vertically) pegs in the level right out of the gate (before starting your "Free Ball Skillz" spree). The reason for taking out the lower pegs is because your targeting line only extends so far. It's MUCH easier to aim your shot when you can hold your targeter flush against a peg. The reason for taking out the middle pegs is because you want as much room as possible when lining up your shots. You'll see why here in a minute.

Rectangular pegs are, by far, the easiest to do. When aiming at a rectangular peg on the right side of the screen, put your targeter directly against its left side (the opposite when aiming at a peg on the left side of the screen). Because the sides are flat (obviously) the margin for error is gigantic. Just wait for the bucket to pass below, and slightly to the left, and fire. After a couple of these shots, I can promise you that you will catch on quickly.

Circular pegs are more difficult. For these, you always want to bounce the ball across the screen in the biggest arc possible. What I mean by this is if a peg is on the left portion of the screen, you want to bounce it such that the resulting arc makes a rainbow all the way across to the other side and (hopefully) into the bucket when it's directly against the wall. The reason why I prefer this method is that it increases your margin for error significantly. This is due to the fact that, if you over shoot your target (the bucket), it will bounce off the wall and straight in anyway. As such, when aiming your shot, always err on the side of too far, since you have the wall as a buffer. Using this strategy, I am able to make a solid 90-95% of the shots. This is a big deal when you have a bunch of pegs to take out and only a few balls to do it with.

Lastly, note that when you hit 5 of these skill shots in a row, you will get the "Mad Skillz" skill shot, which is worth 25,000 points. Furthermore, if you hit 10 of these in a row, you will get the "Crazy Mad Skillz" skill shot which is worth 100,000 points! This is super useful when trying to get those "Ace" scores on certain levels.

There really isn't a hard and fast way to get this achievement. As I said before, persistence is the key (along with lots of "Free Ball Skillz" practice). I realize that many of you may be stuck on a very specific objective/trial; as such, these generalized pointers might not be very helpful to you. If this is the case, tell me what objective/trial is ailing you, and I will try my very best to give you any additional help I can on that level. I will attach any such help directly to this solution.

If you guys have any other questions or comments at all, please say so in the comments section! I will be happy to assist in any way I can!

Good luck! :-)
BiLLzuMaNaTiNice guide! I think the worst challenge is the one you have to get two ghost skill shots towards the end
Posted by BiLLzuMaNaTi on 11 Dec 13 at 22:41
SeriphaThanks! And, yeah, that one is brutal. I was pulling my hair out, lol.
Posted by Seripha on 11 Dec 13 at 22:47
B0WM4NXthat was fast :) thanks for the tips, very useful. I have completed the first world 100% and almost the second. That TRolled! level in the second world freakin SUCKED.
Posted by B0WM4NX on 11 Dec 13 at 22:59
El LuigiI agree, I only need the last 30 and one of those is getting the 2 ghost skill shots, any tips for that one?
Posted by El Luigi on 12 Dec 13 at 02:40
SeriphaHonestly, I had almost no strategy for that one. The only thing I would suggest is to hit the green pegs early and try to avoid sliding on the middle line of pegs (to keep from removing too many orange pegs). The more orange pegs you have to bounce off of, the better.
Posted by Seripha on 12 Dec 13 at 15:41
B0WM4NXi just got the ghost touch one on my first replay of the level, I think i saved myself much hair. any tips for getting ace score on the last area level with the spider as the background? I seriously have been trying the last 2 hours and can't get it.
Posted by B0WM4NX on 12 Dec 13 at 18:00
El LuigiGot it right after I commented, the guide is great by the way, only need to get 5 more levels from the celestial realms, I just wished they were easier, freaking 500,000 points on a few of them is not getting me anywhere.
Posted by El Luigi on 12 Dec 13 at 19:08
B0WM4NXim 28/30 for the celestial realms, i need ace on the spider level and the first level in that area.. the spider level freaking sucks.
Posted by B0WM4NX on 12 Dec 13 at 21:10

celestial is now 30/30 probably the most annoying section of them all. I had a lot of trouble with the case of the curious constellation and spider loves square level using gnorman so I switched to jeffrey and did it easier. on the constellation level i cleared the far sides with the boulders and pretty much just kept getting "free ball skillz" to get the ace. It may just come down to luck.
Posted by B0WM4NX on 12 Dec 13 at 22:02
El LuigiAny tips on the butterfly level?
Posted by El Luigi on 13 Dec 13 at 00:14
YinI haven't even finished the game, but this is certainly what I like to see. Definitely will come back when I'm ready.
Posted by Yin on 13 Dec 13 at 06:57
Hairy CabbageAnyone having trouble clearing "The Case Of The Curious Constellation", here is a solution to partially clear the map without losing any balls:

