Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing Review by Gingr Hail

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25 Feb 2010
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Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is a game full of crazy kart racing action. You can choose from 20 Sega characters from several Sega games, like Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio and even some appearances from classic Sega games like Alex Kidd, Fantasy Zone and even Ryo Hazuki from Shenmue. The 360 version has the additions of a certain bear and bird combo plus the ability to use your Avatar in races too.

There are 24 courses to race on from about 7 different Sega franchises, each with several music tracks and hidden shortcuts, Scattered around these tracks are power ups that will be useful during a race. Every character has an All-Star Move, a powerful move that can be used to get ahead of the competition. Sonic goes Super Sonic, Amigo makes a conga line and Billy Hatcher rolls in on a giant egg.

The game has several modes including the kart racer standards Grand Prix, Time Trial and Mission Mode, but also includes online play. The online play is smooth and is tons of fun. There is a lack of All-Star Moves in online play, so it's not as easy to catch up to others.

In conclusion, Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing is a great game for those who want the best kart racer on 360, or just really like Sega. It's a bit harder than the usual Mario Kart, but I think us TrueAchievers can take a little extra challenge, right?
Geo2911 xBBxJust wondering, is there any other kart racer on the 360? Anyways good review overall, I would be interested to know what point scores you would give for gameplay, graphics, music, replayability, etc. Otherwise captures the game pretty much perfectly.
Posted by Geo2911 xBBx on 03 Mar 10 at 00:25
Gingr HailI know there's Madagascar Kartz....
Posted by Gingr Hail on 03 Mar 10 at 01:36
onnovdwYeah Madagascar Kartz seems like a similar game
Posted by onnovdw on 16 Mar 10 at 15:23
grubbEMadagascar Kartz was a pretty good kart racer, Sonic is just does everything a little bigger/ better...more racers...more levels...more modes = more fun
Posted by grubbE on 02 Apr 10 at 13:48
phatal1tyhow long did it take you to 1000/1000?
Posted by phatal1ty on 09 Apr 10 at 02:07
Gingr HailIt only took me about 4-5 days, and I was the first on the site to do it.
Posted by Gingr Hail on 09 Apr 10 at 02:08
DragsSI agree, this is a great kart racer, I actually prefered it to Mario Kart Wii.
Posted by DragsS on 09 Apr 10 at 17:12
RONSTER316Thoroughly enjoyable kart racer.

Roll on Sonic & Sega all stars racing 2 :-)
Posted by RONSTER316 on 29 Apr 10 at 15:21
TheJimiHippieNice that the Xbox got a solid kart racer like this. However would have been great if cups where available for multiplayer races - really don't understand why it isn't. Great fun overall!
Posted by TheJimiHippie on 04 May 11 at 22:21