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Ten Ranked Matches

Play ten Ranked Multiplayer Matches

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Dingo SaladDingo Salad383,501
23 Feb 2010 27 Apr 2010
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This is even simpler and less time-consuming than the previous solutions. Get a friend, create a ranked match, and have him join your game. Use a private chat, because you cannot play against party members in a ranked match.

1. Begin the match. There will be a few seconds of spectator mode, then the match will begin.

2. After the game begins, marked by your exiting spectator mode, have the person not boosting the match simply leave the game; you will win and the match will end. No kills are necessary; it still counts as a played match.

3. Repeat 9 more times, and the achievement will unlock.

EDIT: I tested what sider pointed out, and he's correct with one minor difference: you have to both host AND be the last person in the game for this to pop for you. Eliminating one or the other of the above criteria will not net you this achievement. Thanks to 'sider inc' for pointing this out.
BadBoyBungleNice one Dingo, I was about to play 10 games up to 5 kills, but this is way quicker! Thanks....
Posted by BadBoyBungle on 20 Mar 10 at 09:22
Dingo SaladI'm pretty annoyed that I got two negative votes for no apparent reason whatever. Friends of the guy on top perhaps? Whatever. Please people, say something before you do that. It's freaking annoying.
Posted by Dingo Salad on 16 Oct 10 at 06:08
UndyingPruneis this glitched because no matter how many times i search with a friend of mine it says that it cant find any matches
Posted by UndyingPrune on 31 May 11 at 15:06
Dingo SaladOh geez....I hope this gets fixed soon. Maybe they took down the server needed for matchmaking?
Posted by Dingo Salad on 31 May 11 at 20:25
General JouryWell, the private servers are still up, so I suppose so are the Ranked ones, anyway we are going to try it with different friends because it could also be the connection...
Posted by General Joury on 01 Jun 11 at 22:00
General JouryYeah we both got it now. It seemed that we could not connect to each other, so we asked another friend to join, and he could. I only need to complete this on Cherokee, which is relatively easy. Another completed game :)
Posted by General Joury on 02 Jun 11 at 16:52
Dingo SaladYeah, sine you really can't die, haha. It takes a little longer than normal, but easy regardless. I'm glad to hear you were able to get this!
Posted by Dingo Salad on 02 Jun 11 at 19:31
VertolVery Easy solution. Thank You
Posted by Vertol on 10 Sep 11 at 18:54
bonster20These MP cheevos are next on my list. Thumbs up for proper use of semi-colons and a possessive pronoun before a gerund. ;-)
Posted by bonster20 on 30 Nov 11 at 20:54
Dingo SaladHaha, you're welcome! You know, I never studied grammar, but I read a lot so I know what is right by the flow and sound of things. I couldn't analyze something, but I can sure as hell proofread!
Posted by Dingo Salad on 30 Nov 11 at 21:08
Godfather1504Thanks for the tip.
Posted by Godfather1504 on 05 Mar 13 at 14:06
Q8J3 AustinI would like to say something that happened with me and my boosting partner last night. First of all, we did both get the achievement. But any time either of us created a match, it wouldn't let us invite each other, like player match does. So we tried searching manually, and we did find each other, but it kept saying we needed the DLC. My partner had it already, I didn't. So I went to download that, and tried again. I got in, but it wouldn't let him. So he tried deleting the DLC, and he was then able to get in. Not sure exactly what happened, or what kind of glitch that was, but I thought I'd share.
Posted by Q8J3 Austin on 14 Sep 14 at 14:06
Dingo SaladHuh, weird, but thank you, its really handy to have your comment as a reference for this bug.
Posted by Dingo Salad on 20 Nov 14 at 18:15
Steel BuuI had a similar problem that Q8J3 Austin ran across. I was playing a physical copy of the game and my boosting partner had the digital copy. Before it let us find each other's games, I had to go into the XBL store and download all the free DLC. Once it installed, we were able to find one another for ranked matches.
Posted by Steel Buu on 30 Jan 17 at 06:30
Dingo SaladGreat info! Thank you!
Posted by Dingo Salad on 25 Apr 17 at 02:41
HungryNic42Do people still hunt for these achievements I may be interested if so
Posted by HungryNic42 on 07 Sep 20 at 21:08
GeekyFruitcakeThere seems to be a problem to invite/join your friends if one of you has the physical copy and the other has the digital. Steel Buu said in one of the comments that it helps if the one with the physical copy downloads all 10 of the free DLC for the game (the demo is not required) but I still couldn't invite my boosting partner.

So I set up a ranked game with only 5 kills to win and asked my partner to search. He could find me but for some reason I could not find his game if he did the same (maybe it was because he did't restart his game idk).

If you cant invite each other and only one of you can search and find the other I suggest to play out the game because if you quit out the game played will only count for the one left.
Posted by GeekyFruitcake on 08 Feb at 07:28