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Finish 20 rounds in Safeguard.

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25 Dec 2013
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Double health
Fast regen
Two player
Prison Break-go to tower, one person needs to watch ladder, other watch stairs. That way no one sneaked up on you. Bascically youve created a choke point. Use I.E.D.'s as much as possible. Get turret and vultures during loot round. Closeout challenges at beginning of each round if possible so you can get mini-gun w/ explosive rounds trust me it does wonders. Perk up w/ sleight of hands and steady aim. Do not use USR or any bolt action rifles shotguns and machine guns only. Do not call squad member at same time reserve each for different times. That way you can have someone to revive you if both of u go down. It also helps that loot rounds count as a round so in essence you have around sixteen rounds to contend to. Lastly don't be sacred. When u see a juggernaut they are actually easy to kill. Hope this helps.
Angels Kill TooBest Method got it first try :)
Posted by Angels Kill Too on 18 Mar 15 at 01:48