Format - Aim direction - Distance of bucket from left to right - Bucket movement direction

01) Right - 1/1 - Turning point
02) Right - 3/4 - Left
03) Right - 1/1 - Turning point
04) Right - 3/4 - Right
05) Left - 1/8 - Right (Tight shot)
06) Left - 1/6 - Left (VERY tight shot)
07) Left - 1/8 - Left

After shot 7 there will be no more possible shots with maximum left or right, so this is as fast as the guide can go.

I would recommend using Gnorman however his electrical shot can mess up the sequence, so use this picture "" to check the unaffected pegs before starting. If all of the remaining pegs (in the pic) include both green pegs in your map (just like in the pic) then you are good to go.

Good luck! :)
Posted by Hairy Cabbage on 13 Dec 13 at 16:01
El LuigiUpdate: finally unlocked the achievement after many many attempts, the guide and or tips did me a great help so thank you guys.
Posted by El Luigi on 14 Dec 13 at 02:27
EurydaceI definitely need help on the butterfly level. Any tips? I saw someone already replied. I can't get even close and the free shots are quite difficult.
Posted by Eurydace on 15 Dec 13 at 06:59
EurydaceBy the way, the instructions by Hairy Cabbage are awesome. Extremely useful. Got the constellation level in two tries with it (scored 1.2M points, too). Used Jeff to clear the far sides of each one.
Posted by Eurydace on 15 Dec 13 at 07:16
NitrousSpeedWhat do u have to do to get the Mad Skillz" skill shot and the Crazy Mad Skillz" skill shot objectives cause I do what the guide says but it still won't give me it?
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 15 Dec 13 at 08:51
EurydaceBy the way, the instructions by Hairy Cabbage are awesome. Extremely useful. Got the constellation level in two tries with it (scored 1.2M points, too). Used Jeff to clear the far sides of each one.
Posted by Eurydace on 15 Dec 13 at 09:53
ATCSHow do you get an off the wall skill? It's in the Peggle Institute or Mountain High I can't remember. I tried hitting the ball off the wall into another but no luck. Guess i'm doing it wrong.
Posted by ATCS on 15 Dec 13 at 21:35
EurydaceNeeds to travel at least 1/5 of the level.
Posted by Eurydace on 15 Dec 13 at 22:20
B0WM4NXnitrous to get mad skillz you have to get a skill shot 5 times in a row, easiest way of doing this is to bounce the ball off a peg and make it in the bucket, and crazy mad skillz is 10 skill shots in a row. @ATCS off the wall is hitting the ball off the wall and hitting a non blue peg. I can't remember if it has to be a certain distance or not. hope i could help
Posted by B0WM4NX on 15 Dec 13 at 22:21
ATCSThanks so much Snowed and Bowman, worked a treat.
Posted by ATCS on 15 Dec 13 at 22:24
MainstreamAnyone have any tips for both the Snake and Spider levels in Celestial Realm? I have four objectives left to complete and the clear all pegs and 500k are the last ones I need.

Thanks for the guide by the way! It's been very helpful!
Posted by Mainstream on 17 Dec 13 at 06:31
ALollzI think Luna is actually better than Gnorman for scoring points (sometimes). Her special ability absolutely blows, except for clearing the very last orange peg. If you user her ability on the very last peg, every blue reappears and after hitting the orange peg they are all worth 1000 points.

