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Earn 30,000 credits from the community using your tune setups.

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Just an addition to the other awesome guides here.
Found a faster method which requires very less effort.
Works on the latest patch where are Drag races were added.

What you want to do is, race with a dummy account, whcich has your tuning setup and design on the car. In free play.
Instead of using Circuit races select Drag (by pressing 'right' at the Game Oprtions -- Game Type)

Game Type: Drag
Max AI: 1
Drivatar Diff: your choice
Car: Any
Drive Type: Any
Assists: you want to select Automatic shift

What I did:
I taped down the RT and watched some movies on my other TV and just selected Restart.
Takes about 1:00 minute to complete 1 race including all loading screens.

EDIT::: You have to do at least 80-100 races in one DAY ( I think the Forza Server counts from 7pm PST- to 7pm PST next day) to get credits for the races.

I made 330 races in ca 7-8hrs and earned 70k for tuning and 25k for desings.
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Mark Miwurdz Will this work using Drag in a private multiplayer race?
Posted by Mark Miwurdz on 25 Dec 13 at 08:34
Wiku I would say so, because the normal circuit races are counting as well in mp.
Posted by Wiku on 25 Dec 13 at 12:16
CAPP360 Great idea, I will definitely try this out today.
Posted by CAPP360 on 25 Dec 13 at 18:45
Comrade Spanner Does it matter if you win the drag races or not?
Posted by Comrade Spanner on 27 Dec 13 at 17:57
Wiku Dosn't matter. Only the race counts torward, not the winning.
Posted by Wiku on 27 Dec 13 at 19:58
Maka91 Just did 200 races (100 per/day for two days) in drag races in a private MP game. For some weird reason, it didn't give me any credits. It gave me 25,000 in design credits though. :/
Posted by Maka91 on 28 Apr 14 at 03:15
o CLaYnZ o I did 325 drag races yesterday, and this morning all I got was "In the last 24 hours, your shared Design/Tunes were races by the community. With higher usage, your creations can earn you daily credit payouts"

No achievements and no money for them being used either, confused!
Posted by o CLaYnZ o on 20 Jun 14 at 08:54
captincrampy89 works like a charm. Did 80 races one day, 160 the next, 80 the next and doing another 80 today and it should pop tomorrow. The money you earn seems to be abit random. as i earned 20,000 one time and another only 4,000. id say do at least 80 to be sure ( takes around 2 hours, could be quicker if you paid attention unlike me who was watching fawlty towers at the time :)
Posted by captincrampy89 on 16 Jul 14 at 08:49
ResinousHashish Confirmed working, as stated above payouts are weird; I might have miscounted my races by 5-10 each time.

Day (1) - 80 Races (10k Design / 3K Tune)

Day (2) - 140 Races (9K Design / 17K Tune)

Day (3) - 80 Races (10K Design / 3K Tune)

Day (4) - 80 Races (11K Design / 4K Tune)

Day (5) - 80 Races (11k Design / 4K Tune) <---- I had obtained all Design and only needed Tune on this day.

In total 49K Design Credit Payout & 31K Tune Payout over 5 Days!

This achievement is whack but I am glad Turn 10 patched it.
Posted by ResinousHashish on 21 Jul 14 at 03:29
o B A N K A l o hi could a few people please put my tune and paint job on this car
Chevrolet Dallara DW12 Team Penske #12 its a stock tune and simple design. just for when ur using this car it could help ,e ot/ just search for it by my gamer tag. would be a lot of help. thanks
Posted by o B A N K A l o on 09 Aug 14 at 07:59
jeffcall23 For the server i think the MaJ forza in europe is at 02:00 AM in the night ( france ), but must be verified to be sure ...
Now the big problem for me is the CR for tuning because i made 2 session boosting with 2 friends this w-e, one on saturday and one on Sunday, the guy who used my tuned and design give me CR only for desing, first day i win 10846 and the second after MaJ i win 11856 for more 300 races in this 2 sessions Drags !! But no CR for my tuned, and i'm sure i change differents parameters for that, pressions of tyres with other in engineering ... So i want to know if other guy have the same problem ????
Posted by jeffcall23 on 22 Sep 14 at 12:44
jeffcall23 I forgotten , two other guy win CR using tuned and design of his friend .... Crazy achievement !!!
Posted by jeffcall23 on 22 Sep 14 at 12:47
jeffcall23 ok new information, after 2 days no CR, i decided to create a second profile on my One, and a new tuned, and for this i just made my tuned for the at level A700 and only changed the pression on my tyres, on ma last i change more tuned !! after that, i play with my second profile with my creation and tuned, on career in the first championship and online races, after i became with my principal profile, and made new session with my 2 friends ( 6 * 10 races on drags ) and stop. Newt day after MaJ of servor, i win more than 16000 CR in one day, so not obliged to play in 5 days for this achievement, my 2 other friends win every achievement in 3 days ... Me i made a new session today and normally is good for me ...

