Shoot Many Robots Review by Skeptical Mario

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18 Dec 2013 18 Dec 2013
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Shoot Many Robots is pure running and gunning in the vein of Contra or Metal Slug. You shoot many robots as you double-jump over minor obstacles in a series of 2-D levels. There’s no real platforming and no story to speak of, mostly just shooting many robots. Robots drop nuts when shot, which are used in between levels to buy new weapons and outfits. Shooting many robots in quick succession raises your nut multiplier, which allows you to get nuts scores.

There are hundreds of items ranging from “exactly what you’d expect” to “Amazeballs McHilarious”. The first upgrade over the starting rocket launcher I bought was a grenade launcher that shoots lawn gnomes. Even the stats are suffused with this sense of humor; the accuracy rating on weapons I’ve seen goes from Meh to Awesome, and the All-American rifle adds +10% Patriotism, whatever that does. Most items have some bonuses and/or grant abilities, such as the power to smash the ground or hover like Princess Peach. This deep customization, coupled with an out-of-five-stars rating for each level, give the game plenty of replay value. It also supports 2-player local and 4-player online multiplayer, if you and some friends want to shoot many robots together.

Shoot Many Robots has an appealing art style that reminds me of Borderlands, both in the cell shading of the environments and the enemy/player design. There aren’t a huge number of enemy types, but the bosses I saw were just right–huge badass robots that just need to be shot.

All in all, SMR is a better-than-average shooter with plenty of challenge and style to spare. If you have an Xbox Live Gold account, you can pick it up free until the end of the month, and you should definitely give it a try. At its normal price of $10, I’d still recommend it, but only if you’re a fan of the genre.

Rating: 4/5 stars (0.5 stars for the hilarious items, 0.5 stars for massive replayability)
LV 1 Blue SlimeI would say "massive replayability" is a horrible, horrible overstatement. The game got very repetitive very quickly, though playing coop helped a bit. I'm not the downvote though.
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 22 Dec 13 at 21:33
DeathofRats09this i got with games for gold,and i can understand why.
its such a bad game and one i would not of bought.
Posted by DeathofRats09 on 04 Jan 14 at 23:45