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Classic Speed Run

Your fastest win times in Klondike, Spider, and FreeCell add up to 10 minutes or less.

Classic Speed Run0
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28 Dec 2013 29 Dec 2013
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For Freecell I used game number 10913(thanks AP E JC), solved it without a solver in 1:18
Spider, just put it in on on suit and you should be able to get a time of under 4, mine was 430, but i was going for the medal.
Solitaire, you can change the settings to one card draw, just keep restarting until you get a good layout.
AP E JCFreecell 10913 is quicker. Refer to here for the solution
Posted by AP E JC on 29 Dec 13 at 14:36
Mestre ShrewdDid the easy Freecell and got 10:01 in total...
improved the Freecel time and got 9:58, no achieve.. improve spider and got 9:50, still nothing. Though this was glitched.. So i did a new best time for klondike and popped..

Just in case if someone is having this same trouble..
Posted by Mestre Shrewd on 18 Jul 14 at 04:15
CrysisWarXX3Thumb up i got mine done in 41 seconds.
Posted by CrysisWarXX3 on 02 Aug at 09:13