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Battle-worn Sadira

Win 20 ranked matches with Sadira

Battle-worn Sadira+5.1
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16 Dec 2013 17 Dec 2013 25 Mar 2014
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Battle-worn Sadira

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I just thought I would give advice on how to get this and the tactic I used with Sadira to get this achievement.

With Sadira I kept using the same exact trick to beat people, Quarter Circle towards the person X, Y, X, Y. This is a very fast combo and can do some work, just make sure to use endings on your combo's with RB or LB, use your shadow moves in combos, and always use Instinct mode when you get it as it makes your character stronger and do more damage. If you can make sure to always Combo break if you can by using your right analog stick (Up heavy attacks, Left or right Medium attacks, down for light attacks)