So if you leave an orange peg near the bottom you can likely hit 7 blues (700 points), then hit the orange (1000 points) and depending upon how lucky you are with bounces off of the bottom edges after clearing another 10 blues (10000 points). So I'd typically end up with a final shot score around 200,000 (12,000 points x 17 pegs) and then plus the bonus bucket, so around 250-400 K with a little luck. Just a thought if there is one really annoying level.
Posted by ALollz on 18 Dec 13 at 05:55
AL1Anybody else have the title count your challenges wrong? My achievements have unlocked at 29, 57, 87, 117, 147, and 176.
Posted by AL1 on 18 Dec 13 at 09:21
LostMantella9For Spider Loves Square Ace score, I used Luma, kept one green peg, then cleared all the reds till there was only one left, Activated Luma's ghost power, hit the last peg, and cause blue pegs are then worth so much got 450,000 on my last shot and smashed the ace score
Posted by LostMantella9 on 19 Dec 13 at 02:08
LostMantella9i just unlocked Extreme Objectification at 119, not 120. so guess AL1's right, this can be abit buggy, in a good way at least :)
Posted by LostMantella9 on 20 Dec 13 at 02:41
RQuigleyWVhere is my tip to everyone, which literally worked every time for me. If you are having trouble with a level and you know the basic strategy on how you are going to beat it, take a 5-10 break and come back and play it. I seriously beat every level I did this on, on the first try or within the first 15 mins I came back. Very weird. Someone try it and comment back =)
Posted by RQuigleyWV on 21 Dec 13 at 03:18
BLARG12Got any tips for clearing all the pegs in the great snake level, that's the only one I need been trying for hours!
Posted by BLARG12 on 21 Dec 13 at 18:44
LostMantella9for the snake level, I used jeff as my master, used the boulders to take out the pegs furthest to the left and right, then I literally did free ball skillz on all the remaining pegs
Posted by LostMantella9 on 21 Dec 13 at 23:25
Chad and JessieThank you for the solution, but HUGE thanks to the commenters, especially ALollz for your description of how to best use Luna for massive. I got the last challenge (earn over 500k points) on my first try after reading your comment and I had attempted it about 50+ times prior. I ended up getting 366k on my last shot, with a total score of 671k. Thankies thankies. dance
Posted by Chad and Jessie on 22 Dec 13 at 00:35
BLARG12Cheers to LostMantella9, got the snake level done on my first try with that method
Posted by BLARG12 on 22 Dec 13 at 10:43
Punknot26The final three objectives I have left are:
Celestial 5-ace score of 500 000
Celestial 6-ace score of 500 000
Celestial 9-clear all pegs.
Just looking to know what characters and methods you used to complete the above.
Posted by Punknot26 on 23 Dec 13 at 03:43
Punknot26All good, just completed it.
Posted by Punknot26 on 23 Dec 13 at 04:57
AradorSomeone needs to make a walkthrough
Posted by Arador on 27 Dec 13 at 00:10
SataIite2 ghost shot objective level 9 grove is killing me. Help needed
Posted by SataIite on 27 Dec 13 at 16:31
bjoeboomerSataIite, here's how I did it. Obviously your mileage may vary considering each time you load up the level it's different.
Posted by bjoeboomer on 28 Dec 13 at 15:59
GoBlueFiddler13I just got this. The hardest level for me personally was clearing the pegs on the second to last level in celestial realm. (It's mostly vertical columns of rectangular pegs). Just keep at it with the free ball skillz and you'll get it.

I also have to suggest Luna for scoring. I beat almost every scoring challenge with her by leaving a green peg and one orange peg after hitting the rest of the oranges. The reason being is she racks up a ton of points going through the ghost blues which are each worth 100 until you hit the last orange peg and then they're all worth 1000! Plus if you're only going for oranges and even catch some of the balls you shoot, you end the level with a lot of extra balls each worth 10k.
Posted by GoBlueFiddler13 on 29 Dec 13 at 05:48
SataIiteThank you BradC!
Posted by SataIite on 29 Dec 13 at 18:50
EpikJib9 more to win and the achievement is mine ! The key is a really big big pratice and step by step you will complete it ! I win 2 or 3 per day for 1 week and i have never been so close to finish it !

But the last 9 objectives are on Celestial levels (5 6 8 9 10) And I don't know how to clear it ...
Posted by EpikJib on 30 Dec 13 at 22:10
A 0 E MonkeyHairy Cabbage's solution gave a good groundwork for the one level so I decided to do similar for celestial mollusc party, not sure how tough of a level it is really but if you use Bjorn with the following guide you should get all 3 goals. Only the few stages are shown but you should have 8+ balls with which to finish the last few pegs, shouldn't be too tough if you got this far :)

C = Straight Down
R = Aim Full Right
L = Aim Full Left

+ = Shoot just a tad early

I tended to use the shell so 1/3s the point of the shell was middle of the bucket and 1/4s the point was at the end of the bucket. 1/2s just use the middle point to judge

Aim|Bucket Location|Bucket Movement

Hope this helps, made need tiny tweaks but should be a good start I think
Posted by A 0 E Monkey on 07 Jan 14 at 02:59
EpikJibFinally did it ! Game Completed ! Yeah !
Posted by EpikJib on 07 Jan 14 at 13:03
Nod NolanThis achievement unlocked for me at 179, I completed my last objective and now notice that my count on the site is showing 181. So there definitely is a glitch somewhere.

