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28 Dec 2013
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Epic-Level items are items with there names colored purple. There are 2 ways to get an epic level item, First, Loot a rare mount, Second, Loot it in a Dungeon.

Lets start with the first since this is the way i did it.
When a rare mount spawns it is announced in the chat box to everyone online as well as the region that it is in. Finding it from there isn't too tricky since Rare Mounts will only spawn in PvP Zones.
To capture mounts you need Bind Stones which have a 5% chance of catching a trappable mount, These can be bought in Greenmount for 5g each or 20g for a box of 5.
I recommend bringing 30+ with you when you attempt to catch one as the chance of catching is so low. Once the bind stone catches the mount you can then run up and loot the Epic Mount's Bond for your achievement.

Now the second way, Dungeons are a big part of Order & Chaos, Especially at level 60. At level 60 you Receive daily quests to complete dungeons on Legendary mode, This makes it easier to find a group since all the level 60s want to do dailys in order to get the best gear. Find a group, Pick your dungeon and hope for an epic item. Your chances of getting an epic item off of one of the bosses in a dungeon are pretty good when your on legendary mode. Now heres the important part, when the epic item drops you'll have the option to roll for it or pass. Do Neither. Instead loot the enemy that dropped it and attempt to pick up the Epic item. Whether you actually pick it up or not doesn't matter, As long as you clicked on it your achievement will pop.

You will not get this achievement from Crafting/Trading/Buying Epic items.
SlappaDaBreehThanks for the second tip. I'll try it out after hitting 60 and comment if it works. How common are the epics in the dungeons at 60?
Posted by SlappaDaBreeh on 29 Dec 13 at 21:55
ChevelleChances are pretty decent because there are items like "essence of ____" that have more frequent drop rates than weapons and armor
Posted by Chevelle on 30 Dec 13 at 00:20
HollowedOutThe same thing applies for epic mounts I got mine at lvl 37. By hanging around Vega square in whispering island someone caught a epic mount and I ran up to loot it and got the achievement.
Posted by HollowedOut on 10 Jan 14 at 10:24
VixyNyanI caught my epic mount at Arkan's Field, thanks to a Russian friend who unexpectedly showed up and helped to catch the deer I needed~ :3
Posted by VixyNyan on 28 Feb 14 at 08:30
SlappaDaBreehI finally got this last night. I can confirm you only need to hit the loot button on an epic drop. I didn't even roll on the item, the achievement popped with the "are you sure you want to pick up this item" screen.
Posted by SlappaDaBreeh on 23 Jun 14 at 02:28
LV 1 Blue SlimeI've yet to see an epic mount callout, is it just a message in chat or what?
Posted by LV 1 Blue Slime on 28 Jun 14 at 02:29
DaOverUnderThere's a 1 in 250 chance of an epic essence. I got lucky as a motherfucker and got it my first legendary dungeon.
Posted by DaOverUnder on 08 Oct 14 at 07:41
TonySkiI'm level 16 and my guild got gold with the daily quests thing... and I got the achievement for a gold chest opening... WOOT FOR ME!!!
Posted by TonySki on 14 Feb 15 at 08:41