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Get In Combat With All Executions And Upgrades Purchased

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27 Dec 2013 27 Dec 2013
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Unlike the other solution for this achievement there is an easy way to get this in one playthrough no matter what difficulty you play on.

The key to getting this achievement is keeping a high multiplier while in combat while using the "Bonus XP" perk (right on D-Pad). Each hit will add x1 to your multiplier increasing the amount of Valor you get when the combo is either broken or you've defeated all enemies in an area and the multiplier expires. An easy way to get your multiplier up is during executions. A Legendary hit will add x3 to the multiplier, a Centurion hit will add x2 whereas a Soldier hit will add x1 like a normal hit would.

Having your multiplier broken by an enemy will drastically reduce the amount of Valor you earn from that multiplier, whereas if you kill all the enemies within an area and the multiplier expires you will earn much more Valor. In the open square area while protecting your father Leontius in the "S.P.Q.R" mission I achieved over a x150 multiplier and earned around 75k Valor for that one multiplier itself.

This achievement is a lot easier as well if you have good combat awareness too, when an enemy is approaching you mid-combat always press A to keep them from breaking the multiplier and attack them and switch back and forth between targets when multiple are attacking you.

This achievement is fairly easy if you're good at maintaining multipliers. The rough cost of all the upgrades and executions combined is around 2 million Valor and all the upgrades and executions are unlocked by level 7 which is unlocked after earning 600k Valor.

Hope this solution has helped. If you leave a negative vote please leave some constructive criticism in the comments section so I can work on improving it.
Mad Mi1keHave you heard of this achievement glitching on anyone
Posted by Mad Mi1ke on 06 Jan 14 at 22:41
TwistahXDNo I haven't mate, if this is the case that this happens I'll work it into my guide but as far as I'm aware it pops fine.
Posted by TwistahXD on 08 Jan 14 at 10:11
ConchieJoeSeems to be glitches for me as well, mate...
Posted by ConchieJoe on 18 Jan 14 at 22:30
NaberiosI was wondering if I was missing some upgrades somewhere. My counter says I'm at 36 of 68, but I don't have any more that I can buy. I got enough valor to buy the last of my options before the start of the last chapter and obviously was in quite a bit of combat since then. Is there something I'm missing?
Posted by Naberios on 02 Mar 14 at 16:26
NaberiosNevermind. Apparently I didn't realize that big window on the left about execution was another section of upgrades.
Posted by Naberios on 02 Mar 14 at 16:37
TheNutman69321Glitched for me as well. It even says 100% in the achievement app but it won't unlock. Anyone know of a way to fix this?
Posted by TheNutman69321 on 10 Jun 14 at 03:46
TheNutman69321It ended up unlocking for me finally a few levels later.
Posted by TheNutman69321 on 10 Jun 14 at 20:21
ParadoxReal8I just bought all my last one with gold and it's stuck to 88% which is the number I had before doing that...
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 14 Apr 17 at 21:53
ParadoxReal8Okay... so it look like it finally unlocked. Never pop though, but it's xbox one so everything is normal
Posted by ParadoxReal8 on 14 Apr 17 at 22:31
J4CKA1oh eff...i didn't realize that you needed to do all the executions too. may want to add that to the guide!
Posted by J4CKA1 on 03 May 17 at 12:26
HolyHalfDeadThe rough cost of all the upgrades and executions combined is around 2 million Valor

Although you need more like 10 million Valor for the 68 upgrades, as I have already earned 7 million and that is not enough.

I don't see the point in worrying about getting this achievement, and there is certainly no reason to grind it out. I got most of it done on my first playthrough, but since a second playthrough is required for all the Legendary achievements you will get it in due course.
Posted by HolyHalfDead on 26 Oct 17 at 01:06
BarLennonGlitched for me too. Got the final execution upgrade last night and it's stuck at 98%, with nothing else to buy.
Posted by BarLennon on 31 Oct 17 at 08:37
KillersquirelzYou should really go over what to actually buy. Like Naberios above, I didn't realize executions was an actual section.
Posted by Killersquirelz on 19 Feb 18 at 05:41