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The Hunted

Make it out alive (Complete "The Hunted" on any difficulty.)

The Hunted0
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04 Jan 2014
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You can combine this with Jungle Ghosts. My solution will tell you how to do it in a way that nets you Jungle Ghosts.

You need to remain in stealth mode the entire time. To be in stealth mode, you cannot be shot at, and you cannot have multiple guards alerted to your position. If a guard is alone, and he sees you, you can still remain in stealth mode as long as you kill them before they shoot at you or yell for other guards.

For the first part, you are going to want to either go prone or crouch through the vegetation, similar to how you navigated Riley in Mission 2, Brave New World. Only this time, it is you who is in stealth mode.

Use your radar on your arm to know where and how many enemies are around you. Enemies killed with a head shot from a silenced gun, or a melee kill with a knife are the best options. But only do this if they are alone, otherwise their partner will find out.

After the first bit is done, you will re group with your team. From this point onward, you need listen to what they say. Use the waterfall, and vegetation to hide, etc..

If at any point you mess up, just reload checkpoint.