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Moving through the Ranks

Earn 9 titles

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If you plan on completing the whole campaign there is even a faster way to get this achievement as you will have no need to invest extra time into boosting the multiplayer games. Along the way you will earn at least 8 titles.

You will earn 5 titles for completing the campaign:

Recruit - Complete the Tutorial
Chief - Complete the Freemen campaign part of the game
Admiral - Complete the Pirate campaign part of the game
Baron - Complete the Cartel campaign part of the game
Emperor - Complete the Empire campaign part of the game


You will also earn 3 titles for unlocking each Multiplayer Map:

Traveler - Unlock all 2 Player Maps
Explorer - Unlock all 3 Player Maps
Navigator - Unlock all 4 Player Maps


Now for your 9th and final title you could always go for one of the 'lesser' multiplayer titles, but what i did was the following: Everytime i saw i was losing one of the campaign battles, i just pressed start, clicked on "Exit Game" and went back to the Main Menu. I mainly did it because i saw no point in spending more time on an already lost battle, but when i finished the whole campaign, the game also awarded me with the "Crusader" title. (I did NOT do it in one sitting and i did NOT replay any stages after i won them.)

Crusader - Complete all Empire Campaign Levels in successive order without losing

If that infact does work for everybody (which i am not 100 percent sure of, but i hope so) it will net you 9 titles altogether and that is what you need for the achievement.
P E Z B Y 7 2 7Thanks for the tip, quitting before a loss definitely works to get the Crusader title, but you don't need to do that through the earlier campaigns, just during the final campaign (Empire). No way I was going to sit through multiplayer just for the 1 title, lucky this tip works :)
Posted by P E Z B Y 7 2 7 on 05 Sep 10 at 17:31
The StopdoorYou unlock Multiplayer maps by completing Campaign levels, so you'll get them all by completing the last Campaign.
Posted by The Stopdoor on 06 Dec 10 at 21:42
Epsilon ThetaI can confirm that quitting to the dashboard when you are about to loose, even with the final move by the AI initiated, will net you the achievement in the end!
Posted by Epsilon Theta on 26 Dec 10 at 08:22
XI AlphaMale IXWhat about those of us that have screwed this up? What's the fastest way to get a MP title?
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 03 Apr 11 at 23:09
XI AlphaMale IXPlease respond.
Posted by XI AlphaMale IX on 16 Jun 11 at 15:48
DROGTURISTFastest way is to just play 20 matches against 1 other player, for the "get a top 2000 (or is it 5000?) position on the leaderboard with at least 20 matches played" title. You will get a top 2000 position, considering there's only 560 people on the 2-player leaderboard. I'm not sure if quitting works, but you can, of course, have one player place and suicide a harvester on his first two turns.
Posted by DROGTURIST on 22 Feb 12 at 14:09
DROGTURISTI just boosted the multiplayer to unlock this achievement and can confirm a few things:

- Quitting doesn't seem to work. Maybe if you quit on the second turn, but there's no point since your buddy can just place a harvester on his first turn, you get a "legit win" and it takes about as long.
- For some reason, neither me nor my boosting buddy got the "Hero" title for playing 20 matches and getting a top 2000 position (we both ended up on poisition 60 or so), but we did get the "Private" title.
- Achievement did not unlock when we unlocked the title, we had to keep doing a few more matches each. It may have been because I lost the match where I unlocked the title, and won the one where I finally got the achievement.
- The whole thing took maybe 15 minutes.
Posted by DROGTURIST on 27 Feb 12 at 20:08
FeonyxIf anyone reads this because they are going through their old back log. You can NOT just replay the last missions in order without losing to get the last title. You MUST play the multiplayer or delete your save and start again... yeah.. I know.
Posted by Feonyx on 10 Jul 20 at 20:09