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Sucker born every minute

Pay for a worthless tour of the world's largest bullet

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5 guidesOnline/Offline - These achievements can be obtained in either an online or offline game mode.Single Player - These achievements can be obtained by a single player.Cooperative - These achievements can be obtained by two or more players in a cooperative game mode who have met the achievement requirements.Shop - These achievements require the purchase of an item or a series of items as prerequisites from a shop.
25 Feb 2010
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My Video I made on How to get this Achievement
ADROCKgreybeardYou're quickly becoming my achievement hero, xzeno. another great, high quality achievement video. Thanks for the hard work!
Posted by ADROCKgreybeard on 25 Feb 10 at 14:38
CadmusTheDragonWhen I got this achievement I was playing with 2 other people online (I was not hosting). I was the first one to us the device to get the achievement but it locked out everyone else from getting it. Did anyone else experience this issue??
Posted by CadmusTheDragon on 26 Feb 10 at 12:10
Xzeno@Cyprus church, Thanks a lot I always appreciate any input...
@CadmusTheDragon I got the achievement alone so I haven't experienced that but I know it wouldn't let me use it unless I had a good amount of money...I'm not sure there's a set amount.
Posted by Xzeno on 26 Feb 10 at 12:40
Batman5273also as soon as the achievement unlocked, i hit the center button and exited to the dashboard. I got the achievement and kept all my money.
Posted by Batman5273 on 05 Mar 10 at 11:16
WeisGuy9Nice solution, thanks!
Posted by WeisGuy9 on 18 Mar 10 at 05:47
sisterpenguini've reached the ticket machine but am unable to unlock the achievement, i havn't completed all the levels in the area yet, is there a certain mission i have to do to be able to use the ticket machine?
Posted by sisterpenguin on 14 Apr 10 at 19:32
Hecksleysisterpenguin: from what I've read you need to have about $8 million to be able to do it.
Posted by Hecksley on 18 Jun 10 at 15:38
Fran1230koThanks Xzeno. Video helped alot. Had the hardest time finding the exact spot.
Posted by Fran1230ko on 07 Sep 10 at 04:03
Three KidneysThanks for the video. Couldn't remember where the spot was.
Posted by Three Kidneys on 28 Aug 12 at 02:09
CobraToddno can't be done co-op= tired that with me and friend needing it and he only got it unlocked
Posted by CobraTodd on 21 Mar at 09:47
SaberTheOwlYou have to get $8,000,000 or more to get the achievement
Posted by SaberTheOwl on 10 May at 14:59