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Athena, Out

Rescue Athena

Athena, Out0
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24 Feb 2010
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Progress through the story into the old prison and find Athena & talk to her.

You can only access her corridor from the upper floors of the room it is connected to. It is impossible to leave the area without either finding her or dying to return to the re-spawn point before you drop down into the shower room.

Don't forget to also pick up the aid pack for the claptrap on the far side of the big room, and the large chest just outside the door to Athena's corridor & cell.
A BatwomanWhy can't you be her?! she's sooooo cool looking much better than Siren! :-o But good Solution!
Posted by A Batwoman on 14 May 11 at 12:28
NLi10That'd make a good DLC for the sequel!
Posted by NLi10 on 14 May 11 at 15:52
olde fortran 77I might suggest to people that they look up info on the Mr. Shank fight beforehand. His shields seem to be oddly immune to most damage. It's probably the hardest fight I've had in the whole game as I couldn't find an effective combination of weapons and skills. I think I managed to luck through it using Transfusion grenades (enclosed space, and my other grenades were hurting me more than him), a bazooka, and literally hopping around the room to keep from getting shanked while my Action Skill (soldier turret) regenerated and distracted him. Also, he seems to head to the door a lot.
This fight almost ruined my love of singing show tunes in the shower. Almost.
Posted by olde fortran 77 on 18 Mar 13 at 14:53