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The Cave
Seven hero's, three sidemissions, one campaign. The Cave is taking you on a adventure that we haven't seen this far. The Cave is guiding us through a new dimension of solving puzzles and following a storyline. It al begins by chosen your three hero's that join you on your journey through the Cave. Every character in de game has his own story, the cave has a strong storyline and you and your hero's need to make it out alive ofcourse. During your quest, you kinda feel a connection with the hero's you have chosen. Every single character has his own ability, also every charcacter has his own location in the cave. During the character's quest in his own story telling chapter, you have to use his ability to make it through the chapter.

Aldo that The Cave is a great story telling puzzle/adventure game, the game is a little short. You can rush it up and be finished after an hour of two. That is kinda sad, because these games supposed to be a long storyline to follow. But at the other hand, the game is a strong character showing and fun puzzle elemental adventure game.

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First we have the Farmer called The Hillbilly. He is on a quest to find the love of his life, you travel to the carnaval and going to find his love. During his quest you and your team you are visiting the carnaval.
Next up is The Knight. He is travelling to the castle of the wonderfull princess and is trying to steal her heart. But here is a problem though, you have to convince her dad the king.
The brother and sister are travelling to their mansion. Those two, called The Twins, are finding their way to find what happend in their mansion. A scary and dark dimension to walk through.
The Time Traveller on the other hand is finding her way what happend in the past and also in the future. You and your team are finding a way to pass this test, travel back in time and make it right in the future to reach the end of The Cave.
After that The Monk will test the ultimatum. Solve the puzzles high in the mountains and travel back to earn the feather. In the meanwhile The Adventurer in finding her way to the zoo and is trying to distract a hugh dragon. While she does that The Scientist is finding a nuclear bomb. If that goes off, that is just a way for finding out by yourself.

You can make your own journey. The journey depends on what characters you take with you during your quest to find a way out of Th Cave. Everytime you start a journey there will be a couple of chapters that you will always find in this quest. It is a fine journey to follow and to learn about each of the seven characters ( eight when you count two for the twins ). The one of the best storytelling but short storyline is a nice game to follow. Become close with the characters and find the exit of The Cave.

I alreay said it, but the time that you are in The Cave is just short. Long enough to play The Cave more then once. But still we all wanna enjoy a long story to follow. The puzzles make everything alright. I will say the puzzles will make the game more fun, if we hadn't the puzzles in the game, the story would be shorter.

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The game looks amazing. Details are be showned in everything that you see. The characters and also the environment. No mather in wich chapter you play, it stays in the same layout. The game is playing in a Cave so every location is designed in a Cave layout. Pretty awesome if you asked me though. But still every location has his own style of design, that is amazing to see though, not every game has a different style of art when you arrive somewhere.
The sounds of the game are also different for each location, the sounds fill up the area where you are at the moment. The mansion from the Twins has a freaky sound effect and the Hillbilly has a nice and sweet carnaval sound on the background.

Achievements list
The achievements from this game arn't hard at all, the only thing you need to do that is making it hard to complete this game is you have to finish the game a couple of times. Just before you begin on your journey look at the achievements. Or you will end up playing the game 10 times before you have all the achievements finally unlocked.

Activ3's opinion
Monkey Island and Maniac Mansion creator Ron Gilbert, and Double Fine Productions produced a wonderfull game. I loved playing this game, it is a style that I haven't seen before. The story is strong and the characters are wonderfull created. New gamers are gonna love this game and for the achievement hunters out there this would be a nice game in your game list for completing games. The game is on a short hand, but still duable to play a couple of times to finish what you started. Select your team and find a way out of The Cave or get stuck forever. Enjoy!