Also I find Luna far better than Gnorman. You get MASSIVE score if you hit your last orange peg while in ghost mode and catch a few of the ghost pegs on the way.
Posted by Nod Nolan on 10 Jan 14 at 19:50
Amazing SoaksGood guide - I found the easiest way to get this was to buy Battlefield 4. Every time Battlefield 4 decided the MP did not want to work I then played Peggle 2. Made getting this achievement seem a hell of a lot easier.
Posted by Amazing Soaks on 11 Jan 14 at 11:54
o SeduLOUs oJust curious for the people who say that it is popping with a lower count than actually needed, have any other tags played the game on your console that could perhaps be adding to the count? If so, this is worth investigating, especially if there is a happy glitch that allows you to repeat 'easy' objectives on a seperate tag to avoid the trickier ones on your primary save. I'll try to investigate this today.
Posted by o SeduLOUs o on 17 Jan 14 at 10:25
Nod Nolan@dti April. No. I am the only tag on my console. I think its more likely due to the random crashes back to dash. If a crash happens after you've got an objective I reckon the objective registers, but you still have to attain it during the game.
Posted by Nod Nolan on 17 Jan 14 at 12:48
o SeduLOUs oWell, it was worth a try!
Posted by o SeduLOUs o on 17 Jan 14 at 12:51
Q IU IE IE INThere is most definitely a glitch. I FINALLY finished my last objective (Spider Loves Square - "Get Ace Score of 500,000) and nothing happened. I noticed, however, when I completed my 179th objective (Restful Repose - "Get 2 Ghost Touch Style Shots") it showed 179/180 on the main page, but my achievement percentage showed 97% (179/180). Once I completed 180/180 objectives, the achievement percentage now shows 99%. Anyone else having a similar issue. Do I really have to go back and attempt the 2 Ghost Style shots for it to count... that one was the WORST!
Posted by Q IU IE IE IN on 21 Jan 14 at 17:33
Q IU IE IE INUpdate - My achievement randomly popped while watching a Blu-Ray movie, lol. But here is a tip for those attempting the 2 Ghost Touch Style Shots with Luna - I kept restarting the puzzle until I got one that had the about 4-5 orange pegs at the very bottom row. Then, I began removing orange pegs towards the top that were blocking clear shots to the bottom orange pegs. Once I did that, I hit the green power pegs and aimed for the orange pegs at the bottom (making sure it was aligned to where I would go through about 6-9 blue begs on my way towards the orange), then once it bounced off the orange it would go through another 6-9 blue pegs and bounce off another orange peg and hit another 3-5 pegs on the way down. This worked best for me... hopefully it will help someone. **Also, if you haven't gotten at least 1 Ghost Touch Style Shot from both attempts with the 1st green peg, just start over. Don't waste your time because if you get 1 Ghost Style with the 2nd green peg, you'll be p*ssed when you only have one attempt to get another Ghost Style with the last shot... and you may miss. Just trying to save someone from raging out on this game.
Posted by Q IU IE IE IN on 22 Jan 14 at 02:14
Nod Nolan@CROWNxMExQUEEN. On the One, achievements only unlock when you are connected to Xbox Live. Your connection must have been affected somehow during play. Once you get reconnected the achievement pops.
Posted by Nod Nolan on 22 Jan 14 at 06:41
Jon81DI have the same problem with having all 180 objectives, on the achievement tracking screen, it shows 179 and I am connected to the internet, there are various other people reporting the same issue on the popcap website and there is no known solution!!!
Posted by Jon81D on 22 Jan 14 at 07:39
Jon81DScrap my previous comment, I apparently unlocked my last achievement in Peggle yesterday, it wasn't unlocked according to Xbox this morning but TA logged it as completed yesterday, although the game completed message appeared today
Posted by Jon81D on 22 Jan 14 at 19:22
Kameraunlocked at 177/180!
Posted by Kamera on 31 Jan 14 at 23:01
King KoolaidFor anyone having trouble with the butterfly level, the best way that I found to do it was to go in as Bjorn and figure out how to slide down the top rows. You can do this by aiming the ball so it hits the wall just barely above the pegs, it should hit and then roll down all of them. You can do it on both sides, and from there the level opens up a bit more. I recommend practicing with Bjorn and his super guide a few times before using a different master (Jeff, Gnorman or Berg) to clear the rest. With those top rows gone you can save yourself a lot of hair pulling and wasted balls.
Posted by King Koolaid on 02 Feb 14 at 20:15
BudgieK88Great guide, some really good tips especially using Luna for some of the tougher points objectives.

