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Dominate at Fatherhood

Beat a mission wearing the baby carrier!

Dominate at Fatherhood0
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28 Dec 2013
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You need a second controller for this method.

Just got this achievement after trying all of the above and none of them working. This method is for people who were in my situation (tried everything) or people who dont want to pointlessly grind when you can get this achievement quick (even though it is luck based).

Even though it's luck based, you can improve your odds of getting the item by:
# Playing in co-op
# Having someone that is not you be the Level 1 in the game with you (e.g. a guest account.
#Having pretty much every other item (then it will just be nuts or the carrier)

I was Level 49 when i got this achievement, just for reference.

So, the steps:

Step 1: Play Game (menu option)
Step 2:Profile you want the cheevo on should be player 1
Step 3: Sign in any account that has never played before (or make one if you dont have any) as player 2.
Step 4: Load up Adventure 2-DownTown RoadBlock-Normal
Step 5: Complete level and all bonus levels (and kill enemy spawn blimp) to maximise chances of the item dropping.

I got it on my first try, if you don't here's what you should do.

Step 6:Back to main menu, create a brand new profile for player 2 (so it's level 1 again) , play the same level again, rinse and repeat.
If Step 6 doesnt work, then try the survival level on Adventure 1.

FAQ:Use your best equipment to beat this the quickest, wearing lower level items will not make the carrier spawn, that makes no sense from coding terms.

Hope this helps, leave feedback if it helped you, or if it could be improved.
Sry, I tryed 100 time and it doesn't work, its just F***ING RANDOM! -_-
Posted on 28 Dec 13 at 23:45
Zarda1worked for me first time. i signed in 2nd controller as a guest went to road block played until round four. has to be coop didnt work in multi or single.
Posted by Zarda1 on 02 Jan 14 at 05:48
Dizzy DomesHeard similar things but could never get it to work. Saw your solution and gave it a shot using a fresh game for player 2 instead of my friends high level save. That seemed to do the trick first try. Thanks for the tip.
Posted by Dizzy Domes on 03 Jan 14 at 04:19
MadDaffyWorked for me first try. Thx!
Posted by MadDaffy on 06 Jan 14 at 11:41
NitrousSpeedFinally got it today playing in Co-Op with a friend on level 1-2 at wave 4
Posted by NitrousSpeed on 11 Jan 14 at 23:28
JuicyjamsWorked first try, I was a level 50 I did everything then came back for this one thanks a ton I didn't think Id ever get it.
Posted by Juicyjams on 23 Jan 14 at 00:20
xROELOFxThank you very much! Got it on my 5th try, just after my 2nd dummy character reached level 10. I'm so happy right now :D
I dont know if it matters, but I selected the level with my dummy character instead of my main one.
Posted by xROELOFx on 03 Feb 14 at 19:36
x athiktos xThis worked for me. I tried 1-1 twice, 1-2 twice an 1-3 once and did not get it. Loaded up part two (Dirtfield Drive) and played Downtown Roadblock and got it on my first go. My dummy character was level 6 to start the match and ended at level 7. Thanks!
Posted by x athiktos x on 16 Feb 14 at 19:22
SnowsuxSomething to add. If you are having trouble still. I noticed that if you play a level a day, you get more loot. Hope that helps someone
Posted by Snowsux on 10 Apr 14 at 08:30
great guide 1st shot worked like a charm thumbs up
Posted on 12 Jun 14 at 01:11
ToningBowl32875Don't own a lot of items across each slot, but got Baby Carrier on my third try after pillaging game on Normal and Hard with no avail. Great Guide man
Posted by ToningBowl32875 on 27 Jun 14 at 04:14
MugenKairoWorked on my 2nd try! Nice one!
Posted by MugenKairo on 09 Aug 14 at 00:00
Piemanns BakeryGot it on level 1-2 survival bonus wave 4 at level 18 with my level 1 guest signed in hosting. I let the level 1 get downed right away.
Posted by Piemanns Bakery on 18 Oct 14 at 16:31
Fancy BaconI'll admit, I was skeptical this would work. But I got it first try. Thanks for the solution.

Level 44, not even close to having all other inventory items.
Posted by Fancy Bacon on 25 Feb 15 at 17:56
HudifusGot in on my first try at level 48 - thanks!
Posted by Hudifus on 27 Jul 16 at 07:18
MattiasAndersonI probably got lucky! But I got baby carrier on Trail of beers and level Foundry 2 the first time I played it. (I was level 28 when I started the level and ended the level at level 30).

Single player!
Posted by MattiasAnderson on 11 Jun 17 at 15:05
GREGO McGEEI've tried this a couple times at level 37 and I don't get any look. Just bags of scrap...
Posted by GREGO McGEE on 05 Sep 17 at 07:22
Dropkick Hope86Level 50 first time
Posted by Dropkick Hope86 on 10 Jan 20 at 02:01