Good luck !!clap
Posted by jeffcall23 on 23 Sep 14 at 14:08
FullMoonBeaver If its 7pm PST for it to count, what is that for the UK? I am not familiar with Time Zones etc. But I will definitely use this guide.
Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 10 Oct 14 at 11:53
Wiku It should be 10pm
Posted by Wiku on 10 Oct 14 at 19:16
Cecil Kilmer No, 10PM would be EST, UK would be 8 hours ahead, not 3, so 3AM UK time.
Posted by Cecil Kilmer on 17 Oct 14 at 18:16
S1nF1n Anyone can confrim this is still working? Made all the steps above now for three days in a row and it works for design... First day i just get the message "great that you do this"... Second day i´ve earned round about 2k for both tuning and design. 3rd day i´ve earned 45k (!) for design but nothing for tuning :s
Posted by S1nF1n on 08 Mar 15 at 10:48
xx Kenshira xx i've personally done 325 races yesterday, and only got rewarded 8k for paint and 18k for tuning. and i used the above method.
Posted by xx Kenshira xx on 12 Apr 15 at 04:07
NellumNai This is very odd. I did 100 races on my 2nd profile today and banked 17,981CR for tunes. I only needed 3,000 CR to get the achievement, after friends have helped me. It seems completely random as to how much you get!
Posted by NellumNai on 10 Nov 15 at 00:57
Bonxy Do you need to restart after every race or will it auto start ?

Can i leave it over night ?
Posted by Bonxy on 04 Feb 16 at 22:35
SWYD1 So you can create a dummy account using Live Gold from your main account?
Posted by SWYD1 on 12 Mar 16 at 15:21
Wiku Yes you can do that.
Posted by Wiku on 12 Mar 16 at 16:36
FireWheels58 What drag race is used in the solution: 1/4 mile, 1/2 mile or 1 mile?
Posted by FireWheels58 on 20 Jul 16 at 07:25
Wiku Up to you. 1/4 is fastest, thats what I used.
Posted by Wiku on 20 Jul 16 at 16:57
FireWheels58 Same, after 30 1/4 mile drags and 2 laps of Nord. + GP and got ~4,000 for designs and ~3,000 cor tunes. Did 100 laps of Top Gear West this morning.
Posted by FireWheels58 on 20 Jul 16 at 21:15
Russian Escort I'm a bit confused, do I need to make 30k in one day or its all together? I made yesterday 18k do I need only 12k to get the achievement now?
Posted by Russian Escort on 28 Jul 16 at 15:14
FireWheels58 It's cumulative so you'll only need 12k now.
Posted by FireWheels58 on 28 Jul 16 at 15:16
VikingDonut Anyone wants to do the achievement together? I just started the game due to GWG so a lot of races to do ;) Just add and contact me "VikingDonut".
Posted by VikingDonut on 01 Sep 17 at 09:35
Falcon12727 For 5 days, I've been getting the message: "Freelance Status: In the last 24 hours your shared Tunings(Designs) were raced by the Community. With higher Community usage, your creations can earn you daily credit payouts!". No credits and therefore no achievement. First day I did 100 races on second profile and have increased the number of races to 500.
I'm all out of ideas and hoping there is someone here on TA that experienced this issue and figured out how to get around this problem.
Posted by Falcon12727 on 17 Sep 17 at 00:07
TitianDan Im having the same issue as falcon12727 and its really annoying
Posted by TitianDan on 17 Jun 18 at 10:52
MikeSkullo Same problem here, anyone know what to do?
Posted by MikeSkullo on 23 Jan 19 at 10:43
Rid3r1 Having the same problem here, does anyone know if this is actually still obtainable.
Posted by Rid3r1 on 26 Jan 19 at 09:32
NininhoGOD This is no longer obtainable
Posted by NininhoGOD on 31 Oct 19 at 21:38
ItsLiiGHTz is it obtainable again?
Posted by ItsLiiGHTz on 15 Feb at 00:15