Also some great tips for some of the harder levels in the comments here. Wouldn't of completed this without them.
Posted by BudgieK88 on 06 Feb 14 at 21:22
Modern07You don't have to wait till that last orange peg to hit a lot of points with Luna. I usually start using her green pegs when there are only 4-5 orange pegs left, and then use her ability on the last as well. Besides the bonus points, she's actually increasing the number of pegs you can hit in general. When there are 3 orange pegs left, that's your magic number because the multiplier is at 10X. A lot of crazy things can happen at that point.
Posted by Modern07 on 07 Mar 14 at 07:50
Warlord B0BI've gotten most of the optional objectives done, but there is one that I can't seem to get for the life of me. Gnorman's Gneighborhood level 7 'Conveyance Belt'. The objective is to get 1 Orange attack style shot. From my understanding this requires getting 15 pegs in one shot, but the setup of the level seems to make this impossible for me. (Or requiring vast amounts of luck, like winning the lottery grade luck)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
Posted by Warlord B0B on 20 Mar 14 at 14:29
Kebabkongen@Warlord B0B, I had the same final objective left as you (Gnorman Level 7 Orange Attack Style Shot) and today, after at least 50 tries, I finally made it.

I used Gnorman, hit a green peg and as few orange pegs as possible on the first shot. Then for the second shot I hit most of the oranges on the top "belt" by bouncing the ball a couple of times before hitting the pegs on the lower "belt". You need 15 orange pegs (fill up to the 3X multiplier if you didn't hit any on the first shot) to get a Orange Attack Style Shot.

Restart and repeat after 2nd shot if you don't get enough orange pegs. The last achievement will pop immediately if you're already at 179/180 objectives.
Posted by Kebabkongen on 24 Mar 14 at 23:48
Im Not The ProCan anyone offer ANY advice on the last level? (Celestial Realm - 10). I've tried all the different characters many times (plus the DLC ones) and I still haven't finished even one challenge. I'm at 236/240 and can't seem to get lucky on this level. Again, any advice would be appreciated.
Posted by Im Not The Pro on 25 Jun 14 at 11:25
HEAVENS TWINI'm in the boat as you. I'm at 236. I'm about to play in a second so I'll let you know if I completed and how i completed it. I'm going to send you a friend's request.
Posted by HEAVENS TWIN on 05 Jul 14 at 03:17
SaibeWanFor anyone having trouble with orange attack try leaving 5 to 6 orange pegs left in a close group and then use gnorman special move on them if you hit them all you will get orange attack no problem,hope this helps.
Posted by SaibeWan on 31 Aug 14 at 22:36
urgr8stnitemairhey guys ive completed 180 objectives but my achievement is glitched and wont unlock. when i snap it it says that im only 51% complete on getting 180 objectives. is there a fix for this? thx
Posted by urgr8stnitemair on 08 Dec 14 at 20:55
xMoBBzY"Peggle is 20% skill, 20% luck, and 60% teeth-grinding persistence"

Man I was hoping you were going to go all fort minor and shit on me... was disappointed cry
Posted by xMoBBzY on 01 Feb 15 at 11:48
SeriphaHahaha! Missed opportunity! It didn't even occur to me at the time.
Posted by Seripha on 06 Feb 15 at 16:02
Elite1111111111Just thought I'd point out (as I'm surprised no one has yet), Mad Skillz and Crazy Maz Skillz are not for consecutive skill shots. They are for getting the ball in the bucket after hitting at least one peg (consecutively).
Posted by Elite1111111111 on 30 Apr 15 at 15:36